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Mark J. Bollman, CCI President | co-owner | Creative Colors International Inc

Creative Colors International Inc: Delivering Seamless Restoration, Assuring Unquestionable Quality

It is safe to say that each one of us feels a considerable void within our hearts when something we hold dear, loses its aesthetic quality. Like holes in the seat of our cars, the leather wearing off, or when the interior seems to be dying every passing day. At times, we try to fix it on our own, but the outcomes, well, are most of the times as not expected. Moreover, buying a new interior or piece of equipment for such issues is usually quite expensive.
How do we overcome such gruesome issues? How happier will we be when we get to see our cars in pristine condition as they once were? Well, we at Insights Success, are thrilled to present to you Creative Colors International (CCI) Inc., a restoring, dyeing, and repairing service provider company, which emphasizes its foundations of superior customer service, attention to detail and family values.
Based out of Mokena, Illinois – CCI was founded by Jim and JoAnn Foster in 1980. After its initial success, the pair turned to franchising to help manage growth and offer the company’s repair services to a wider market. In 1991, they established CCI as the franchising arm of J&J’s Creative Colors Inc.
Prominent Services
Creative Colors International Inc. thrives by offering companies the opportunity to improve their bottom lines. It replaces the need for purchasing costly replacements for its leather, vinyl and upholstery items. Additionally, the company provides its distinct services to a wide range of industries, including automotive, marine, commercial, and residential markets.
From tears, burns, scratches, stains, fading, and discoloration, CCI’s technicians are able to fix conventional problems with an unconventional approach. Every CCI van is equipped with all the tools a technician needs, including a compressor, generator, hoses, heat guns, molds, and a full line of supplies.
Driving towards Success
A leadership role is suitable for the person who exhibits grit in the face of challenges. Someone who is passionate about the company’s mission; an individual who never stops learning. One such personality who is the living embodiment of the above attributes is Mark J. Bollman, CCI President, and co-owner.
Mr. Bollman joined the Foster’s family-focused company shortly after meeting Kelli, one of Foster’s daughters. He started his 27-year career at CCI as a field consultant and rose through the ranks, holding roles such as field operations manager and senior vice president. Today, he leads the day-to-day operations of the national franchise system as well as company-owned locations in Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, and Florida. “I was young when I started at CCI, but I overcame that challenge by surrounding myself with passionate and highly energetic people, and good things followed,” said Mr. Bollman.
Besides overseeing daily operations at CCI, Mr. Bollman drives corporate sales and marketing efforts to promote the brand. His responsibilities also include developing franchise locations, training franchise owners in new markets and acquiring new regional and national accounts.
Franchising Opportunities
CCI’s business model continues to attract aspiring entrepreneurs. The opportunity to own a home-based business model with low operating costs, high profits and a flexible schedule is appealing for people hoping to become financially independent in their career. CCI’s franchisees receive an exclusive and protected territory. They also get the chance to work with national accounts, allowing them to hit the ground running. The start-up program by the company includes equipment for operator convenience.
Every franchisee receives marketing support, highlighting CCI’s unique services and the superior skills of its technicians. The company has held consecutive rankings in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500 and has received accolades for its low start-up costs from notable sources.
Kelli and other members of the Foster family serve on CCI’s management team. The second-generation, family-run business instills its focus on the family with each of its franchisees by providing extensive training and support.
All CCI franchisees take part in a four-week training program. In this course, they get the opportunity to involve in ongoing consultations from experienced field representatives. The company offers telephone and round the clock online support services to franchisees.
Word of Mouth
Max and Erma’s restaurant owner, Jeff Havern, selected CCI to repair several custom-made booths in his restaurants, saving him approximately $10,000 in replacement costs.
“We contacted Creative Colors and they were very impressive from the start,” said Havern. “They were prompt in their response, had great people skills and offered a good price.”
Creative Colors has also been saving boat owners and dealers thousands of dollars in seat replacements by repairing these surfaces so they look good as new.  On-site repair and restoration services have been a live saver for many boat owners and operators.
“Almost every time we call Creative Colors, it is an emergency situation. We usually reach out to CCI when the boat owner is jumping up and down and wants the repair done yesterday,” said Mark Scarborough, service manager of Legendary Marine in Florida. “They are always able to take care of it while saving our customers a great deal of money.”
The Road Ahead
CCI’s successful endeavors have garnered a reputation for itself as a lucrative franchise. It is on track to generate $25 million in systemwide revenue by the end of 2019. Envisioning the future, the company plans to have 125 franchises in its system within five years and earn $40 million in systemwide revenues.