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Tevin Hyung-Chol Choi, Global Managing Director, CyberLogitec

CyberLogitec: Empowering Global Supply Chain with Advance SaaS Solutions

Recent times have seen a significant uptake of SaaS Solutions in the International Logistics space. These large network-based businesses are making shifts from a traditionally conservative software license model to subscription-based services not only in office productivity solutions but also their core operating systems. This serves to reduce overheads, speed up feature enhancements, and drive standardization in an industry that has traditionally been siloed from a technology perspective. Since its founding in 2000, CyberLogitec has been making waves in the maritime, port, and logistics industries with innovative, highly advanced solutions that address the wide range of operational challenges companies face when transporting goods across the globe.
For instance, CyberLogitec’s most recent enhancements to its OPUS Terminal solution were borne from understanding the pain-points faced by its customers operating multipurpose terminals. Traditionally, terminals dealing in a range of cargo types have been forced to work with multiple terminal operating systems (TOS) to manage a specific cargo type, or to stretch and customize their antiquated Systems beyond their original capabilities and lifetime. CyberLogitec worked with these customers to develop a range of multi-purpose features to cater for the needs of these operators and through offering the TOS as a SaaS solution these customers benefit through frequent feature enhancements to help future-proof their business.
Comprehensive Solutions Driven by Modern Advancements
Understanding the customers’ needs has always been one of CyberLogitec key values. The company ensures this through building a team who understand the customers business model, processes, and pain points first-hand through their own prior experiences. Furthermore, as digital innovators, CyberLogitec is focused on delivering flexible solutions that incorporate industry trends and the latest technologies to enhance their technology suite and help the customers stay ahead of the curve.
“Our suite of SaaS native solutions is a key element to this. We firmly believe that the traditional license & maintenance model used by many IT vendors is obsolete and has never been in either the vendor or customer’s favour. Through our SaaS solutions customers gain from lower setup and maintenance costs, reduced CAPEX investment, and they benefit from a constant enhancement to the features of our products as and when they are developed,” says the company.
SaaS also gives the opportunity to constantly refine the company’s product offerings to better meet the evolving customer needs while incorporating the latest technologies such as machine learning and robotic process automation. Many of the advanced features in the company’s OPUS range of products are powered by its proprietary heuristic engine designed to help the transition to more automated decision making easy. With these enhancements, CyberLogitec’s solutions help customers simplify booking requests, run unstructured document analysis and automate simple and repeatable data-entry tasks, thus increasing their effectiveness and efficiency.
For the future, CyberLogitec will also begin to introduce AI technology into its product line-up. The inclusion of AI is throughout its product line-up but perhaps most evident in the Smart Port solutions incorporating IoT and predictive analysis of collected data, enabling visibility of patterns in day-to-day operations, potential pain points, identifying safety concerns proactively, and improving forecasting and planning with the help of detailed predictions.
“The result will not only bring greater efficiency and safety, but also alignment of digital standards and increased collaboration between various parties within the industry,” says the company.
Leading with Experience and Competence
Tevin Hyung-Chol Choi has been part of the CyberLogitec team for the past 12 years and a founding member of the company’s expansion into Singapore in 2017 where he now resides as Managing Director of CyberLogitec Global and its global commercial team.
CyberLogitec is a technology company focused on the maritime industry, port industries, and international logistics where the people have a strong passion for the industry. “We live and breathe this industry,” asserts Tevin. “CyberLogitec’s vision is to be our customers’ partner of choice, leveraging on deep industry experience coupled with our breakthrough technology and innovations to develop industry leading solutions and steer our customers business towards a more optimised future,” says Tevin Hyung-Chol Choi.
Recovering and Sustaining Growth During Pandemic
The supply chain cycle grows and change over the years. While the current global pandemic has impacted global economies, consumer demand has moved heavily to product-based consumption in recent months and CyberLogitec believes that the fundamentals of the industry they serve are still sound.
Recent months congestion around the globe has shown that IT systems in the industry are stretched to breaking point and in dire need of investment. CyberLogitec’s products and solutions designed to help port terminals increase their effectiveness and efficiency through digitization and automation, will increase productivity levels in the industry and help the clients come out of this crisis stronger and more customer focused.
According to CyberLogitec, when it comes to ensuring the safety of its employees and associates during this pandemic, many of its offices have adopted a remote go-live model with customers during solution implementation. Through the methodologies they have developed, the company has managed to meet the client’s timelines regardless of the time difference between project team members and reduce operational disruptions while adapting to travel restrictions and social distancing guidelines. As an example, CyberLogitec commenced its first fully remote implementation in July 2020 – setting up a cloud-based TOS in Indonesia hosted from Singapore and restructuring its manpower allocation so that it could remotely support its various facilities without exposing employees to risks from the pandemic.
The COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent travel restrictions occurred during its implementation threatened the viability of project schedule and posed a severe challenge to the CyberLogitec implementation team in proceeding with a conventional on-site implementation. For instance, on-the-ground personnel are still required for tasks that are considered to be “semi-automatic” such as operating yard & berth equipment and running the control room, despite recent innovations in port activities.
Thankfully, the project team at CyberLogitec along with its client adapted to the situation and capitalised on the opportunity to improvise and optimise processes to enable remote management of the entire implementation.
Future Goals and Vision
CyberLogitec has set up a team focusing on future innovation, working to integrate emerging technology such as artificial intelligence and IoT interfacing into its solutions while taking an incremental approach on a customer-level basis in consideration towards the conservative nature of its customers.
With the huge datasets and thousands of hand-offs their customers operate with, CyberLogitec’s priority is developing AI technology in order to reduce the prevalence of human error in key operational processes.
Additionally, while its off-the-shelf services are undergoing rapid development, the company fully understand that many of its customers have some processes that are part of what makes them unique. “That’s why we’re also dedicated to working alongside these customers to provide feature enhancements and customisable options unique to their needs,” states the company. It further adds that “Our vision is to be the industry’s partner of choice and steer them to a more optimised and efficient future”.
Clients Reviews
“A great recent example is our partnership with Apical Balikpapan, part of Apical Group, to implement OPUS Terminal at Apical Balikpapan’s new liquid bulk terminal in Indonesia.”
“Our solution is helping Apical with supply chain traceability, as well as ensuring that operations at can be performed at peak efficiency. Our TOS – OPUS Terminal – helps Apical make informed decisions based on real time operating data, boosting overall productivity and agility in improving the terminal’s response times.”
“This year, we also commenced implementation of OPUS Terminal at Super Terminais in Manaus Brazil. In another example of a remote go-live, we are helping them boost productivity, improve accuracy of container inventory, and achieve higher overall operational efficiency with the help of our advanced features in OPUS Terminal.”
“But it’s not only new customers we are onboarding, last year we also helped the Pusan Newport Company (PNC) to upgrade their previous CyberLogitec TOS – installed in 2010 – to our newest version.”
“Through this TOS upgrade, PNC has been operating stably, improving the efficiency and convenience of operations for operators and supporting the business reach its full potential.”