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Dagmar Symes: An Exemplary Leader with a Compassionate Approach

In the business world, success is not driven by a specific gender, but by quality performance of business acumen. Women leaders engrave their tales in the world and lead by example with their skills and abilities. Akin to similar leadership is Dagmar Symes, the General Manager of Hill Robinson Project Management Saudi Arabia.

Dagmar is a result-oriented leader, specialized in the Luxury Field with diverse experiences within the Luxury Retail and Hospitality Segments. Influenced by her parents, she learned about the morality of life, being grateful, and appreciating simple things. Discipline, respect, and perseverance being key pillars at home, generosity and kindness have been deeply engraved within Dagmar’s principles.

Having gained lessons throughout her life, she leads with empathy whilst setting a high bar in the business world. Her expertise supports Hill Robinson in offering unparalleled services to international clients in running their estates safely and efficiently.

The Profound Journey

Aspiring to succeed at an early age, Dagmar spread her wings to pursue a career path unperturbed by the social environment and the prevailing norms, having a sound educational background at the renowned Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne (EHL).

Dagmar’s multifaceted path led her initial years through luxury hospitality at the age of 28, when she was entrusted to her first role as General Manager. Throughout the later years, she decisively assumed a sidestep in senior leadership positions into the luxury consumer goods industry at Louis Vuitton and Bulgari; before returning to her true passion, Luxury Hospitality.

Project Management and diving into the new and unknown fast-developing KSA market, had a most vital component to take on the role and somewhat break new grounds as a company and as a female leader. Dagmar was scouted as General Manager with the intriguing prospect and undertaking in setting up a new company in KSA, within the country’s Vision 2030 as a female Executive and Leader.

Challenges are always a part of life however, Dagmar never let herself be affected by the opinion of others and continued to develop her skills in a targeted manner. She has always taken a sportive attitude towards all aspects of competition, in selecting the right companies and moving on whenever she feels that she can no longer positively inspire and impact the work environment.

Having a management style and a robust career plan, Dagmar paved a path for herself to be rapidly entrusted with leadership positions. Tapping into the unknown is a most stimulating factor in exploring new opportunities. Her optimism, daring, and undoubtedly unconventional attitude paired with a persistent positive mindset have primarily contributed to her career path.

Excellence at the Forefront

Recently, Hill Robinson has celebrated its 20th anniversary as the leading global player in the Yacht and Estate Management on a world stage. Its KSA entity Hill Robinson Estates Ltd Saudia strives to establish itself as the most reliable and reputable business partner for private Estate Management and business opportunities within the Kingdom, with pushing further beyond. Dagmar notes, “We provide personalized tailor-made services, creative and extraordinary solutions, a highly skilled workforce, and most importantly, the highest degree of confidentiality and discretion with all our clients.”

Values are powerful and are the heart of every organization and capture collective motivational drivers. Hill Robinson’s key pillars are integrity, respect, trust, responsibility, independence, authenticity, and passion. The company breeds a culture of improvement and genuine empowerment, leading to finding creative and extraordinary solutions for its customers, relying on its most valued asset in the organization, its team.

Strong Leadership Advocating Compassion

Dagmar’s leadership is reflected in empowerment paired with a persistent positive, empathetic attitude, open-door policy, and transparent communication. She believes in leading by example and an ethical work environment as key elements to a successful, diverse, and rewarding workplace that drives results and deepens the talent pool to retain talents worldwide.

Being a fierce advocate for education and community services, Dagmar guides these endeavors on numerous occasions. For years, she has initiated and supported various educational organizations and charities in the region. These activities include orphanages, hospitals, homes for the elderly, universities, speaker panels, and much more. She is passionate about her goal to inspire and proactively source female talents, aligning with vision 2030.

Dagmar asserts, “There is no glass ceiling! Believe in yourself. The hard work endowed regarding women’s empowerment over the past years and decades has finally started to bear fruit. The increasing number of female recruits in various professions is highly recognized. Women are perceived as passionate, professional, and hardworking individuals. Women possess various qualities such as inspiring others, effective communication, high standards in work ethics and empathy, that enhance any work community by default.”

Spearheading into the Future

Dagmar states that there are abundant opportunities in the current market, reflected by the vast development within Saudi Arabia’s vision 2030. The high level of our client satisfaction has led to new business opportunities in areas such as Private Aviation and Estate Management. She asserts, “It goes without saying that expanding with a fast pace in our business segment of Estate Management is key, leading us to be a major player in the market within the upcoming years.”

Personally, Dagmar is highly motivated, supporting and inspiring the female workforce by solidarity towards other women. She aims towards an inspirational impact on individual lives and the community and believes that encouragement plays a vital part in the opportunities that this beautiful country has to offer.

To the Aspirants Worldwide

Dagmar advises international entrepreneurs to understand and analyze local market parameters by default and thoroughly assess adequate business opportunities with a high degree of entrepreneurship; open-mindedness, adaptability, and flexibility are key to any venture. “Any local community in the world has a deeply rooted and engraved culture to be respected and embraced; that is why showing a high degree of sensitivity, and intercultural awareness is certainly a crucial component for any success,” Dagmar concludes.