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Coupa Software: The Cloud Platform Which Everyone Loves to Use

In the current digital era, business leaders must be updated and stay on top of new, emerging and the future technologies or risk staying back. Nobody wants to fall back, and every business leader is fighting to climb the ladder up to come on the top of people’s minds. Anything and everything in the world of technology are transforming daily; like big data, the blockchain, cloud computing, digital business, IoT, machine learning, mobile and their impact on SMEs. While talking about cloud computing systems and SAP Solution Providers, one can never miss the name of Coupa Software Inc., (NASDAQ:COUP) the company which provides a cloud platform for Business Spend that every user loves to use.
Purposely built for the cloud, Coupa is known to deliver the only spend management platform that unifies business processes across all the ways employees spend money. Coupa is SAP ICC certified in SAP S/4HANA® integration and SAP NetWeaver® integration. The Coupa Platform is known to connect businesses easily and seamlessly to SAP Cloud and on premise. The company has designed and digitized financial applications with the idea of consumerization in mind and helping businesses in different sectors all across travel and expense management, procurement and invoicing. Currently, Coupa delivers an Open Business Network™ that connects more than three million suppliers worldwide.
Leading the Industry with Innovative Cloud Solutions
Coupa offers its customers the most innovative solutions spanning travel and expense management, procurement, and invoicing, and when combined with their fully unified power applications in embedded analytics, sourcing, contract management and inventory, their cloud platform delivers faster return on investment and the control, agility, and visibility critical for businesses to compete. The company is popularly known to offer their industry’s first set of Community Intelligence capabilities that allows each of their customers to learn from the collective insights of their clients. At Coupa they believe, “Numbers speaks louder than words,” and the company doesn’t believe in boasting about themselves; instead their customers talk about Coupa and its services.
Reports suggests that Coupa has helped various companies to grow their business; namely, they aided newly minted Fortune 500 Company, Molina Healthcare in scale procurement, Tire Centers to drive savings and improve operational efficiency and Staples to gain visibility and control of $3 billion in global spend. To Coupa, their customers’ achievement is a part of their success; hence, they have supported multinationals like Concentrix, Avalon Healthcare, Service Corporation International, CSAA Insurance Group, NEC and many others in stabilizing their businesses.
Increases Customers’ Visibility and enhances Control Over Business Spends
Customers have reported having increased visibility and gained control over their entire business spends with the services of Coupa Software. The company also allows their customers to extend the value that their SAP ERP delivers to their organization as a whole. One can consider the case of Juniper Networks, which rolled out Coupa to more than 40 Countries to eliminate paper, digitize processes and reduce costs. It is quite clear by the business reports that customers like Juniper are standardizing business processes for operational efficiency, regulatory compliance and spend visibility.
Industry reports apparently said that Coupa is leading the industry with a clear focus on comprehensive spend management. One does not become a leader overnight, and it takes several sleepless nights and endless efforts to make this happen. Similarly, Coupa has always offered its customers something more and unique solutions in a much faster pace than their competitors. They have developed the next generation community intelligence which is leveraging the power of all customers to provide prescriptive insights unavailable through any other means. The cloud platform provider is continuing to leverage what they have started to build and infusing their entire platform with normative ideas that allow their customers to gain a competitive edge by using the solutions of Coupa.
About the Man Behind the Leading Cloud Platform
With a wealth of experience of more than two decades in the business software industry, Rob Bernshteyn, CEO at Coupa, drives the company’s strategy and execution. Prior to Coupa, he has served various enterprises like SuccessFactors, Siebel Systems, McKinsey and Accenture at the top executive level making innovations in the industry.
Apart from having a rich industry experience, Rob is also a guest lecturer at Harvard and Stanford business schools and a frequent contributor to Forbes and Fortune Magazines. He is often seen doing commentary on major channels like Bloomberg and NPR. Rob has earned his BS degree in Information Systems from the University of New York at Albany and an MBA from Harvard Business School. With all the knowledge and experience, Rob is supporting the team at Coupa to help each member to reach their highest potential.
Coupa Feels Proud to Serve Customers Worldwide
The company feels lucky to work with customers across the globe that has progressive IT organizations. Coupa is motivated to be more innovative, collaborative and successful. They are truly passionate about their vision for innovations with community intelligence to excitedly help lead the industry towards a better way.  Coupa is known in the market as a mobile, collaborative community that does not seek to work in silos sheltered in a cube. The company is dedicated to delivering cloud spend management in a way that’s never been done before. While talking about the future perspective of Coupa, Rob said, “I see us expanding our global reach, particularly in the Asia Pacific and LATAM markets.” Coupa expects its cloud platform to be embedded community intelligence across applications in a way that every user experiences more efficiency and becomes smarter while just touching Coupa’s platform.

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