Crisis Forges the Path to Innovation

“Crisis is what suppressed pain looks like; it always comes to the surface. It shakes you into reflection and healing” ¬ Bryant McGill
The current global health pandemic COVID-19 has altered our still increasingly evolving environment more and more irrevocably. The crisis posed unparalleled obstacles, which would certainly change the very element in our economy and culture in their existence and how we react.
The advancement of technology is certainly helping all of us overcome certain problems as we attempt to respond to lockdowns. This includes work from home and the social distancing mechanisms that are hopefully in effect in time to force profound systemic shifts in conventional business models and industry.
However, history has taught us that in moments of turmoil, revolutionary technologies gather traction when a conventional global order is broken, helping such disrupters to breakthrough.
The tragedy of COVID-19 has now contributed to the greatest work from home experiment in human history. In order to avoid viral infections, businesses, colleges, institutions, and governments have sent workers and students to work or study from home remotely. Working and studying from home requires a technology that operates by being omnipresent and enables peers to work together.
Cloud computing and modern networking solutions that have been marketed by organizations such as Salesforce, Microsoft, and Cisco Systems for over a decade, are almost suddenly relevant today, allowing the transition from decent job to a platform that is mission-critical.
Furthermore, as the home is now the core center, we anticipate users’ investments in digital entertainment services including video streaming and games, as well as educational training and online retail services to increase.
As is common during crisis times, customers and organizations are prepared to reconsider their process and actions. Although they are searching for easier and more innovative ways to work, to connect, and to entertain, we think revolutionary technology resonates with consumers and achieves market momentum.
The idea of technological disruption can be the motivating factor behind a great deal of this transition and this is why this latest edition 2020’s Most Innovative Companies To Watch is our focal point. Through these companies, we need to learn what technological innovation is, why it is necessary, and how it can transform the industries in which we participate.
We have included Anexsys Ltd, providing a range of consultancy services and legal tech software to law firms, corporations, and government bodies; EMMA International Consulting Group, a global leader in FDA consulting services; Flora Coating, an innovation-driven company that promotes sustainable high performance and most advanced coatings; ChainSequence, Inc., a unique consulting group with extensive hands-on experience in high-tech manufacturing in combination with broad consulting experience in Supply Chain management; 20Four7va, a provider of virtual assistant staffing services for Ecommerce needs; and last but not the least GoingClear Interactive, an in-house Boston digital growth agency of designers, developers, marketers, and strategists offering customers to lead the quality business through the right digital channels.
Other than that, we are privileged to mention; BlockchainSpace; Citrus Informatics; MultiTech Systems; Denny Cherry, and Associates Consulting.
Not to mention, the articles curated by industry experts and our in-house editors.
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