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Dan McFall: An Exceptional Product Evangelist and Passionate Leader

Passion is the drive, ambition and the love for what you do and who you serve. It provides you with a unique ability to identify the undeniable possibilities of innovation. Notable examples include Steve Jobs, who had the vision of a phone with one button on the front; or, Amazon Tycoon, Jeff Bezos, who had a vision for a store that sells everything.
Every successful leader must have an inherent passion that drives them forward — a core belief that keeps him or her pressing on. Such undying passion always leads the way and enables individuals to stay ahead of the curve.
Another prime example amongst such extremely passionate individuals is Dan McFall. From his very first job as a product support engineer for a supply chain software company, McFall has had a passion for helping companies solve problems with software and integrated technology. Today, he is the president and CEO of a leading provider of mobile device cloud technology, Mobile Labs. McFall has helped some of the largest companies in the world to design and implement complex optimization solutions for their mobile testing labs, while providing leadership of Mobile Labs’ technical sales, marketing, development and partner management teams.
Mobile Labs: Your Appium Success Company 
Mobile Labs is a leading provider of mobile device cloud technology for the enterprise. Easily deployed either on premises or in a hosted cloud infrastructure, Mobile Labs’ deviceConnect™ allows development and testing teams to accelerate their mobile application release cycle with utmost confidence in application quality and performance.
Additionally, deviceConnect enables teams to accelerate mobile test automation strategies by enabling a wide variety of both commercial and open-source automation tools to run on their platform for mobile app and mobile website testing. By connecting remote teams of developers, testers, automation engineers, and quality assurance, Mobile Labs’ solution allows its customers to considerably decrease their time spent testing. deviceConnect has perceptively increased collaboration by enabling teams to share the same pool of real devices for improved mobile DevOps.
For companies that are interested in building their automated testing strategy around Appium, Mobile Labs positions itself as ‘Your Appium Success Company’ by providing a built-in Appium server as part of deviceConnect that makes working with Appium easier and more productive. It particularly emphasizes on improvements to Appium architecture which can enhance performance and reliability of the platform. Those who are ready to make the shift to automated testing leveraging Appium, are further assured by Mobile Labs’ world-class support and training services.
Transforming a Pre-product, Pre-revenue Organization into a Market Leader 
McFall realized that everything was going mobile in late 2011. He envisioned that everything was eventually going to be mobile, resulting in all apps and mobile websites having to be tested on real devices. Mobile Labs was a pre-product, pre-revenue organization when McFall first joined the organization. There was an unsure product-market fit and no go-to-market strategy for deviceConnect. This made for a challenging environment in not only selling the solution, but for determining what the ideal profile of new sales team members would need to be for success.
McFall’s true growth as a leader came when he joined Mobile Labs as the vice president of sales in 2012 and decided to take the plunge into a true start-up environment. In this role, he was directly responsible for acquiring the company’s very first customer and also its largest customer to date. At the same time, he developed a full cycle field sales team which dramatically increased the customer base and revenue of the organization. With his passion for solutions, McFall often played and continues to play the role of ‘product evangelist’ with several speaking engagements, webinars, and industry events to his credit.
In 2016 McFall was promoted to the role of president where he took over expanded responsibility for all aspects of the business, including sales, development, marketing and customer care. In 2017, Mobile Labs showed a significant growth in both new subscription business and customer acquisition, culminating in McFall’s appointment as the president and CEO by the Board of Directors at the start of 2018.
Curiosity- The Core to Everything 
According to McFall, a leader must be curious, and not just about market opportunities. Leaders need to be curious about what their customers, employees and competitors think, in addition to focusing on what is happening adjacent to the company’s industry.
He notes that, “Leaders today also need to have the confidence to admit when they do not know something.” They are not expected to have all of the answers about every aspect of the business. However, they must be capable of creating a team that can find those answers. He also adds, that aspiring leaders should trust in their team’s experiences and wisdom. They must be able to collaborate, and to go forward steadfast in their ability to integrate those experiences into a meaningful strategy for the business.
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