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Consequential Robotics: Providing Global Platform to Develop Next Generation Consumer and Commercial Robots

Consequential Robotics [CqR] delivers the best of international design and engineering to the development of next generation consumer and commercial robots. It aims to create new robot platforms that are inclusively designed, attractive, effective and helpful, with the long-term aim to enhance the quality of human life.
The emphasis is on emotional engagement with technology and understanding how people will use robots in their lives at home, at work, at schools, and in shared spaces. Robots will be the eyes, ears and brains of the intelligent house or the smart office, designed to work safely and unobtrusively; complementing and assisting people not replacing them. Working closely with international academic and industrial collaborators, CqR employs the latest artificial intelligence, navigation, mechatronic, human-machine interface and flexible manufacturing technologies to create robots that are likeable, reliable, and easy to use.
Founder of Consequential Robotics
An engineer at heart, Sebastian Conran has design in the blood, focused on designing technologies to make them more emotionally engaging. He is passionate about creating thoughtful & elegant products that are satisfying to use. He believes ‘form follows fabrication’ and that one must thoroughly understand how things are to be made & experienced before you put pencil to paper.
From working in his father’s industrial design studio in the early 1970’s to founding the Consequential Robotics in 2015, Sebastian’s life has been focused on understanding how things are made, sold, used and experienced. As well as creating ingenious, thoughtfully designed and satisfying products. At present he is also visiting Professor of Design & Innovation at Bristol Robotics Lab and Designer in Residence at the University of Sheffield’s engineering faculty.
As the CEO of Consequential Robotics and Sebastian Conran Associates design studio, Sebastian takes a hands-on, down-to-earth approach to all his design & development projects, sharing his wealth experience on user needs and manufacturing expertise with the design team. His design team has received much international acclaim and many awards for design & innovation as well as being granted over fifty patents and design patents in various fields.
“Robotics have fascinated me since childhood, however the dream/nightmare portrayed in many movies has until now been fairly illusory. But now with the advent more highly developed AI technology and sensors we are beginning to be able to realize and develop useful consumer facing robotics with true autonomy rather than single purpose devices used in manufacturing or washing dishes,” asserts Sebastian.
MiRo-E: Next Generation Personal Robot
In the future robots will share our personal space; interact with us and with each other to provide emotional engagement, security and entertainment; so it is essential that the students of today learn coding for such devices. Miro-E is developed specifically for such education to demonstrate & develop human/robot and robot/robot interaction, MiRo-E has a wide-ranging suite of sensors. There are 11 degrees of freedom, which provides for rich expressive communication and behavioral coding opportunities.
Now shipping in its 3rd generation the MiRo-E is a highly specified, low-cost, flexible and fully programmable autonomous AI robotic platform for students, researchers, educators, developers and healthcare professionals. With six biomimetic senses, over 30 sensors, an innovative brain-inspired control system and a simulation software package. (
MiRo is based on the simple premise that animals have qualities that are desirable in today’s social robots. They are robust, adaptable and good at communicating their feelings. Consequential Robotics approach is to build robots that think and operate very much like animals; from their senses and decision-making processes, all the way through to their body forms and behaviors. MiRo particularly suited to robot-human interaction and robot-robot team interaction.
MiRo-E was created by Consequential Robotics in association with leading international universities and educationalists. It was designed & developed in collaboration with the acclaimed Sebastian Conran Associates studio and leading universities, as a loveable companion robot platform with big potential. MiRo-E is the next generation of personal robots that will go beyond mere toy-like gadgets, creating rewarding engagement for users.
Being friendly, familiar and animal-like rather than an underperforming disappointing humanoid, people respond to MiRo with a different set of expectations that are more easily matched and exceeded by today’s nascent AI technology. Interacting with MiRo is undoubtedly a fun emotionally satisfying experience for all ages.
Benefits for Clients of Consequential Robotics
Understanding & learning AI coding is becoming an important educational skill. MiRo-E provides unparalleled interaction with students and their environment, providing an opportunity to engage non-STEM minded students in the Digital Curriculum and has been proven to change the way learners view themselves in the context of STEM.
MiRo-E’s engaging pet-like personality stands out from other educational robots, stimulating the imaginations of all students, not just of those already excited by technology. They understand and learn how to code AI robotic behaviors, implementing their creative ideas through the highly specified flexible platform.
MiRo-E is an excellent classroom tool for all, including SEN and student emotional care. It can be used from P-12 and in various subjects to provide a well-balanced multi-level learning experience. Example teaching modules help guide educators to develop learning materials.
Future Strategies of Consequential Robotics
CqR is mainly focused on meeting the needs of the aging population, by using AI robotics to help people in later life look after themselves and remain able, independent and happy as long as they possible, without being too much of a burden on others.