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CSOFT International: Harmonizing Language and Technology

We live on a planet with more than 7 billion people who speak more than 7000 languages. Over 50 percent of the population speaks at least 2 languages. But the question remains, how do we communicate with each other when there is a language barrier? One company helping eradicate language barriers while bringing localization and global communications to individuals as well as businesses is CSOFT International.

CSOFT International is a leader in language localization and global communications which provides solutions to companies facing challenges in engaging customers and markets because of linguistic and cultural barriers.
CSOFT leads the localization industry with next generation, supple and on-demand translation technologies and solutions that disrupt legacy translation models. Most recently, they developed the world’s only fully automated human translation solution that can be deployed on all devices. The platform, Stepes, helps clients achieve unrivaled translation speed and scalability, while allowing multinational enterprises to accelerate global business growth and succeed internationally.

A Global Leader

Shunee Yee is the Founder and CEO of CSOFT International. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, she worked as an executive in Asia Market Development for a major language service provider prior to founding CSOFT. Responsible for its organic growth from a start-up in a two bedroom apartment to an industry leader, Yee oversees CSOFT’s operations across dual headquarters, 16 regional offices, and 3 continents.
Led by Yee in June 2016, CSOFT launched the Shenzhen 100 report which utilized hard data and qualitative indicators to create a China Global Maturity Index to assist the Shenzhen Municipal Government in implementing policies to support global market strategies.
Yee is a recipient of the international Stevie Award for Best Asian Entrepreneur for Women in Business, a Fortune Most Powerful Women award, and was identified by CNN Money as one of Technology’s 36 most powerful disrupters. Throughout her career, she has also been featured in a number of publications, including the Boston Globe, The Economist, Fortune Magazine, and Investor’s Business Daily.

A Myriad of Services

CSOFT International brings together over 10,000 professional in-country linguists, culture experts, and the latest language technologies to deliver localization solutions to global businesses in IT & telecom, life sciences, automotive, manufacturing, financial services, consumer electronics and more. Few services provided by CSOFT are:

  • Technical and Software Localization: CSOFT has a strong technical background due to extensive software development experience across many platforms. It provides end-to-end solutions for software localization including application GUI translation, linguistic testing and cosmetic testing. Powered by professional in-country technical translators, CSOFT provides consistent quality localization for virtually all software applications. ·
  • eLearning and Training: In today’s globalized economy, businesses must effectively educate their internationally distributed workforces and customers to maximize business success across diverse regions. CSOFT has both the linguistic and engineering expertise to help organizations such as GE, EMC, Google, and others, effectively localize their training materials for global audiences. ·
  • Medical Translation: MedL10N, which stands for medical localization, is CSOFT’s business unit that offers USCIS Certified document translation services to the life sciences industry and is also one of the first language service providers to hold ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 quality management system certifications.
  • Global Communications: The GC business unit specializes in creating top-quality content written directly in target languages by a team of native speakers consisting of experts in marketing, journalism, PR, telecommunications, computing, life sciences, and design. By only employing highly-experienced content specialists native to target markets, the global communications team ensures a brand’s message is effectively communicated to all customers around the world.

Businesses today demand translations in hours or even minutes versus days and weeks in order to respond to changing market demands quickly. CSOFT’s ability to translate digital content fast and on-demand enables their customers to beat the competition and get ahead faster in the global market. CSOFT believes in improving customer experience by making their services better, simpler, and cost effective.

Tackling Initial Struggles and Challenges

After establishing the company in 2003, a major challenge was running as a China-operated company and retaining global talent. CSOFT recognized the importance of a strong culture within their people and this unique quality has cultivated a strong corporate culture and identity in the multinational team.

Shunee always wanted to create a company that used the latest technology to power language communications solutions; the perfect harmony of language and technology. This is the reason behind the name CSOFT: Communications Solutions of Foreign Trade, with the word ‘soft’ affording the implication of technology. As a technology-driven organization, CSOFT has created its own technology suite over the years including tools such as Termwiki, to help with terminology management, and Ubrta, for better management of translation projects.

Accommodation for the Customers

CSOFT combines the power of AI and human translations to help customers achieve the highest return on their localization investment. They have simplified much of the workflow into an easy-to-use and 24/7 online model. CSOFT is a world class translation service provider with the experience, track record, breadth of services, and unique just-in-time (JIT) and translation technology. The digital transformation has fundamentally changed customer expectations for speed.

Lastly, as champions of providing language and globalization solutions, CSOFT people are true global citizens, working from around the world to enable better communications among businesses and their customers and more broadly, to enable better understanding between cultures.

CSOFT has run campaigns such as I Translate, I Transform, created to celebrate the world’s linguists, as well as the #GetSchooled Initiative that used CSOFT’s network in over 170 countries to train and educate about the problems girls face in education. Each day, they break down more and more of the world’s language barriers to realize their longcherished vision, One World, One Market, and One World, One Team.

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