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CTSI-Global: Leading Supply Chain Management Expertise and Technology Providers

In the current economic scenario, organizations are focusing on sustaining their business while positioning themselves for future growth. An organization’s supply chain represents numerous untapped opportunities to realize increased short and long-term benefits, such as cost savings, time saving and improved efficiency. Enterprises that take advantage of the knowledge and experience of efficient end-to-end supply chain solution providers, are enabled by best-in class technologies, stand to free up working capital & cash, and prosper as the business acceleratestowards growth.

Supply Chain Solutions Catering to Client Needs
CTSI-Global provides shippers and third-party logistics providers (3PLs) with end-to-end supply chain solutions: Transportation Management System (TMS), Business Intelligence, Freight Audit and Payment Services, and Consulting. Their end-to-end supply chain solutions empower shippers and 3PLs to plan and execute shipments, audit and pay their freight bills, and measure the results for continuous improvement of their supply chain and transportation networks.

CTSI-Global’s TMS is a SaaS-based system of applications to plan and execute shipments across all modes. Their clients use this TMS to manage orders, optimize loads, select carriers, execute and automate shipments, track and trace deliveries, and manage overage/shortage/damage claims. Their Business Intelligence Solutions include KPI dashboards that drill down to analyze various key performance indicators. Other solutions include Supply Chain Modeling and Online Reporting, such as the carrier report card.

In addition to technology solutions, CTSI-Global offers expert supply chain services including Freight Audit and Payment, Rate Negotiation, and Consulting.

CTSI-Global also provides scalable systems that are suited to 3PLs that manage many clients. These systems have additional features such as customer invoicing.

Some providers can only provide either TMS or freight audit and payment services. Others provide general software but lack the supply chain industry expertise. CTSI-Global has developed in-house software to anticipate the needs of clients. Furthermore, they are the only supply chain solutions provider with robust, flexible, scalable TMS and business intelligence solutions alongside industry-leading freight audit and payment services.

J. Kenneth Hazen, President and CEO of CTSI-Global, graduated from the University of Memphis. After a successful career in industrial sales, Hazen purchased Continental Traffic Service, Inc. in 1982. The company went from a handful of employees processing everything manually to hundreds of employees in offices around the world processing millions of transactions electronically each year. Hazen is the co-author of The Role of Transportation in the Supply Chain. Ken has also been active in the community, having served as Chairman of Catholic Charities of West TN and President of the University of Memphis Board of Visitors. He has been a fundraising leader for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, among others.

CTSI-Global’s mission is to provide industry-leading global supply chain solutions through quality service and innovative technology. They take pride in core values of loyalty, integrity, and service.
Ten years ago, they started expansion by opening offices abroad. Since then, they have continued to expand not only their global presence but also their global capabilities, with the strongest global processing features of any freight audit and pay and TMS provider.

CTSI-Global’s clients receive increased visibility, an integrated global system, and a strong RoI. They are recognized by both clients and carriers for service quality, and have a satisfied and happy clientele including American Electric Power, Harley-Davidson, Molex, and Technicolor.