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Cynet: Making a Mark of Excellence in the field of Cyber-Security

We live in an impeccable data-driven society and it is data that fuels almost every facet of our daily lives. With the rise in the amount of data accessible on the internet, arises the concern for security. Along with the concerns for financial details, the web is a pool of data filled with personal details, which makes it vulnerable to a hack, causing financial as well as personal loss.
The cyber threat landscape is ever changing, and so everyone –  including organizations and attackers – are constantly evolving in their efforts to achieve their goals – be they better security or a more successful attack. The cyber security industry cannot guarantee our safety, but it can provide us with certain case studies which stand out as a learning lesson for us all. Even after witnessing critical cybercrimes, the world still tends to overlook the huge grey areas in their implementation of security measures which can protect their assets.
To support people and their businesses with the assurance of better cyber-protection enters Cynet, a leader in advanced threat detection and response, providing its holistic cyber-security platform to enterprises throughout the globe. With a team of security experts, standing tall in the forefront of their fields, and the veterans of elite Israeli intelligence units, Cynet spreads their ultimate knowledge and unmatched experience in the industry through their excellence in work.
It is this unique expertise that ensures our customers top of the line protection, detection and response against today’s ever-evolving cyber threats.” – Cynet. This unique expertise has helped Cynet earn some of the leading industry awards and recognition, including the Info Security Products Guide Global Excellence Awards 2017, Cybersecurity Excellence Awards 2017, Cybersecurity Leaders of 2016, 20 Cybersecurity Startups to Watch in 2016, 10 Innovative Network Security Startups, Top 10 Endpoint Solution Providers among many others.
Unmatched Services Helping People Secure their Cyber-world
Cynet simplifies security by providing a scalable, holistic protection and detection platform that delivers prevention, precise detection and automated response to advanced threats with near-zero false positives, shortening the time from detection to resolution and limiting damage to an organization. Their unique visibility of files, users, network traffic, and endpoint, and continuous monitoring of the environment, uncovers behavioral and interaction indicators across the attack chain, giving a complete picture of an attack operation over time. Enhanced with Cynet CyOps, the company delivers additional value to the platform with 24/7 threat expert assistance, insight and intelligence. By combining high fidelity detections, decoy interaction, network analytics, and expert analyst assistance, Cynet provides accurate findings with associated risks and that too without involvement of much noise and complexity.
Overcoming Hurdles with a Strong Team Effort
Cynet emphasizes that their employees are not only leading global experts in their respective fields, but a major part of their success can be attributed to their strong team work. From facing off against cyber security’s biggest and newest threats, to identifying unknown threats and working on the market’s only solution offering true, consolidated cyber security for every sized organization, the employees at Cynet display the spirit of team effort and sportsmanship. The most interesting fact is that the employees at this company believe that they are not only there in the company for job, but also to grow as professionals who will lead the cyber security industry throughout the span of their careers.
The unique ethic of Cynet’s team work, along with the highest level of executive management working hand-in-hand with their frontline security professionals in the field, has made the company moving forward par for the course of success. To describe their work culture, the company clearly asserts, “We’ve grown together, both through challenges and achievements, discovering new threats, sharing our knowledge with the industry, and creating a security product that consistently strives for more – better prevention, increasingly accurate detection, better remediation.
About the Strong Figure behind This Leading Enterprise
Leading a team of skillful intelligence and security professionals, Eyal Gruner, Co-founder and Co-CEO at Cynet, is quickly making his mark in the world of cybersecurity. Being a man of extraordinary knowledge and with a wealth of experience, Eyal has formerly founded and led the leading Cyber consultancy of Israel, BugSec and Versafe, which was acquired by F5 Networks later in 2013. Eyal’s passion for technology and his belief that the best approach to security is one which views the organization and the threats it faces as a whole, motivates him in his mission to provide consolidated cyber security to organizations in Europe, Asia, North America and Africa. Eyal’s outstanding achievements have been recognized in Google’s Hall of Fame with a Google Security Reward for identifying and reporting vulnerabilities.
Eyal is not like other typical CEOs; his extraordinary deeds have been remarkably noted in the pages of history. Gartner VP Distinguished Analyst, Avivah Litan, referred to Eyal in her blog as “boy security wonder” and referenced his story of impressive achievements. Eyal began his career at the age of 15 by hacking into a bank’s ATM and then approaching the bank management to demonstrate the weaknesses of their system. Following this, he was hired by the Information Security Team of the bank for a year, before spending another year working at the former cyber security company Aladdin Knowledge Systems.
Promises to Help Organizations Protect against Cyber threats
While talking about the strength of the company, Eyal pointed towards the employees and said, “Our people are our strength. Our team is made up of the leading thinkers and best problem solvers in the industry.” It is well-known that cybercrime will unfortunately never end and hackers will keep trying to steal the data on web but the Co-CEO of Cynet assures security to the people and with utmost confidence saying, “Our team will be there, helping organizations protect against threats, and detect and remediate threats which get in, backing our customers with the knowledge and expertise needed to secure their assets.

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