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Contus: Strives to make the best use of the latest technologies

Now-a-days, helping out enterprises to analyze business metrics, improve network security, drive employee engagement, manage sales and stock, applications are been developed. Contus developed applications in iOS and Android using smart technologies like augmented reality and push notifications. Contus kicked-off in the year 2008 by two people named Sriram Manoharan, MD & CBDO, who has 10+ years of experience in different domains of IT industry including outsourcing, pre-sales, infrastructure & technical support and the other-one is Balasubramaniyam Kandaswamy, CEO, is a self-made & seasoned professional and a taskmaster who is involved in planning and execution of ideas conceptualized in mobility wing.
Contus is a technology company which started doing mobile application development as its primary service.Talking about mobility related services they take care of consultation to customization and everything in between. Contus Fly, a chat application building framework and Contus M-Comm, a mobile commerce solution providing framework are our two new initiatives. They have developed them as simple and flexible frameworks in order to make them adaptable towards customizations, upgrades, integrations and so on.
Analyze practical challenges in-order to materialize an idea
To be in the role of an entrepreneur was Sriram’s dream since college days. It was his garnered experience of 10-year IT career that gave him an understanding towards the pluses and negatives of initiating a startup. Right from a person who needs a go-to-market kind of solution to someone who needs minute visual overhauls can get benefitted from them. By strongly believing that this approach, though doesn’t promises a head start, but provides them the steady pick pace to stay ahead in the competition.
Contus pays attention for every single bit and provides solutions for all kinds of requirements. They do not restrict themselves to claim as specialists in a particular area, rather we devote time in analyzing requirements, practical challenges for materializing an idea and then get into work. Along with these, managing apps on cloud provides clients an additional edge over their competitors.
Roadblocks faced at the time of establishing
As every start-up company faces challenges they too had the startup woes which were followed by product misfires and lack of resources. There was a requirement of innovative sales strategy that would anchor them into the market. It was his team which backed them during their tough times.
Roadmap of the company
They are aiming to make mobile commerce compatible to more e-Commerce platforms for providing web store owners, the convenience of not migrating from their current platforms to avail M-Comm solution. What started as a catalog and order management application is now being developed as a multiple channel sales solution including inventory management & more of management related tools to ease-off sales network management pressure. Contus planning to shape it up as an Omni-channel sales solution where business owners can reach out to their target audience in B2B and B2C markets via all possible channels offered by web and mobile medium.