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dacadoo: Great Life and Health for Everyone

With questions about the future direction of healthcare only growing, there are two certainties that executives can count on. First, major changes are coming, and second, many of those changes will be data-and technology-driven.
Digitization of life and health insurance will transform these two highly regulated and conservative industries significantly in the years to come.Digital mobile lifestyle solutions will play a significant role in engaging and motivating people to adopt healthier lifestyles. dacadoo is a globally active Swiss company and an innovative business partner, which promotes digital transformation in healthcare.
dacadoo’s Real-Time Health Score and Engagement Platform
dacadoo is a leading mobile and digital health platform, which helps users to be more active and healthy. dacadoo’s focus is to strengthen health and wellbeing through active engagement, positive feedback, and artificial intelligence. Their comprehensive digital health engagement platform motivates users with a playful approach to a healthy lifestyle and tracking holistic health.
Health Management System
dacadoo is the “Health Score” company – providing life and health insurers and corporations with a digital health/wellness platform for engaging customers in a healthier, more active lifestyle.  dacadoo calculates a personal Health Score, a scientifically calculated number from 1 (low) to 1,000 (high) based on over 150 million people years of clinical data, which gives the user an immediate outcome and makes sense out of a large amount of data points. The Health Score changes in real-time, depending on body values, emotional well-being and activities (exercise, nutrition, stress and sleep). The Health Score’s underlying risk calculations include all-cause mortality and the risks of acquiring most major diseases.  The Digital Engagement Platform uses gamification and personalized coaching to help individuals hit their personal health goals.
Founder ofdacadoo
Peter Ohnemus is the Founder, Chairman, President,and CEO of dacadoo. Peter is an experienced entrepreneur and has been involved in high-tech and bio-tech investments over the last 25 years, which has led to four IPOs, and multiple trades sells. Peter co-founded ASSET4, the world’s leading provider of extra-financial information in 2004, which was sold to Thomson Reuters in November of 2009. Mr. Ohnemus previously held senior executive positions with Sybase, Logic Works, The Fantastic Corporation and COS – all of which went public during his tenure.
 Benefits for Clients
The dacadoo Health Score gives people a new quantified view of their health, as well as new ways to manage and improve their health.With the dacadoo Health Score, it’s easier for people to think of their health as an asset. dacadoo holds data privacy and data confidentiality of the individuals to the highest standards.
dacadoo provides flexibility in tracking a vast array of lifestyle data for the user. In addition to the integrated fitness tracker in the dacadoo app (iPhone, Android), dacadoo also supports many of the most popular fitness tracking devices and apps, such as Fitbit, Jawbone, Withings, Garmin, Polar, Suunto, TomTom, Misfit, Runkeeper, Endomondo, Moves, Strava, Apple Health and Google Fit (Q2).
Personalized coaching and programs provide further motivation to engage with the platform and work towards exercise and nutrition goals.
Some of dacadoo’s key features are:

  • Mobile-first digital solution
  • Health and lifestyle data in real-time with a holistic approach to health & wellbeing
  • High level of data security & privacy
  • Accessible globally in over 11 languages
  • Speed to market
  • Fully brandable (white label)
  • Integrated reward/points system to motivate healthy behavior
  • Powerful built-in custom challenges
  • Lifestyle feedback by the AI-based coach system
  • Designed as an open platform/API, it is device and app agnostic
  • dacadoo enables ongoing engagement while improving the health and well being of users.

Business Strategies
There is a great deal of healthcare wisdom and technological know how built into the dacadoo Health Score and platform. On the face of it, the Health Score is just a number. However, it’s a number that can uniquely motivate people to focus on making changes that will improve their health, and prevent problems before they become chronic. By doing that, the dacadoo Health Score can become the unifying force that allows new technology, data and science to work together to solve a growing health crisis that afflicts not only patients, but all players in the complex healthcare ecosystem. The dacadoo HealthScore – it’s an idea whose time has come!
dacadoo releases major product updates on a quarterly basis with many new features and improvements and this effort will progress continuously in terms of usability/UX, functionality, content and engagement techniques.

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