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Daniel Hofmann | CEO | Hornetsecurity

DANIEL HOFMANN: Cloud Security Leader

As an IT businessman, it is important to recognize early on that companies are increasingly exposed to ever more dangerous cyber threats. Email communication is the main attack vector, but companies do not take this threat seriously enough. Or they simply protect themselves with high maintenance on-prem solutions, that are often not up to date. These vulnerabilities were a major concern for Daniel Hofmann, CEO of Hornetsecurity. So, he went out to warn companies about the dangers.
He has been Executive IT Consultant and holds several years of experience in various positions in the IT market. With 16 years of experience as an independent businessman, he is a Managing Director and partner at Hornetsecurity.
What Exactly Daniel Hofmann Do?
It was clear for Daniel that there had to be a solution that was not only low-maintenance, easy to manage, but also capable of handling large amounts of data to effectively detect threats. Since he did not know of a product that could cover all these requirements, he started to simply develop a solution by himself. Unlike the traditional products, however, it was supposed to be cloud-based at the outset. Thus, Hornetsecurity was born. Since 2007, the company has developed a comprehensive portfolio of cloud email security services and now protects more than 40,000 customers worldwide.
Comprehensive protection for Microsoft 365
The number of users of Microsoft 356 is increasing by the day, but so is the number of cyber-attacks. Additional protection is therefore a must.
Daniel Hofmann emphasizes that his company is at the forefront of protecting email communication in Microsoft 365 with the company’s services like 365 Total Protection, as the service can be seamlessly integrated without any problems and is an essential complement to Microsoft’s protection mechanisms.
Hornetsecurity’s cloud approach and the use of AI-based filtering mechanisms set standards. Repeatedly, the company are the first to provide a solution for an acute problem. For example, it has succeeded in analysing encrypted mail attachments, in which the featured Emotet is often hidden. Conventional anti-virus programs cannot open these and fail to identify the malware.
Making Work Trouble-free
With Hornetsecurity’s services Daniel Hofmann tries to make the daily work of an IT security manager as troublefree as possible. Hornetsecurity’s Cloud Email Security Services offer the highest detection rates on the market against all conceivable threats that enter a company via email thanks to AI-based filtering mechanisms, whether it is spam, phishing, ransomware, or CEO fraud.
In addition, IT security managers have to take very little effort in handling the company’s solutions. With onboarding in seconds, intuitive management, low maintenance, transparent monitoring and 24/7 support, it sets itself apart from the competitors.
Address and Deliver Solutions
According to Daniel, “The most important characteristic of an influential leader is a sense of upcoming challenges and issues. If you are the first to address them and deliver creative new solutions that you are enthusiastic about, then you have the best prerequisites to convince employees, customers, and partners”.
A Depth Analyzer of Market
In his business it is not a matter of keeping up with technological progress, but rather of setting and shaping it by the management.
Whether it is CEO fraud, business email compromise or Emotet — cybercriminals continue to develop their attack methods at a tremendous pace, attacking with ever more advanced threats. To lag behind technologically would not only endanger the company’s business model but also its customers. That is why Daniel has imposed two principles at Hornetsecurity: First, in-depth analysis gives him a comprehensive understanding of current cybercrime trends, business challenges and market changes.
Second, the CEO demands the constant questioning of established approaches. Only in this way he is able to provide innovative services that are pioneering solutions for emerging need.
A Racing Driver
There is one thing that gives Daniel inspiration and energy: It is racing.
He thinks racing and developing a business have many parallels. Many characteristics of a racing driver are also helpful in business life: Successful are those who do not hesitate, have a clear strategy for reaching the goal first, do not shy away from risk, and can handle surprising obstacles with quick reactions, says Daniel. Speed fascinates him and is crucial both in racing and in business life for the leader.
Leading Cloud Email Security Provider
In recent years, Daniel has managed to establish the company as the leading cloud email security provider in Europe. Now the next goal is to become one of the major players in the English-speaking markets such as the UK and USA. New investors support Hornetsecurity in this endeavour and provide them with resources to respond to the specifics of these markets in the best possible way.
Daniel will also continue to expand the organization’s M&A activities and thereby further accelerate its growth.
Finally, the company needs to be able to scale its business model through increased automation of time-consuming processes.