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Core and More Technologies: A Go to Partner for Digital Marketing Solutions

Nowadays most of the world and most businesses have moved to the online sales model instead of sticking to the age old brick and mortar shops. Online stores or businesses eventually help customers to buy anything from anywhere. So born, Core and More Technologies (CMT), a world’s leading provider of digital marketing solutions. Founded in 2010, the quality of CMT services has led to viral growth on a global scale and with consistent year-over-year status as a Google Premier Partner. What makes CMT a unique organization is its unrelenting commitment to customer service – a quality that helps transform its status from that of another service provider to that of a trusted business partner for each and every one of their clients. Through all of this and a robust partnering strategy, CMT seeks to continue their rapid growth, their track record of client success, and trendsetting contributions to the industry.
CMT’s growing list of clients includes major customers in California, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Illinois, Canada, and the EU. The organization’s growth has been directly proportional to its talent pool, scaling up through purely organic re-investment funded by increases in its own revenues. This has enabled CMT to remain efficiently lean. At the same time, CMT has expanded its offerings and streamlined its value chain to meet customer demand more rapidly, thereby strengthening their value proposition.
Path Breaking Solutions 
CMT offers world-class website design and development including full-scale ecommerce integration services, customer relationship management and marketing automation solutions, search engine optimization, paid search promotions (aka SEM) including search, display, shopping and remarketing strategy and execution, as well as social media marketing services. CMT also offers expert level, advanced reporting services through a set of customized modules built upon the Google Data Studio.
CMT organization often acts as the virtual marketing arm of its clients. Through an unwavering commitment to complete transparency, CMT strives to meet customer demand more rapidly which in turn helps to not only boost performance, but also to expand its strategic partnering opportunities. An integral part of Core and More Technologies’ customer-centric philosophy is its consistent commitment to service and support. Exceeding the financial return objectives of their clients and partners is one measure of success here. The actual relationship is also very valuable to CMT.
The organization believes the tremendous success that Core and More Technologies has enjoyed is directly proportional to the results they have helped their customers to achieve. Through its partner program, Core and More Technologies offers proven methodologies and efficient processes to unrelated vendors and competitors alike. Two distinct groups benefit from CMT’s partner program:

  • Vendors providing ancillary web services who would like to expand their solution suite without hiring the necessary resources immediately.
  • Direct competitors of internet marketing services with a need to quickly and cost-effectively expand their available pool of resources.

Thanks to Core and More Technologies, vendors can now accelerate both their SEO and PPC campaign deployments – enabling them to place more focus on their own strategic planning and growth objectives while also meeting customer demand more rapidly. The organization also believes, together, that both the client and CMT can truly set the pace for digital marketing innovation in a fiercely competitive marketplace.
Veteran Leadership 
Andrew Young founded Core and More Technologies back in 2010. He is an industry veteran with nearly 20 years of experience spanning corporations both large and small as well as entrepreneurship on the agency side. Since founding CMT in 2010, Andrew has been a frequent speaker at regional industry events, local universities, and community events including the local Chamber of Commerce. He is actively engaged in all daily functions and remains committed to the vision and direction of the company. Under his leadership, CMT has been the recipient of numerous industry awards and recognitions while also enjoying explosive and exponential growth and expansion. However, he is always the first one to say that it is not about him – it is a great overall team that makes CMT what it is.
Leveraging Latest Innovations 
In early 2012, CMT’s proudest moment was noted when it achieved status as a Google Partner. Through way of this process, the organization learned how best to leverage the latest innovations in search engine marketing to deliver powerful, integrated digital solutions and amazing results for their clients. This ultimately led to additional business referrals within and around the Silicon Valley area, which in turn resulted in numerous industry recognitions and awards. The cutting-edge, integrated solutions that powered this growth were based upon the concept of a cross-channel data sharing model driven purely by performance observations.
Over the years, CMT has learned that nothing in the digital marketing industry ever remains the same. Complacency is synonymous with stagnation.
According to the company, the industry is ever changing – as is the competitive landscape in the advertising world. For an example, in 2016 after two years with CMT, one of its major ecommerce (aka B2C or business to consumer sales) clients was enjoying the absolute best digital performance in the seventeen-year history of their company. Enter Amazon into the retail space within which they compete. Everything from search to shopping, from impression share to cost per click, was turned on its head. Forced to adapt to a world completely reshaped by way of a disruptive Amazon strategy, CMT guided them to a safe return to a strong competitive position and consistent profitability that remains today. While most of the competition has abandoned the playing field – with the help of CMT, they enjoy steady and continuous performance in a brave newworld.
Future Roadmap 
Google remains the king of convergent digital marketing platforms, whether be it in a transactional or brand awareness model. Innovative new tools powered by artificial intelligence in its many forms will continue to evolve. Virtual reality applications will also play an increasing role in creating online product experiences that will drive additional sales uptake, the better that an agency is able to understand these tools and translate their potential into effective strategy, the more successful their clients will become.
Driven by necessity, tenacity, customer delight, and a desire to continue their upward surge, CMT will always be at the forefront of agencies embracing change and thereby renewing their approaches on an ongoing basis. This will enable Core and More Technologies to continue accelerating innovation, expanding opportunities for its partners, and creating additional value for the clients.
Client Feedback 
“Having worked with the team at Core and More Technologies for the past five years, I have found them to be incredibly responsive, very resourceful, highly energetic, and completely honest. They are truly an extension of our internal team, and they are constantly bringing new ideas to the table as we embark upon vertical market expansion and international growth. The results have been consistent and ongoing, and we look forward to expanding our partnership with them.”

– Josh Zaroor, Director of Marketing and Competitive Intelligence – BlackBerry AtHoc, San Mateo, CA

“Running a business that functions largely online and with thousands of product SKU’s, the ability of our digital marketing agency to manage a vast and growing inventory (in-stock and out of stock) and helping us to grow efficiently, while also protecting us against surging costs and fluctuating demand, presents a very tall order. As a matter of fact, it requires a truly creative partner, which is much more than just a marketing agency. That is exactly what Core and More Technologies has been for us.”

– Steve Kraidman, Founder and President, Perfumes World – Edison, NJ