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Creote Studio: Innovative Designers, Galvanized by AR and VR

With the increasing opportunities and the technology at its best every capitalist is trying to stand out in the crowd. Since it has become mandatory for every small or big scale industrialist to mark their presence online, a big deal of time is spent to design websites, apps or any such online platform. With countless service providers and business solution providers choosing the apt one that would satisfy the client’s needs is equally important. The good news is that the search for such a service provider ends here. Creote Studio– an outstanding company has come up with a unique idea that exhibits user friendly business applications while incorporating technologies like AR and VR. Uniqueness and easily noticeable is one of the factors why this technology is acknowledged and thus the team at Creote Studio provides a new and exciting experience to its clients.
The Nimble Creators and the Proud Designers
Founded by a team of innovative and creative designers, Creote Studio has specialized in linking technologies like AR and VR into their designs to create a new and improved business application. Unlike any technology service provider, this firm stands out with its exclusivity as a designing company that supplies exceptional business specific applications for its customers. Roy Lo, Co-Founder of Creote Studio adds, “We pride ourselves to be innovative designers that create intuitive experiences with the adoption of newest technologies”. The firm has been focusing on creating new experience using AR and VR technology. Apart from this it also provides various other digital services which help the customers enhance their business.
Creote Studio considers its entire design team a valuable asset for their success. Roy adds saying that, “Majority of our employees comprises of designers. Design is the core value of our business and we strive to create unique and intuitive experiences for our clients with the incorporation of Design Thinking into Technology Applications.” The architects of this radiant thought are the co-founders of Creote Studio, Roy Lo and Coby Or. Based out in Hong Kong this company today is one of most promising innovative designers using AR/VR technologies. The technologies can be perceived as a gimmick, but “AR/VR can be very practical that helps businesses generate revenue and reduce operation costs. It is up to us in what we do with the technologies to create real values for the real world”, Or added.
The Road Towards Success
Roy and Coby co-founded Creote Studio with an aim to provide professional design services with AR/VR to customers worldwide. Integrating creativity with innovative ideas, the team currently is the leader under making.
The duo first thought of blending AR in wedding invitation cards. This variant idea was used by Roy and Coby for their own wedding. This unique experience created from the AR effects had gained appreciation and popularity very soon. This distinctive invitation card had a very appealing feature; while the AR wedding card looked similar to any other card but once the guests receives the card, they could scan it using a mobile app, and Coby and Roy would instantly appear standing on top of the card with a 3D castle and animated fireworks in the background. Shortly after this, the  vivacious couple started taking offers for producing such AR wedding cards, they realized the importance of design in technology, and founded Creote Studio to promote the value of design in the AR/VR industry.
Unprecedented Service Providers
Providing business solutions driven by AR and VR remains the sole purpose and service that Creote Studio provides. Their services include custom designing AR and VR solutions for corporate promotions, exhibitions, trainings, merchandises, entertainment, simulations and more. They have also developed an AR platform called WedCam that targets to help small and medium enterprises to utilize AR within an affordable budget and a short production timeframe. WedCam is one of the most widely used AR platforms in Asia Pacific and had received first runner up for the Qualcomm Vuforia Visions Award in 2015.
Creote Studio had been heavily involved with designing interactive simulations with VR for corporate training purposes. “The engagements generated from VR had been very encouraging in corporate trainings. We have applied VR in areas of health and safety, customer service, operation, engineering and maintenance. The results were out of our expectations”, said Lo. The Creote team is also aggressively pushing VR technologies into the healthcare sector with the objectives to help children with autism and dyslexia, and also utilize VR as a form of ability assessment.
Roy adds, “The limitation of AR/VR is unimaginable. We are working our hardest to push forward the technologies that could create real values and benefits for different industries.” With Design Thinking as a core value of Creote Studio, the company continues to provide outstanding designed experiences with AR and VR.
The Glorious Accomplishments 
Creote Studio’s dedications in providing high quality and professional design services with AR and VR had been widely recognized by the industry. The company had received global recognition when it was crowned as the first runner up for the Qualcomm Vuforia Vision award in the year 2015. This company was also capped with HSBC Youth Business Award and HKACE Top 10 SME Customer Service Excellence Award in the year 2016, and Bright Future SME’s Youth Creative Entrepreneurship Award in the year 2017.
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