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Crystal logic: 16+ years • 70+ Team Strength • 700+ Clients

Crystal Logic is a Mumbai based company that designs premium web design and carries out online marketing for their clients. Their field of expertise is in leveraging cutting edge web technology to generate high returns for organizations across sectors. They have an international clientele like Virgin Balloon Flights, Nimbus, JBL by Harman and much more. The list currently extends to over 700 companies, in India and abroad.
Crystal Logic is now in its 16th year of journey. During this tumultuous journey, Crystal Logic has built 550+ websites and 100+ custom apps. They have also proved themselves to be a maverick lot, with unparalleled services when it comes to online solutions. Crystal Logic is an online company with 360 degrees solutions to many of the client’s demands.
Crystal Logic: The Brand to Reckon with
Timing has been everything for the success of Crystal Logic. When the internet was born, they were there to meet the demands. When the popularity of the mobile apps was growing, they were the first ones to recognize it and evolve themselves to cater to the growing demand. By the time Google had started gaining popularity with its search engine, Crystal Logic was there with its SEO services. By creating great looking websites for equally great clients, they not only made sure that they were in-sync with the client’s vision but also well aligned with the current trends in the respective fields of the client. With their latest proficiency in social media marketing skills, they have literally created a niche for themselves in the online marketing scenario.
When asked to pick a project that was really special for them, they were really humble enough to say that every single project they undertook was at the receiving end of a special treatment. They never left any stone unturned to meet the best of the clients’ vision and more. It is this level of dedication that has earned them special credits from their traditional clients namely, TimesofMoney Ltd., Neo Sports, The Wadhwa Group and many more. Some of their other mentionable projects include a custom software for one of UK’s largest hot air balloon companies, a custom software for India’s largest travel insurance companies that allowed various employees and agents of the organization to generate travel policies seamlessly apart from fulfilling all other requisite business functions like accounts, etc.
Leadership: The Source of Inspiration
Talking about the driving force of the company, Nikhil Jhalani, being an avid technology enthusiast since his childhood has gained over 20 years of experience with various web technologies. A Graduate from Mumbai University; he is well versed with a passion for problem-solving and automated services, garnered through the understanding of many generations of technology and devices.
Manoj Punjabi with his 18 years of experience in sales and marketing compiled that with excellent people and networking skills, heads the business development team for websites and social media at Crystal Logic.
For the past 15 years, Crystal Logic’s financial health and wellbeing has been in the safe hands of Girish, who heads the marketing team for web and mobile applications at Crystal Logic.
With such dynamic leadership, Crystal Logic has been the one stop shop for most of the services that a client might require. From developing websites, portals and mobile applications to search engine optimization, social media marketing and custom ERP solutions for companies that have niche business process; Crystal Logic provides in-house services for all and hence does not have to outsource any tasks to various agencies. With an added advantage of having one project manager as the go-to person for all the services under one roof, client servicing has been dished out with an outstanding satisfaction rate. With an official Google certification for Digital Marketing Agency, there seems to be absolutely no reason for them to slow down.
Future scope: Success lies in Accurate Forecasting
Crystal Logic has always evolved with the times and will always aspire to do so in the future as well. Crystal Logic evolves itself with new experiences that come from ever-changing technological advancements. One thing they have in common with the rest of its peers is the belief that survival is meant for those who learn to adapt. With its current focus towards building smarter and more socially aware websites/applications, they have already started moving in the right direction. They are also experimenting with hand-centric features and look forward to implementing them at the earliest. They have also stressed their efforts towards solutions that recognize voice and cater to the differently abled in our society.
They have been doing the same things that have kept them ahead in the game and abreast with all the latest developments. The catch here being; they have been doing those things like no one else. This constant endeavor of surpassing their own milestones has got them so far that the future seems even brighter.