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Corent Technology: Democratizing SaaS

Like other innovative evolving technologies such as AI, machine learning, big data, and blockchain, cloud transformation is another most highly prioritized and foundational initiative for organizations. It may seem like businesses move to the cloud in a single, sweeping motion, but the reality of cloud migration is far more complex. It is getting complicated for software vendors to find a collection of compatible tools to rapidly plan their cloud migration strategy, shift their software workloads to cloud, and thereafter continue to manage operations of multiple software products effectively. Even after completing the migration, there’s no clear and easy path towards the next step of enabling software to be delivered as scalable, efficient SaaS. Corent Technology’s SurPaaS® platform and their “Software Defined SaaS®” technology has started to bridge this gap. A Powerful Vision: A unified platform to Analyze, Cloudify, SaaSify! 
With the advent of Cloud technology, the concept of applications ‘as a service’ became a reality. All that was needed was a launch-pad to onboard the thousands of existing applications to the Cloud and rapidly deliver them ‘as a service’, leveraging the cloud technology. With innovation in multiple areas of Cloud operations and Software delivery as a Service, Corent launched SurPaaS® as a unifying platform to automatically scan and analyze applications, enable cloud migration and deliver them as a scalable and efficient service (i.e. SaaS,) to save millions of dollars in costs and years of programing and development.
A Disruptive Innovator: Automating the Entire Cloud Migration Journey 
Corent Technology is engaging in disruptive innovation in the cloud migration and SaaS-enablement technology space. Its SurPaaS® platform that is used by key enterprises, system integrators and cloud providers, enables the end-to-end automated cloud migration journey including discovery, analysis, planning, and migration to the cloud and optionally, optimization and transformation of software applications to SaaS. SurPaaS® uniquely enables organizations to make their journey to the cloud with speed, efficiency and optimization.
A Passion for Democratizing SaaS 
Corent was inspired by the bold vision to become the “Intel Inside” for the SaaS industry by providing the core capabilities of “as a Service” separately from the application, becoming the common robust trusted ‘as a Service’ solution for SaaS. In other words, rapidly enable software applications as efficient, scalable SaaS, with all the tenancy, operations and commercial management capabilities needed to transform software vendors into “SaaS Providers,” without the usual costly and time-consuming re-engineering investment. This ability is disrupting the economics, business model, availability and access to SaaS – simply put, democratizing SaaS.
Disrupting the SaaS industry: Enabling SaaS 2.0 
Until Corent’s SurPaaS® introduction, the common belief was that in order to have a SaaS offering, software vendors have to re-architect their software to incorporate the unique demands of an “as a Service” offering as opposed to an on-prem licensed software application. Corent’s SurPaaS® / “Software Defined SaaS®platform has started to bridge this gap, by rapidly enabling enterprise software applications to get “configured” as fully instrumented SaaS rapidly and cost effectively on most popular Clouds such as Microsoft Azure/Azure Stack, AWS, and OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure,) and technology stack platforms. This way, Software Developers, will put 100% of their time, energy and effort on developing their core product with the best competing features/capabilities, as opposed to focusing on the “as a Service” delivery of their software, 2) gain immediate time to market advantage, 3) avoid capital costs and on-going maintenance costs associated with developing their own “as a Service” capabilities, and last but not least, the avoid the typical risks associated with developing something that is outside of their own core competency, as opposed to using a proven platform.
Project Open Box: Enabling Open 
Source 2.0 Imagine any of the over 1000 proven enterprise Open Source applications readily available as SaaS? These are applications that are developed and are constantly being contributed to and maintained by tens of thousands of tops developers in the world including developers from Microsoft, Google, IBM, Oracle, Amazon, SAP, Cisco and the like.
“The reason most Open Source applications are not available as efficient, scalable, SaaS validates the fact that it is not trivial to transform a sophisticated enterprise grade software into a fully-instrumented SaaS quickly and cost effectively.” Said Feyzi Fatehi, Corent Tech CEO. “Corent offers the rapid and robust SaaSification of Software applications and cleanly decouples the tasks of development, from the task of service delivery by allowing MSPs (Managed Service Providers) to operating, manage and deliver open source applications as SaaS offerings powered by Corent’s SurPaaS Platform.”
Enabled by SurPaaS, MSPs to deliver Applications as Fully-instrumented SaaS 
SurPaaS is giving the ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) a chance to offer their software applications as fully instrumented, scalable SaaS without the burden of years of R&D to custom develop their “as a Service” capabilities. Corent’s breakthrough technology invention allows MSPs to expand their service offerings to include managing and operating SaaS applications, and off load the burden of the 24X7 IT operations of a SaaS solution from ISVs. By using SurPaaS SaaS-Ops capabilities, MSPs in effect become SaaS Providers, and can operate, deliver and manage one or more sophisticated enterprise grade software applications as fully instrumented SaaS. In effect, this new SaaS delivery model allows the ISVs to put 100% of their focus, energy and effort on the application development and use the MSPs as a channel for operations, delivery, and even support of the SaaS solutions.
Staying Ahead of the Curve 
Corent has experienced the rapid and intertwined evolution of the SaaS and Cloud industries Reinforcing each other, they together have democratized the playing field for advanced applications and infrastructure capabilities. This rapid addition of capabilities has influenced the adaptive transformation and evolution approach, the company designed into its SurPaaS® Platform. It has clearly seen the need of migration as a cloud journey instead of a single event. This need arises due to continuous presence of new technologies or capabilities that customers would like to be in a position to incorporate in and evolve towards as opposed to being rigid and becoming obsolete and irrelevant.
Supporting the Entire Cloud Journey Life-cycle 
Corent’s focus on the customer’s cloud journey, is not only at the time of a first cloud migration, but also as a continuous process of scanning, analyzing, optimizing and managing, including continuous optimization due to changes in the usage patterns or IT the environment. The company believes that this involvement with its customer is the key to being customer centric. The technology of the cloud is constantly evolving, and the way that application workloads are deployed to take advantage of it will need to evolve as business needs and priorities change. SurPaaS® Continuum™ is designed to provide the ability to help evolve the customers’ application portfolio operations and deployment and how it is optimally leveraging the cloud as an integral part of the business and technology evolution.
Corent’s approach to the customers’ cloud journey enables simple lift & shift, as well as sophisticated Smart Shift™ and PaaS Shift™ capabilities for re-topologizing and converting to PaaS services and components of applications as they are migrated. This can result in large gains in efficiency, scalability, resiliency and performance. When it SaaSifies an application into a scalable Multi-Tenant version that can run on the cloud, the cost of service delivery for the SaaS Provider can be reduced significantly. This focus on optimizing the results of the customer’s cloud journey is the true efficiency that SurPaaS® provides.
Stellar Management and Advisory Board
Corent has assembled a stellar management team of seasoned and enthusiastic Silicon Valley veterans from Microsoft, IBM, HPE, EMC, Oracle, WMware, and Accenture among others. Some of the recent additions to their advisory board includes Jim DuBois, recent CIO at Microsoft, Mazda Marvasti, former CTO at VMware, Randy Seidl, former SVP/GM of US Enterprise Group at HP, and Carrie Francey, former VP of Strategic Alliances at HPE.
People, Product, and Partnerships 
Besides attracting great team members and its relentless focus on product excellence, Corent has been a partnership centric company. In that sense, Corent sees its role as a technology provider, enabling Systems Integrators (SIs), Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and other IT consulting firms with a platform on which to base their ongoing Cloud Journey with their customers and further enable them to take advantage of the disruptive opportunities that the twin revolutions of cloud and SaaS are providing.