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Cubastion Consulting: Providing Fast, Reliable, and Focused CRM Solutions

Incorporated in 2006, Cubastion Consulting stands as a Gold Partner of Oracle and has specialized in consulting of Siebel CRM and its Ancillaries (OBIEE, BIP, AIA, CTI, BRM and OPA) to carry out the CRM through all the stages of its life cycle. Cubastion has strategically established its headquarter in Gurgaon for better geographical reach across India. Staying true to its core values, Cubastion has centered its focus on delivering Oracle Siebel CRM implementation right from the consulting stage to implementation, operationalization, and support.
Exclusive Offerings from Cubastion
Cubastion makes its clients free from worrying about their CRM program life cycle. Right from the framing of CRM processes to choosing the right module set (from the Oracle Siebel application stack) and its implementation/operationalization/subsequent support, the company will be there at each step of the way. Cubastion is committed to delivery within strict budgets and timelines with the motto of making its customers satisfied and smiling.
Cubastion’s main services are; Consulting, Technology, and Rollouts & Training.
Consulting Services: It helps clients to strategize, optimize and manage. The business case for a well-designed and well-defined CRM program is a strong one, but coming up with one that suits your business needs perfectly is a daunting task. Cubastion helps to simplify this task with a bouquet of wide-ranging customized consulting services. Consulting services includes; CRM Process Consulting, Product Evolution, and Retail Consulting.
Technology Services: Cubastion’s technology focus is Siebel CRM and OBIEE. The company focuses to empowers itself with a unique competitive advantage – no matter what technology subset within Siebel. Cubastion’s expertise extends to Siebel’s ancillary technologies like AIA, OPA, BIP, OBM and more to ensure that the company offers complete ownership of a client’s Siebel program. Along with its specialized focus, Cubastion has also developed myriad technology bolt-ons that would enable clients to enhance and upgrade their Siebel program.
Rollouts & Training Services: Once CRM implementation has been completed at the client site, the only way to effectively leverage it is to let knowledge of the processes and technology permeates every stakeholder along the way. The implementation and ideation of CRM strategy would typically be isolated from the actual deployment scenarios. Bridging this gap is a time-consuming and budget-intensive exercise that involves training of various groups spread across various geographies. This is an essential step that proves to be the downfall of many an expensive CRM program simply because the right amount of energy and effort is not assigned to this activity. Cubastion offers services that help clients to operationalize implemented Siebel processes by transmitting know-how through functional and technical training for their internal team.
Cubastion’s Out-of-the-box Strategies
Steering clear from building just another boardroom solution, the likes of which the market is flooded with, Cubastion emphasizes more on features like customer experience, digital transformation and last mile resolutions for clients besides providing Oracle technology implementation. Cubastion’s 360-degree skills of technology landscape have positioned the company as an accomplished implementation strategist. Cubastion focuses on bringing talent on board from top tier engineering colleges and experienced professionals with a strong industrial IT background. The team translates Cubastion’s strategies into actions, which serves as a differentiating factor for the company, among a swarm of similar providers in the market. With 12 year philosophy of ZERO failure, Cubastion Consulting is determined to continue living the philosophy in every endeavor in the years to come.
Pioneer behind Cubastion Consulting
Ravi Kumar is the visionary founder of Cubastion Consulting. Ravi is an IIT Bombay graduate with more than 15 years of experience in enterprise application implementation. He has been associated with some global brands like Mercedes, Sabre, Nissan, and Reckitt Benckiser for their CRM needs before the inception of Cubastion.
Ravi started Cubastion with the vision of growing it into a Global CRM service provider. Wherein he focuses to generate values for clients and offers a challenging workplace for exceptional talent.
Future Roadmap of Cubastion Consulting
Focus on Customer Experience transformations are the Cubastion’s focus area. In addition, company has launched its product offering in space of customer experience transformation for Salesforce empowerment, named as “XShowroom”, a modern cloud-based device agnostic solution, accessible anytime anywhere. It empowers highly mobile sales force to engage with the customers, manages their leads and steers themselves. By empowering sales force, the tool helps OEMs to solve their last mile challenges to know the on the ground realities. XShowroom deviates the spotlight from CXOs to Field Sales Representatives and tries to solve their on-ground challenges, thereby fetching field visibility (e.g. – pipeline) to the CSOs. The company seeks to further strengthen its position in Industry while increasing its presence in APAC as well as US market.