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Cubic Telecom: An Industry Leader with Futuristic Connectivity Solutions

Telecom is one of the fastest growing industries. Numerous telecom companies across the globe are providing best-in-class solutions and making the market more competitive with notable acquisitions. Due to its burgeoning market, it is increasingly tough to mark your presence, and dominate the market with innovative and comprehensive solutions.
Based in Dublin, Ireland, Cubic Telecom has become one of the leading technology enablers for automotive OEMs, M2M and mobile device companies, and pioneering IoT players across the globe. An expert in mobile connectivity management, Cubic Telecom’s proven software platform empowers its partners to deliver industry-defining services in areas like content management, location-based services, subscription management, and entertainment.
Impressive Benefits of Seamlessly Connected Intelligence Platform
Cubic provides connected mobility solutions to IoT, M2M, and mobile device companies. Its connected intelligence platform provides connectivity solutions for some of the world’s top automotive and PC/mobile companies including Audi, VW, Porsche, Panasonic, HP, and Lenovo. Cubic delivers mobility solutions that connect, empower and enable global connectivity and business productivity. The company provides consistent 4G LTE for data, voice and SMS on a single embedded SIM (eSIM), at affordable rates. The company even bestows its users by eliminating roaming around the globe.
Cubic primarily offers products for the automotive industry. Audi connect® is one of its leading customers. Cubic’s global platform supplies the technology behind the Audi connect® services employed in several Audi models including the A3, A4, A5, Q2, Q5, Q7 and A8. The company also offers an international LTE-based platform. It partners with some of the best tier-one mobile network operators, ensuring reliability and high-quality local connectivity at competitive rates.
The company enables seamless switching from one mobile network to another, which allows the Audi owners enjoy qualitative connectivity for infotainment services along with access to competitive bundled connectivity plans. This includes telematics, Wi-Fi hotspot services, personal apps, and much more.
Empowering Seamless Connectivity
It is worth noting that traditional mobile operators leverage their SIM cards to tether users with their limited network footprint and billing plans. Cubic’s innovative Multi-IMSI eSIM technology empowers a new global footprint and seamless connectivity at affordable rates for data, voice and SMS through a single eSIM.
Today, eSIM technology of the company collaborates with more than twenty-five mobile companies, operating worldwide across one hundred and eighty countries. Cubic’s client portfolio includes some of the world’s largest mobile operators such as Orange of France, Tele2 and China Mobile Ltd, along with the largest telecom operators in the U.S.
The Key Differentiator
Cubic supports the many moving parts of seamless connectivity through its provisioning and management of SIMs, billing structure, prepaid bundled rate plans, and overall development and management. This has propelled Cubic as an obvious choice for solution provision for leading automotive and enterprise brands.
The eSIM is installed at the point of manufacture in mobile devices and automotives. This is pre-configured to support Cubic’s entire mobile operator footprint. Such cost-effective features have been its key differentiator.
In addition to these, Cubic is a technology enabler to its customers, and the company has an arsenal of software and hardware platforms in place.
A Prominent Leadership
Barry Napier is the CEO and Chairman of Cubic Telecom. Napier has resourceful experience of over eighteen years in the Telecom field. He is a seasoned executive for successful M&A transactions.
At Cubic, Napier oversees various departments like strategic development, investor relations, and strategic partnerships. He has also spearheaded the development of key practice areas, including the most recently undertaken connected car/infotainment initiatives.
Under Napier’s direction, Cubic has gone on to become a fully-licensed GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) carrier and has closed agreements with more than 40 mobile operators. This includes leading mobile operators like China Mobile, Digicel, Orange, Sprint, and Vodafone.
Since 2005, Cubic Telecom has raised approximately $88 million in funding. Back in August 2017, the company closed a $47 million Series C round led by Audi, Qualcomm, Valid and the Ireland Strategic Investment Fund.
Initial Impediments: Raising Funds and Assuring Excellence
Although Cubic has an exceptional suite of products as well as admirable capabilities to its name, the company struggled to raise funds during its period of inception. Assuring automobile and telecom leaders of the platform’s abilities was hard-hitting for the team during its early inception. However, Cubic has gone on to boast one of the largest independent LTE footprints in Europe.
Introducing Innovative Services for Valuable Clients 
Cubic initially focused on providing its services in European markets. Over the last decade or so, the company has gained many satisfied clients across U.S., China, Japan and other international markets. The company now envisions expanding its territories across other Asian nations.
To address the growing needs of its worldwide customer base, Cubic is employing more and more innovative services such as data analytics. It aims to deploy some novel creative customized services, which are capable of enhancing content management processes in the near future.
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