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CXR: Building Experience-focused Technology that changes the way we Live, Work, and Play

The neuroscientific community has often remarked that reality is coupled with the perception t

We have the creative capability to guide the contents of our conscience, to play with our own perception. We do this with storytelling, language, and poetry through special effects. This is how we “play.” This is how we manufacture our own reality simply by ideating. This is the world of make-believe, and innovations like augmented and virtual realities are the new champions of this world.

But the marvels of these technologies are hardly limited to the realm of make-believe, we can also track their influence in a multitude of businesses and industries. Transforming the world is the name of the game, and the AR/VR companies are leading the charge.

A company with its heritage in electronics manufacturing, but in recent years has shifted its focus to emergent technologies like augmented and virtual realities as well as IoT devices, is the New York-based CXR. CXR has been a major technology partner for the world’s most prominent companies since 2004, providing them with cutting-edge technology that propels their businesses and goods.

Making of a Brand

CXR has partnered with some of the world’s biggest brands to take digital experiences to new heights. The company comprises experts in helping brands understand the spatial computing revolution and how it blurs the lines between the digital and physical realms.

As the company has made its stronghold as a certified partner with industry-leading platforms like Oculus, it has become a one-stop shop for helping businesses solve the toughest challenges. This entails not only shifting their consumer-facing strategy but also how they operate and build a workforce.

A new generation of users is ready for more personalized content that not only gives them more insight into a brand but also valuable information with real utility. Whether it’s for customers or employees, content is changing, and CXR is here to help brands maintain relevance.

Armed with years of expertise, the company has pioneered the branded AR/VR experience and understands every aspect of where it started and where it’s going – and how it can equip brands with the tools they need to gain a competitive edge.

Product and Service Offerings

CXR’s products are designed to make it easy for companies to maximize the benefits of AR/VR integrations. Concepts that once seemed futuristic—XR Marketing, VR Training, and 3D Modeling, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Retail Store Virtualization —are cornerstones of the company’s offerings. The value of these technologies is clearer than ever, and the path to increased efficiency and growth through these products is easy to explain to clients of every size.

As a full-stack agency, CXR is unique in its ability to accept back-of-napkin notes and evolve that idea into a full-fledged application. Its team of developers is software-agnostic, meaning they can create an experience in the framework that’s best for a specific project. Similarly, its designers are experts in perfecting the details of a 3D model and conceptualizing entire spatial environments – and everything in between.

What sets CXR apart is that, while it works hard to develop the best tools and platforms, its true product is problem-solving.

We look at problems and think about the best approach to tactically solve that problem for the audience that needs to use it,” added the cultivated business mastermind and the General Manager at CXR – Lucky Gobindram. “We comb through the noise and passing trends to prescribe a bespoke solution that charts a course for the future. From ideation to execution, the next phase is iteration. Our designers and strategists continue to update our products based on results – we’re a learning organization, and this is evident in the way we work with clients and within our own teams as well,” he added in an interview with Insights Success.

The Diligent Innovator

Coming from a family that builds technology, Lucky Gobindram has always had an interest in playing with the latest technology – from Walkman to the very first iPod. He grew up attending CES with his father, learning everything he could about design, products, and the purpose behind them. Having access to this world allowed him to understand the power of empathy and its utility in the world of business – a steadfast element of CXR’s strategy.

When you understand the end user’s problems, you can solve real-world issues with solutions that are valuable and viable,” remarked Lucky.

With the same thought in his mind, Lucky and his brother Ash started an agency that quickly snowballed into completing digital solutions for clients such as HTC, Nissan, and Bose. As per Lucky, their success is largely due to the role that empathy played in our business strategy and process. Applying this mindset to XR has helped them conceptualize ways spatial experiences can fundamentally reshape users’ lives and their relationship with technology – for the better. This idea continues to inform the way Lucky, and his team approach their work and the industry at large.

The Pandemic Dictate

When the world was still reeling from the effects of COVID-19, Lucky Gobindram understood that the pandemic had forced them to use technology to maintain a sense of connection with each other and the outside world. Video conferencing tools such as Zoom and Teams were usually the first to come to mind, but the world of AR/VR has ballooned as well.

With renewed interest and investment from brands and consumers alike, these modes of communication have become more mainstream – especially as the technology itself has become more accessible (e.g., Meta’s Oculus Quest 2). From more 3D models in online shopping to better VR meeting tools, we are seeing the transition of AR/VR from a niche gaming technology to a mainstream platform for day-to-day interactions.

This surge in acceptance of AR/VR has led to a whole new realm of possibility. More companies than ever are jumping on the bandwagon as they realize that we’re living in a changing world. Consumers – the younger generations, especially – are already using AR/VR wherever they can, and brands are coming to us to help them understand how they can leverage it to their advantage,” opined Lucky Gobindram.

Riding the Tech Wave

Raised in a world of hardware design and engineering, Lucky was always deeply aware that software exists in everything around us – from lights to doorbells to home appliances. When Google Cardboard first came out, and he tried it, he was struck by the realization that immersion in 3D allows users to experience content in a whole new way.

I soon realized that computing would shift in this direction and that the future of digital consumption was immersive technology. Since then, we’ve seen that it’s instrumental in creating the next wave of content and games, and it’s also on its way to becoming a powerful tool for organizations and industrial applications,” said Lucky when asked about how his team is innovatively catering to both businesses and consumers.

As the use cases become more mainstream, these large companies will feed the adoption curve when they equip their employees with devices, and soon we’ll be looking at multiple generations of emergent tech users,” he added.

With the coming generation of smart glasses and new headsets, it sees visual representations of ML and AI is used to understand user preferences and behaviors and make helpful recommendations in that respect.

As a forward-thinking agency, CXR is already equipped with teams of AI and ML experts that can attack each project individually. Because its projects are tailored to the needs of each client, the team makes recommendations on a case-by-case basis.

A Bright Future Awaits

The team at CXR expects e-commerce to become an integral part of the burgeoning metaverse, and with this in mind, they expect increased interest in retail virtualization services. Brands of every size and industry will have a need for XR commerce experiences that offer much more than traditional online shopping. Users will want to physically explore products and try on every kind of apparel – not just shoes, as we have largely seen on the likes of Snapchat.

As wearables increase in accessibility and utility, CXR expects to scale its AR offerings to include applications that integrate with the real world in real-time. Users will soon expect information to be brought to them based on their surroundings and what they are currently doing – whether it’s on the street, in a store, or in the office.

The company is excited to explore the integration of AR and AI to create seamless experiences that make a real impact on users’ lives, giving them the information they need to learn faster and make smarter decisions and purchases.

It is also investing in a number of companies and technologies to help fortify the industry – from VR content creation tools like Masterpiece Studio Pro to VR driving simulators like Virtual Driver Interactive. A greater number of powerful platforms will increase adoption and, in turn, help users as well as CXR to convert their ideas into true applications.