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Cresttek: Next Generation Engineering Services for the Automotive Industry

Today, electronics represent around 30% of a modern car cost, but contributes to 90% of innovations and new features. Apple CEO Tim Cook predicted there would be “massive change” in the automotive industry in the coming years. He added “The industry is at an inflection point for massive change … not just evolutionary change”. Driveless cars are closer than anyone can think. Welcome to the new world of software-driven vehicles.
For services providers to OEMs, it takes more than the given basics of providing high quality and low cost services for product development. What matters is the speed, agility and flexibility. Automotive OEMs need to bring high quality products and services & innovative solutions at competitive prices at a much faster pace. Cresttek offers Product Development Services covering engineering design, CAE simulation & analysis and Electrical & Embedded Design & Test services. Using a team of experienced professionals and a culture of People-First, Cresttek has the skills and capabilities to ride the high tide.
Girish Gowda, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, has over 25 years of business development experience working in the US, India, Middle East & Singapore. Prior to forming Cresttek, he was the Head of Business Development for Mahindra Engineering Services where he worked for over 10 years. Just in 2 years from its inception, Cresttek has employed 82 Engineers in the US and 54 in India. Its major customers are General Motors, Honda, Grupo, Autoliv to name a few. They are planning to add about 150 Engineers in the next 18 months. Today, they have offices in Detroit – Michigan, Columbus – Ohio, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai in India and Monterrey, Mexico. This is to ensure that they develop a near site presence to their key customers.
Vertically Integrated Talent Management system
Cresttek believes, industry ready talent is one of the biggest bottleneck for the automotive product development which is evolving at the pace never seen before. Girish says “The talent creation strategy is highly fragmented today in the education sector and at many services companies. The only way to address this talent gap is to have Vertically Integrated Talent Management system, where talent creation starts from Colleges and continues in dedicated Compentency Centers”. Cresttek have formed tie-ups with universities in India, US and Mexico and has setup “Competency Centers” in critical domains like Seating, Lighting & Embedded Electronics wherein Cresttek engineers are trained in the process, methods and tear-down studies from “Concept to Production”.
Accelerating Time to Market.
To accelerate “Time to Market” OEMs are moving to no-prototype development. Cresttek engineers are leveraging advance CAE tools to provide CAE based Design which allows design engineers to figure out the problems and fix them in the early product development. Girish says “Cresttek develops the scripts/ automation for element quality corrections, reading weld data from BOM, generating SPOT welds and automatically verifying correctness of full vehicle CAE models for various analysis. The team is developing competencies for simulating the durability & lifecycle of ECUs to better predict the interaction between structural mechanics, heat transfer, fluid flow, acoustics and electromagnetics”.
Cresttek Value System
Cresttek’s logo, a triangle represent the 3 entities they focus to serve – Customers, Employees and the Community. Cresttek’s prime focus is to satisfy their customers by adapting themselves according to their requirements. They want to make their employee feel valued with the happiest and productive workplace and further planning contribution to make a wider community.
Cresttek’s philosophy is to be close to the customer to understand their needs better so that they can be a collaborative partner than being a service partner. Their global offices have been established to support this philosophy. Cresttek’s entrepreneurial spirit ensures that they move with speed and flexibility that bigger companies lack, to provide the next generation of technology services to their clients.
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