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Creative Business – Creative People are NEVER Bored

What makes it a great business from a good business? The one that makes you say, “Why didn’t I plan for it?”
In this climate of hyper information, what has the power to not just influence, but actually persuade? Entrepreneurs those who indulge themselves in creative business are capable of standing out from the thousands and more.

These are the businesses that break away from the stereotyped thinking and solve the problems which you have never realized. People often get bored after few years or months in a business, doing the same old work, fetching yearly balance sheets and counting profits.
Creative ideas break this path and rules on its own way. It gives you that peace of mind of fulfillment when our patrons wholeheartedly accept the career. Such ideas maximum seems to be alluring for anyone. It is always possible to make a living from creative talents. But yes, a successful artist needs to do more than creating, which means learning about advertising, marketing to sell your products and that can also have an innovative approach. From online dating making into a business to fixing the worst of fashion faux pas, these new ideas and improved approaches would never fail to inspire you.
You cannot deny that wearing Louboutin heels with Band-Aids would not go. But what if your favorite shoes give you blister, then this business idea can help you. Fashion First Aid, the company which designs products to solve your wardrobe issues. Founder Kim Castellano started the company with one product, Garment Guard. These are a disposable underarm shield that prevents sweat stains on white shirts. Since then, they have produced many products nearly for every fashion problems like “Pocksie”- temporary sticky pockets, “Subtle Butt”- gas nullifying pads, etc.
The business idea of meeting your love through online-dating has an interesting mix of old-school match-making methods with new-fangled technologies. Cheekd is a “reverse engineering” dating site founded by Lori Cheek, which connects singles in-person via calling cards. The unique code printed on each card directs them to meet.
Joining weight loss with adventurous vacations are done by Fatpacking. With the most unconventional marketing strategies, founder Steve Silberberg with his experienced vanguards takes limited overweight clients to various places in the U.S. and South America, where they hike, travel and camp. To shed those extra kilos, they haul their camping equipment throughout the way and also make their own food during their stay. They do it aiming fitness and weight losing.
Choosing gifts for weddings or any occasions seems to be a big struggle sometimes. In cost yet useful gift selection process is simplified by Blueprint Registry has ample list of a couple’s every need and wanted material. Making it convenient for the guests in eliminating redundant gift-giving and also gifting in on a couple’s personal style, the whole action is done online. Even the guest can also take a look how their gifts will be put to use by the couple and decide how their gifts would appear.
Bartering- the most ancient method of commerce nowadays seems to be impossible. But in this emerging business of sharing economy, Swapdom is a website where people exchange goods without cash. It creates a perfect circle of the swap, i.e. you can still get an item you want even if the person it belongs to isn’t interested in any of the stuff you’re trying to trade.
Hence, creativity would always let you stand out of the crowd. It would always help you to change with the changes around you but in your own way.

-Debasmita Dutta

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