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CSI Enterprises Inc: A Revolutionary Firm Changing the Way Businesses Pay

The payments industry has been rising at an incredible speed in recent years. Current forecasts predict that the sector will expand by 6% annually for the next five years. There are not many industries around the globe that have reached such an elevated level of consistent growth. The industry that never worked without manual paper processes is now demanding a digital transformation. One such payments leader that has been securing and making payments easy for customers is CSI Enterprises, Inc. (CSI). Combining technology and extraordinary customer service, CSI’s highly secure virtual payment solutions enable businesses around the world to automate accounts payable and reduce costs while simultaneously increasing profits.
A Steady Beginning
Founded in 1989, CSI was initially known for its fleet and corporate management products in the U.S., Brazil, and throughout Latin America. Although these products have varied over the years, the necessity to control efficiencies and streamline domestic and international corporate payment methods is one objective that hasn’t changed. In 1993, the company became the first U.S. fleet management company in Mexico, Argentina, Chile, and Brazil.
The company came into the limelight in 2001 when they launched their first product, global-fleet®, a fleet fuel card that allows companies with fleet vehicles to better control and manage their fuel spending. The company saw these same levels of control benefiting finance operations so they decided to expand their product offerings.
The subsequent phase of evolution came in 2009 when CSI was among the first payments providers to embrace virtual card technology and the ability to generate a unique credit card number for every transaction. Two years later, with this technology, CSI introduced a revolutionary electronic accounts payable system, globalVCard paysystems after which they experienced double-digit growth rates.
globalVCard paysystems, an award-winning electronic accounts payable platform, is an easy and highly secure way to manage 100% of the client’s payables – guaranteed to deliver immediate ROI. With a single file upload, CSI can securely automate all of the customers’ payments such as virtual card, ACH, GVC Network, check, and foreign exchange.
A Visionary Leader with Global Perspective
Keith Stone founded CSI Enterprises, Inc. in 1989. Under his extraordinary vision and leadership, the company quickly grew into a world-leading force. Keith’s global perspective and business savvy enabled CSI to become the largest commercial exporter for GM Overseas Distribution Corporation, and in 1997, GE Capital Services purchased CSI’s businesses throughout Latin America. Keith served as President of GE Capital Fleet Services, Brazil/Latin American Operations until resigning in late 2000 to focus solely on leading the U.S. operations of CSI.
“We believe that CSI’s innovative software technology will continually improve the workflow related to financial transactions between buyers and suppliers in the business to business domain. We don’t settle for less than excellence in every aspect of our company. Our vision is to become the most well respected and trusted global company in the electronic payments segment by delivering innovative solutions combined with outstanding customers service.” – Keith.
Transforming the Industry with Innovative Solutions
For more than 25 years, CSI has provided innovative payment solutions to some of the world’s most iconic brands, while offering the highest level of customer service and support. With the ground-breaking solutions below, the firm is transforming the industry.
Accounts Payable: With globalVCard paysystems, clients can process 100% of domestic or overseas payments securely through a single interface: virtual card, ACH, GVC Network, check or FX.
Corporate Travel: globalVCard Travel helps clients keep business travelers compliant, keeps payment data secure, and simplifies reconciliation.
Mobile Payments: globalVCard’s Spend Secure product enables clients to issue secure virtual card payments and manage both virtual and plastic cards in real-time with their award-winning mobile app.
Cross-Border Payments: Cross-border payments made simple and cost-effective in over 140 currencies.
Corporate Purchasing Card: Real-time control over employee spending. A unique card number for every employee allows for individualized card settings and easy reconciliation.
Fleet Fuel Cards: Since 1989, CSI has been a recognized leader in the commercial fleet fuel business, with international customers spanning the Americas, Canada, Europe, and Asia. CSI has been providing customers with the most advanced fleet fuel card program available with 24/7 support.
In 2016, CSI established the Power2Change Foundation, a corporate foundation that exists to connect businesses and individuals while supporting community involvement and initiatives that change the lives of middle school youth. The foundation brings together partners, charities, and a youth leadership institute through a legacy of giving that results in powerful transformation.
In the same year, CSI also launched CSI Kick Start, Inc. to promote and foster startup payment technologies that disrupt the status quo of business payments and align well with CSI payments platforms.
Values that make CSI Stay on Top
Today, CSI is a renowned name in the payments industry because of their five pillars of values.

  • Leadership that supports and encourages the free exchange of ideas from all employees, regardless of title
  • Employees who welcome and embrace being part of a culture that expects them to bring an energized and innovative mindset with them every day to work
  • Customers who are a joy to serve and openly advocate for their success
  • Partners who strategically help CSI grow into new verticals and geographic regions.
  • Corporate Philanthropy which brings out the best in everyone as CSI passionately serves those in their communities and throughout the world.

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