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CoreAxis: A Corporate Training and Leadership Firm

CoreAxis Consulting, LLC (CoreAxis) is a leading provider of outsourced training and eLearning solutions for Fortune 500 companies. Its team of experienced learning consultants, instructional designers, HR professionals, e-learnings/content developers, and training facilitators averages over 15 years of experience. CoreAxis partners with its clients to develop and deliver high impact learning solutions that are custom-designed to deliver engaging learning experiences. These experiences are tied to solid learning objectives which maximize employee retention and promote the practical application of knowledge and skills.
Struggles at the Beginning
CoreAxis has been very fortunate through the growth of its industry and company. Its clients are what drive its passion for success. Its consulting and delivery team continue to push the envelope, as it relates to delivering just-in-time solutions for its clients. The primary goal has always been to serve as a trusted advisor for its clients. As part of its offerings, CoreAxis builds upon transformational initiatives and programs to deliver impactful training and development solutions. Throughout the past 18+ years, CoreAxis has seen significant success, even when the market was not ready for innovation and scale. When the economy struggled in 2009, CoreAxis adapted its business to meet many of its clients’ needs as they were retracting their workforce. That adaptation allowed CoreAxis to work with its clients on the reskilling of talent and knowledge management. That was a challenging time in its journey but through its agile business model, CoreAxis was able to thrive.
An Experienced Leader
Mark Zides, President and Founder of the company, is a strategic growth leader with over 20 years of experience in optimizing businesses and inspiring individuals. In the past two decades, Mark has transformed CoreAxis Consulting into a premier management consulting firm focused on talent, leadership, and training in the global marketplace. His entrepreneurial foundation and unique ability to provide insight, innovation, and experience has enabled him to implement best-in-class solutions developing top talent and elevate organizational effectiveness. Mark’s business knowledge, expertise, and strong network bring value to a vast group of companies and leaders in the industry.
Strategies to Tackle Competitors
CoreAxis is successful in exceeding the needs of its clients through the managed services approach and a virtual operational model. Its competitive edge is rooted in its commitment to be agile, efficient, and impactful in every engagement including custom eLearning development, leadership development, rapid content conversion, or staff augmentation. This model allows CoreAxis to sustain its work within large organizations and continue to build upon its strong collaboration within these companies.
Contribution in the Industry
There is incredible fragmentation in the Learning & Development marketplace. Many companies cannot offer a managed services solution for their clients and that makes it a challenge for companies to manage several vendors where they can receive incredible, cost effective consulting from a company like CoreAxis. Additionally, from a delivery aspect, appealing to a multi-generational audience is a challenge as well. With the workforce comprised of Baby Boomers to millennials there are many effective methods to deliver training. Accounting for multiple backgrounds, experiences, age groups, etc. corporate training must be agile and adaptable.
Learning & Development (L&D) top challenges are tied to demonstrating business impact. Learning professionals must show what they can deliver to the business. The tangible benefits of L&D innovation and technology transformation can be difficult to quantify but it’s about staying relevant and ensuring organizations are equipped to succeed in the modern business world. CoreAxis approaches each engagement with the goal of helping our clients meet their business objectives.
Furthermore, the CoreAxis team believes that the L&D learning community  should strive to become strategic business partners contributing significantly to, and aligned with, the business outcomes of clients. They must not get left behind by the rate of technology change and should rely on their own knowledge of technology and products, not just defer to IT, becoming more fluent in the language of digital and technology.
Looking to the Future
CoreAxis continues to innovate and build impactful solutions for its clients and continues to expand its client base through delivering custom solutions. Ahead of the industry curve, CoreAxis  is collaborating with its clients to provide VR/AR solutions and believes that large global firms will soon integrate these technology solutions into their offerings & culture as a matter of course. CoreAxis continues to hire the top talent and consultants in the marketplace to increase the ‘bench strength’ of its instructional designers and content developers, ensuring that they are highly skilled in the latest technologies and learning trends. This  allows the company to remain an innovator when it comes to delivering custom solutions that include gamification, virtual training, & micro-learning. In 2018, CoreAxis saw an increase in requests for virtual learning along with more sophisticated eLearning. This trend has allowed the company to take the innovative approach to developing solutions that can easily be adapted to different modalities, as the client’s needs evolve. Finally, the  Leadership Development offerings continue to scale to provide world-class custom programs for its clients.
Achievements Earned
CoreAxis has been recognized for many awards and recognitions including INC5000 winner, CEO Award Winner by BPI, one of the 50 Smartest Companies of the Year by The Silicon Review, and several awards from Training Industry as a top provider of Content Development, Health & Safety, and Training Outsourcing. CoreAxis’ commitment to success is important to its associates, consultants and clients. Its focus and determination to deliver world-class solutions, is what drives the CoreAxis team very day.
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