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Corey Daniels | Senior Director of Talent Acquisition | CHG Healthcare

Corey Daniels: A Star in the Talent Acquisition Constellation

The healthcare staffing and talent acquisition industry is a dynamic and ever-changing landscape. The demand for healthcare professionals is growing, but the supply is not keeping pace. This has created a competitive environment where healthcare organizations are constantly looking for new ways to attract and retain top talent.

The dynamic nature of the healthcare staffing and talent acquisition industry means that healthcare organizations need to be agile and adaptable. They need to be able to quickly identify and respond to changes in the market. They also need to be able to effectively attract and retain top talent.

Corey Daniels (Senior Director of Talent Acquisition at CHG Healthcare) is an influential personality who inspires industry professionals. As a seasoned expert with over two decades of experience, Corey has demonstrated unparalleled expertise in the field, leading his team to new heights of success.

Corey’s journey from a healthcare staffing professional to the Senior Director of Talent Acquisition at CHG Healthcare exemplifies the power of visionary leadership. His strategic approach to talent acquisition, dedication to diversity and inclusion and commitment to continuous improvement have driven the company to unprecedented success.

As a leader, Corey inspires and motivates his team and his aspirations to explore diverse roles within the organization reflect his thirst for growth and excellence. Corey truly embodies the essence of a transformative and influential leader in the world of talent acquisition.

Let’s delve into Corey Daniels’ journey, his role as the senior director of talent acquisition at CHG Healthcare and the strategies that have contributed to the company’s overall recruitment strategy!

In the Driver’s Seat

Corey, the Senior Director of Talent Acquisition at CHG Healthcare, has had an illustrious career journey. He initially embraced leadership roles during his four-year sales career in locum tenens staffing at Weatherby Healthcare, one of CHG’s family of brands. Eventually, he transitioned to talent acquisition and has been excelling for the past five years. Now a senior director, Corey’s visionary approach and extensive experience have contributed to CHG Healthcare’s success in the industry.

Corey plays a pivotal role in overseeing all hiring activities for the company and its six subsidiary brands. CHG serves as the parent company, with a diverse portfolio in healthcare staffing, including travel nursing, permanent physician placements and international locums placements. Under Corey’s leadership, the team ensures that all healthcare positions are efficiently staffed, ranging from nurses, physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants, to therapists, leaving no aspect of healthcare untouched.

A Game-Changing Approach

Five years ago, when Corey joined the team, it was relatively small, relying on third-party staffing agencies due to limited resources. However, with a vision to run the talent acquisition (TA) team like a sales team, the approach evolved over time. Drawing from experience in staffing physicians and nurses, Corey found similarities in the TA recruiting process, paving the way for a well-structured and successful team.

Now, the TA team has grown substantially to 36 employees, with a strategic focus on conducting most recruiting in-house, from senior leadership to executive positions. While occasionally seeking external help, the team aims to handle recruitment internally whenever possible.

Reeling in the Best

The talent acquisition team recognized the need for a brand marketing unit to collaborate closely and attract top talent. To address this, they established their own brand marketing team, a standard practice in the corporate world. Additionally, the team heavily invests in their TA specialists, comprising levels one, two and seniors.

With approximately 19 recruiters out of the 36 team members dedicated to attracting talent, the team provides continuous training and sends them to conferences, including LinkedIn’s annual event, to learn from industry experts. Regular internal training sessions are also conducted to share best practices and insights. This holistic approach allows them to attract and retain top talent effectively.

A Winning Formula

Unlike many other companies, CHG Healthcare does not rely on external recruitment agencies as part of its talent acquisition strategy. A few years ago, they decided to take a different approach due to the high costs and the frequency of using such agencies.

Currently, they maintain contracts with three agencies but only reach out to them four to five times a year, despite hiring around 1,000 to 1,200 employees annually. Their preference lies in handling most of the recruitment process internally.

From Byte to Diversity

Over the years, CHG Healthcare has made significant strides in leveraging technology to improve its diversity hiring strategy. Despite being a mid-sized company with around 4,300 employees spread across the country, they have successfully utilized data to enhance their diversity efforts. By tracking employee data from a diversity standpoint, they can focus on specific states and cities where they have locations and intensify their diversity initiatives as needed.

Notably, the organization boasts a commendable diversity ratio, with over 60% of its employees being women, reflecting its commitment to creating an inclusive workplace. The data-driven approach allows them to set and achieve diversity goals on an annual basis.

Putting Actions Behind Words

Corey believes that talent acquisition plays a pivotal role in achieving the company’s diversity goals. The TA team actively contributes to these objectives by implementing diverse sourcing strategies, ensuring unbiased hiring practices and diversifying their referral programs.

They have established strong partnerships with organizations like NSN (National Sales Network) and NBMBAA (National Black MBA Association), which primarily focus on people of color, including African Americans. These collaborations not only enhance the company’s branding but also enable them to attract talent from underrepresented populations, making its workforce more diverse and inclusive.

Unlocking Leadership Excellence

Corey emphasized the vision of running the team like a top-performing sales team, which has been a key factor in their successful hiring strategy. With over 20 years of sales experience, including 9 years at CHG in various capacities, Corey brings a deep understanding of the industry to the talent acquisition role. By implementing a sales-driven approach, the team focuses on metrics and attainable goals on a daily and weekly basis to achieve their hiring objectives.

For Example:

  • How many calls are you making?
  • How many in-mails are you sending out daily?
  • How many pre-screen calls are you having?
  • How many full one-hour interviews are you having?
  • How many people per week are you submitting to divisions?

Corey tracks and sets weekly goals for each TA specialist or consultant to achieve their hiring targets. The use of metrics allows them to monitor progress and ensure they reach their annual hiring goals.

Notably, the company emphasizes coaching and support for team members who may struggle to meet their metrics consistently. Leaders step in to provide personalized training and assistance, helping individuals get back on track and ultimately achieve their objectives.

Time’s Refining Fire

Last year was the talent acquisition team’s best year yet, achieving over 1200 hires despite challenging market conditions. Their success was attributed to their focus on operational excellence, both for internal and external partners.

While Corey, the team leader, gives them an A grade, he believes there are still areas for improvement. Nonetheless, their performance has been commendable, ensuring growth and market share for the company in locum staffing and nurse staffing divisions.

Riding the Wave of Change

When COVID emerged, the company temporarily halted hiring but didn’t lay off anyone in the talent acquisition team. Instead, they were reassigned to work as sales consultants within the company’s divisions. Despite the hiccup caused by the pause in hiring, the team’s adaptability and sales-oriented approach allowed them to effectively recruit doctors and hospitals during that time. It was a seamless transition for the team members, showcasing their versatility and preventing any job losses within the team.

From Crisis to Adaptation

The pandemic brought about significant changes for the talent acquisition team. Prior to COVID, everything was in-person and remote work was not widely embraced. However, when the pandemic hit, the team had to adapt quickly and transition to virtual interviews using platforms like Zoom. This change necessitated new processes and technology to ensure effective remote recruitment.

Although some in-person interviews have resumed, Zoom interviews remain a significant part of the process, saving time and enhancing efficiency. The shift to virtual recruiting also improved the team’s skills, making them better recruiters and interviewers. Overall, the pandemic forced a complete revamp of their recruitment process, leading to positive improvements in the team’s operations and efficiency.

Building a Winning Team

The talent acquisition team takes professional development seriously, with continuous training and feedback for all employees. The company invests in sending staff to various trainings and encourages knowledge-sharing within the team. They strive to be subject matter experts in their field and continuously improve their skills.

Motivation within the team is fostered through recognition, celebration and contests with bonuses tied to operational excellence. The team’s leaders play different roles and one leader, Tina, excels at creating motivating contests. They have cultivated a money-motivated culture, leading to healthy competition and improved performance.

Additionally, the team stays connected and motivated by understanding the purpose of their work, knowing that their hiring efforts contribute to the company’s success. Regular updates on the success of hires keep the recruiters proud of their contributions and motivated to continue making a difference.

Firing Up the Engine of Progress

Corey considers diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) one of its top strategic priorities for the past few years. They maintain frequent communication with their team to ensure that their strategies and tactics align with the D&I initiative, aiming to drive it forward and achieve their set goals.

Corey benefits from having a unique position as the senior director of TA while their boss, the vice president of the company, oversees both DEI and TA. This integration of DEI and TA under the same umbrella is significant, forging a strong connection between the teams.

During meetings, Corey finds the DEI team and the Brand Marketing team always present, highlighting the close collaboration and mutual support across departments. The seamless coordination ensures that all aspects of the company’s objectives are considered when making decisions, promoting a cohesive and inclusive work environment. The connection and teamwork among the teams play a vital role in propelling the DEI initiative and contributing to the overall success of CHG.

A Leap in the Right Direction

Corey is currently working on a significant project with executive leaders in the company. As the Senior Director of Talent Acquisition (TA), Corey’s role falls within the People and Culture division and he is determined to continue growing within this department.

Having recently been promoted to Senior Director, Corey sees potential for further expansion by taking on additional teams under the People and Culture umbrella. His long-term aspiration is to gain exposure to different divisions within the organization, striving for a position in the C-suite, among the executive leadership team.

Throughout his career, Corey has gained experience in various roles, starting with sales and later transitioning to TA. He has also become heavily involved in brand marketing and has played a significant role in driving diversity and inclusion (D&I) initiatives. Corey’s ambition is to expand his expertise across all divisions within the organization, enabling him to become a comprehensive expert in the industry. By embracing diverse experiences and continuous learning, Corey is committed to achieving his long-term career goals.

Fishing for Success

Ten years ago, when Corey started working at CHG, he never imagined he would find himself thriving in the talent acquisition field and loving every moment of it. For anyone interested in talent acquisition, Corey believes it’s a career that can bring lifelong fulfillment, especially if they are people-oriented and derive joy from helping others.

One of the most rewarding aspects of Corey’s work is witnessing the impact CHG has on the lives of the individuals they hire. Seeing them grow both professionally and personally and knowing that their work contributes to their financial well-being and their families, is truly amazing.

As a talent acquisition professional, whether a recruiter or a leader, being a part of someone’s life-changing journey is something they never forget. The gratitude and appreciation from those they hire make the work immensely special. Corey finds great joy in being a part of such impactful moments and he encourages anyone considering a career in talent acquisition to take the leap and join a TA team. It’s an opportunity to make a difference and experience the rewards of changing lives.