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Cyrus Innovation: Establishing The Best Agile Processes For Your Software Team

Business innovation is a combined activity that moves from a unique idea, through development to implementation. It requires involvement of many people with a variety of expertise.  Innovative leaders are creative visionaries who have great ideas and can motivate the team to turn those ideas into reality.
Creative thinker and a great visionary, Tami Reiss, CEO of Cyrus Innovation, is leading the Cyrus team to deliver great results for its clients. Her focus is to ensure that Cyrus is a great development partner, guiding clients through tough times and helping them grow.
Cyrus Innovation is an Agile software consultancy that provides experienced developers to companies who want help, producing sustainable and maintainable code. Tami’s support team consists of operations, finance and recruiting and they do everything needed to keep a business running aside from business development and management. The rest of their team are the consultants that work with their clients and they provide excellent services so that only minimal account management is needed.
Cyrus’ Agile Software Development Process
Cyrus’ work collaboratively reinforce the practices that work, and craft scalable code. Whether you’re an entrepreneur starting out or you’ve been leading a team for years, they want to help you reach your milestone faster and in a more predictable way. They break down large projects into small tasks, assist you with prioritizing the key features to build, and help your team write great code while learning craftsmanship skills along the way.
Learning And Community Focussed
 The company’s key values are collaborative learning, mutual respect, and diversity. Cyrus’ Innovation is the best place for female founders to transform their dreams into products. They believe that quality code should be accessible to everyone, so they offer discounts to minority owned businesses, social enterprises, and non-profits. The company also has a Diversity Apprenticeship Program geared at helping NYC-based companies that hire junior talent with minimal risk and increase diversity on their teams.
Transformation of Tami’s Ideas to Great Products
Tami is an experienced product person who has worked with dozens of companies of all sizes to bring their products and services to market. Over the past 10 years, Tami has worked with teams to develop technology solution for platforms ranging from mainframe systems to modern microservice architectures and iOS. She is a public advocate for Agile development, Lean strategies, and cross team collaboration to accomplish business goals.
Prior to Cyrus, Tami was a Sr. Product Manager at Pivotal Labs, where she consulted with companies on employing best practices to turn good ideas into great products.
Tami’s Initiative for Effective Email Communication, “Just Not Sorry”
Tami has introduced the Female Founder initiative to Cyrus. She provides ‘pro-bono product strategy guidance’ to help women lead and community profit organizations. As part of that, she launched “Just Not Sorry”, a gmail plugin with Steve Brudz, and Manish Kakwani, which encourages effective email communication.
Chrome Extension for Gmail, ‘Just Not Sorry’ allows us to stop qualifying our message and diminishing our voice. Inspired by the writings of Tara Mohr and others, this app will warn you when you use words or phrases that undermine your message. Words will be underlined for correction with additional information about how using the phrase is perceived.
While talking about her free time, Tami chairs a charity bike ride, volunteers for different women in tech organizations, and is trying to visit 50 countries and all 50 states by the time she’s 40.
Tami’s greatest inspiration has been Adam Miller, CEO of Cornerstone on Demand. She watched him building a massive company by inspiring the staff behind clear missions and goals. Also, he was the first male executive she met, who emphasized the value of gender diversity on every one in the team at CSOD.
According to Tami, confidence and perseverance are the key elements being a strong support network and sense of purpose. She says, “Lack of runway at times can be very challenging. I’ve learned to ensure that a company is always financially in a place to go after the next big thing.”
Tami keeps balance in her personal and professional life by turning off her work email on weekends. She  limits herself to two work events per week in the evenings, and makes time to see high priority friends and family. While asking how she maintains client relationship, Tami believes, “Be invested in their success and make sure they know that
Cyrus innovations’ Agile Reinforcement experts always strive to transform its clients’ vision into a great product. They are leading the industry with a focus to enhance its clients’ delivery process, build product with them, and do it in a sustainable way. In forthcoming years, there would be an implementation in Cyrus’ work structure as in the next five years, Cyrus will have offices in each coast with a team of 50 members servicing 30 clients per year.