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CoreDial: Empowering Partners with High-demand, End-user Focused UCaaS & CCaaS Solutions

Are your company leaders’ heads in the clouds or buried in the sand when it comes to cloud services adoption? Technology is developing quickly and the eventual mass migration to the cloud is inevitable for storage, software, and services like communications. Many businesses are resisting or delaying a cloud move, while it should instead be a top technology priority. These businesses will move to the cloud eventually, with market reports indicating that adoption rates will continue to skyrocket. SaaS cloud application services are expected to grow worldwide to nearly $76 billion by 2020 from about $39 billion in 2016, according to Gartner’s Forecast: Public Cloud Services, Worldwide, 2014-2020, 4Q16 Update.
Cloud communications solutions are essential for business success today, as they are proven to increase productivity multifold, provide unparalleled flexibility to scale resources up and down, and allow employees the flexibility to work from anywhere with mobile options.
SME cloud communications companies like MSPs, VARs, and IT Solutions Providers are recording an unprecedented demand from their customers to provide quality services at the most competitive cost possible. Amidst an era where Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solutions are more compelling to end-user customers than ever before, more than 800 cloud communications providers have partnered with CoreDial to provide them. CoreDial is a company that offers its partners relevancy in the marketplace with an omnichannel communications platform that delights end users and meets their modern business needs.
Challenges that Made Way for Opportunities 
Cloud-based software is facing the challenge of traditional mindsets in many industries. Some companies cite the cost of cloud technology, security concerns, and a need for 100% uptime without transition wiggle room as reasons for their unwillingness to switch. However, many cloud-based solutions provide services and critically needed benefits that are not available from on-premise offerings and can save customers on hardware costs in the long run. So despite an ever-growing list of reasons to adopt cloud communications, businesses like CoreDial have continued to compete against the ‘do nothing’ option.
Always one to blaze a trail in the industry, CoreDial responded to the mindset challenges in the market by showcasing its products to younger entrepreneurs familiar with cloud technology, many of whom have become ardent followers. Establishing recognition for its brand and its work among a younger generation of entrepreneurs helped CoreDial solidify a strong foothold in the industry. The company was then approached by several channel partners who liked the products and services offered. Since then, CoreDial has continued to grow its channel by focusing on success, innovation, and an exceptional end-user experience.
Solutions that Build Real Value 
CoreDial is a leading UCaaS platform provider that enables over 800 channel partners to deliver cloud communications solutions to more than 23,000 end-user businesses. CoreDial’s newly enhanced platform, CoreNexa, enables the channel to succeed with unified communications solutions for their customers. The platform empowers the partner channel to quickly and cost-effectively sell, deliver, manage, and invoice for reliable, private label and co-branded cloud communications services. These include UCaaS, Mobile, and Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS), as well as SD-WAN and other related services.
Recently, CoreDial acquired CCaaS solutions provider Voice4Net to meet the wants and needs of its channel partners who requested a mobile and contact center solution in response to end-users’ demands. The acquisition brings customer engagement capabilities to the channel while allowing CoreDial’s partners to expand their market and go after larger customers. CoreDial’s competitive advantage is that its robust platform and business model enable its channel partners to leverage CoreNexa to deliver real value to their customers and their end-user employees. The result is a win for the partners, their clients, and CoreDial. MSPs, VARs, and IT Solutions Providers have the freedom to do business under their own brand to strengthen their trusted advisor status with customers.
Leadership that Values Growth and Accomplishments 
CoreDial has successfully established itself as a premium provider of software services. A large part of this can be attributed to the company’s CEO, Alan Rihm. Alan believes in working closely with each team within the organization to drive the company towards the ultimate objective — the success of its partners. He works closely with employees at all levels, to make sure he and the management team stay grounded in what it takes to deliver value to the channel and their customers. This strategy has resulted in an impressive evolution for CoreDial, from its start 12 years ago as an ISP. Under his leadership, the company has seen growth in services like VoIP, Hosted PBX, SIP Trunking, UC, Contact Center, and many more.
The Exciting Road Ahead 
CoreDial has an exciting road ahead that is full of growth opportunities in the global cloud services market. As cloud technology adoption rates show all signs of continuous expansion, CoreDial is diligently preparing to meet possible challenges and leverage opportunities for its partners and their end customers. CoreDial built its channel partnerships to meet the unique requirements of SMEs.
Research continues to show that SMEs prefer purchasing cloud solutions from a trusted, local vendor that can provide the personalized, hands-on support and guidance they value. By selling exclusively through a partner channel that can easily serve local customers, CoreDial is able to better focus on what it does best — innovation and the development of strong and cost-efficient cloud communications solutions. Currently, the company invests in key areas such as network upgrades, product innovation, partner success programs, and personnel. The partnership with its distributors and CoreDial’s relentless focus on competitive innovation for end users have made the company an unstoppable force in the industry.
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