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Crosslake: Moving from Vision to Execution

A fundamental shift is happening in technology. The way infrastructure and applications are built and brought to market is changing rapidly. As IT infrastructure moves to the cloud and the race to deliver highly personalized customer experience applications, digital transformation is the next information revolution. No matter what industry you are in, you can see the evolutionary role of technology and its impact. Crosslake is a milestone in the ever-changing IT solutions and software development sector. From vision and legacy migrations including on-premise to cloud, Crosslake helps organizations implement agile architectures, methodologies and DevOps to attain an aggressive pace of innovation. It is making its mark in the consulting and services landscape.
Established in 2008, in a Seattle, Washington suburb, Crosslake is helping companies to build and run better technology. From strategy to planning and architecture, development and execution, the company works to transform and optimize IT environments and software delivery. It provides end-to-end value with its expertise in management consulting and advisory services providing both strategic and tactical insight.
Because IT and product development organizations are being asked to think strategically and innovate new services and tools to make the company more competitive, technologies like PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) are necessary because they allow product teams to deliver faster and more efficiently with code re-use and containers. As an advanced partner with Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Crosslake is accelerating the development and scaling in a modern and automated environment.
With the advances in modern/agile architectures, organizations are challenged to find skilled resources in their geographies.  To help solve that problem, the company created Crosslake Labs, a division of the organization that provides highly skilled resources that can work in a distributed development environment.
ThePersonality and Qualities of the CEO Translate Across the Company
With more than 25 years of engineering team leadership, Russ Albright, CEO and Co-founder of Crosslake has been involved in engineering excellence, product re-design, and strategic software development and engineering management.While it started with a passion to improve the development of new technology and to produce higher quality products faster, Albright’s motivation has always been about creating discipline around systems and processes and applying that to deliver predictable results.
Albright is particularly focused on improving how technology is developed so he can help deliver higher quality products more efficiently, including reduced time-to-market and production costs, which are business outcomes companies can measure. Albright is very familiar with the challenges CIOs face everyday. They’re under tremendous pressure to drive costs down and intensify the speed of innovation at the same time.
Albright has experience in various areas like Product Strategy and Execution, Transforming Organizations, Engineering Process Improvement, Performance Management, Organization and Process Modeling and Innovation Management.He has worked with many well-known tech giants like Microsoft, Nabisco, KPMG Peat Marwick and several early stage companies.
Creatively Serving a Culture of Innovation
Transitioning from legacy platforms and methodologies is not easy. Not only does the company have to update and transform its infrastructure, it also has to look at how the organization must transform operationally, so it can truly take advantage of the automation opportunities delivered by these modern architectures.
Crosslake focuses on business outcomes and the value that’s been delivered by its work. It steam is comprised of seasoned veterans in IT and software development who have been on the front-lines leading and delivering production level solutions and software.
IT continues to be disrupted by new technology and agile approaches, so Crosslake is continually working with its teams to ensure they adapt.  That includes education and experience around the technologies that are the future, and leadership skills to motivate and facilitate client teams to learn, create and deliver services with these new technologies.
Crosslake brings deep experience transforming organizations to effectively leverage modern architectures like PaaS. It helps clients modernize their current operational staffing models to effectively support and interact with development teams so the organization can move toward a dev-ops environment or even a no-ops environment. While this infrastructure modernization can create a tremendous savings opportunity, it’s very different from their current model and requires a very different organizational structure.
Crosslake looks at how the people, process and technology interact so that it can re-design the organization to best support this transformation.  Because people are the most important asset in any organization, Crosslake looks at both the design environment and operations to ensure long-term success.
To more effectively support and interact with modern development teams, Crosslake has developed operational/staffing models to optimize the customer experience and support costs. The biggest challenge is maintaining customer satisfaction on legacy products and keeping the business running while migrating to new technology.
Driving the Future
Crosslake is very disciplined in its approach to delivering customer work and it incorporates that same discipline in its hiring practices. The company hires practitioners and people that are hands-on. Because the company is involved in leading edge technology, its employees have to be self-starters with hands-on experience and leadership qualities to motivate the people and teams around them to get excited about taking on hard work and challenging, but rewarding, opportunities.
Everyone has a different interpretation about what digital transformation means, but for a consulting company, the most important factor is that you’re able to field a team with the right processes and discipline to endure and keep the business going during that transition and that’s how Crosslake has built, trained and prepared its teams.

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