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Condusiv Technologies Corporation: Pioneering World Class I/O Reduction Software Solution

Computing infrastructures and systems are rapidly developing and so are innovative ways to map, control and execute business-critical applications which have become more and more complex and collaborative. Computing systems are becoming advanced and unified according to the customer needs, but at what cost and efficacy to organizations? Consequently, Condusiv® Technologies has a mission to provide innovative and cost-effective software-only storage performance solutions to solve the toughest application performance challenges.
Condusiv Technologies is a Software Company based in Glendale, California. It was founded in early 1981 by Craig Jensen. It is a 37-year old software company dedicated to improving the performance of Windows-based physical and virtual computing systems. Condusiv Technologies is the world leader in I/O reduction software, having sold over 100 million licenses. Condusiv’s I/O reduction software dramatically improves application and storage performance saving organizations time due to increased performance and productivity as well as saving money by extending the useful life of existing systems. The firm holds multiple patents, retains a longtime partnership as a Microsoft Gold Partner and a VMware TAP and has OEMed its software technology to many of the largest hardware vendors.
Condusiv Technologies was formerly known as Diskeeper Corporation, a name derived from its original flagship product, Diskeeper®.  The company offers three major products: Diskeeper for physical servers and PCs; V-locity® for virtual server and VDI environments; and Undelete, the world’s number one file recovery product.  Before adopting the Diskeeper name, the company was known as Executive Software International, Inc.
Revolutionizing the Enterprise Hardware Refresh Cycle
Condusiv offers a software-only solution for performance improvement. The company’s patented IntelliWrite® engine and IntelliMemory® system eliminate the unnecessary overhead caused by Windows that robs performance and creates extra work for even the most advanced computing and storage sub-systems, whether running in the cloud, on hyperconverged systems, all-flash storage, or all three. Condusiv delivers 30-50% or more improvement in overall performance and, depending on the workloads, up to 2X-3X or more capability. The solutions delivered by the company also extend the life of an organization’s costly investment in hardware. The solutions can be installed in minutes, no reboot required, and it goes to work immediately for small businesses up to the largest enterprises.
Adding Value to the Growing VMware Arena
Condusiv Technologies offers V-locity I/O reduction software that can be installed on individual VMs or on the host server to dramatically improve the performance of VMware based applications.
The company’s IntelliWrite engine eliminates the severe inefficiencies in the hand-off of data between the Windows OS and underlying the storage that generate the problem of excessively small, fractured, random writes and reads that dampen performance.
By providing Windows with the intelligence to write large, clean contiguous files in real-time, maximum payload is carried with every I/O operation to boost storage performance.
Condusiv Technologies IntelliMemory system establishes a tier-0 caching strategy with its DRAM read caching engine that serves hot reads from idle and available DRAM. V-locity dynamically adjusts the allocated cache moment-to-moment so that there is never an issue of memory contention. The process initiates when 4GB is free and systems commonly serve 50% of traffic to be read from memory. The engine backs off entirely if a system is ever memory constrained.
Inspirational Journey through Struggles and Challenges
Condusiv Technologies is considered among the best performing VMware Solution Providers. After all, it is one of the oldest continuously operating software companies in the world. Condusiv has had a more than 25-year relationship with Microsoft, which included providing some code for Windows NT. This deep understanding of the Windows Operating System has enabled the company to create software-only solutions which enhance the performance of Windows systems in the VMware environment.
For over 10 years, the company has been dedicatedly working with VMware. And the biggest challenge Condusiv Technologies faces is overcoming the idea that performance challenges can be solved by a software solution.
At present, V-locity and Diskeeper are true state of the art solutions that improve performance in virtual as well as physical computing environments.
Trailblazer at Condusiv Technologies
Jim D’Arezzo is the CEO of Condusiv Technologies. He has a long and distinguished career in high technology. Jim holds a BA Degree from Johns Hopkins University along with an MBA from Fordham University.
Giving insights to his professional career path, in the early 1980s, Jim was a member of the IBM management team that introduced the IBM Personal Computer. Then he joined start-up company, Compaq Computer, as an original corporate officer and helped the company grow to over $3 billion as VP Corporate Marketing and later also as VP International Marketing.
In the 1990s, Jim joined Banyan Systems as VP Marketing and helped that global networking software leader grow rapidly and eventually go public on NASDAQ. He then moved on to computer-aided design software leader Autodesk as VP Marketing. Jim has also worked as a GM for data management, data publishing, and geographic information systems in many divisions.
Back in 1999, he joined Radiant Logic Inc. as President and COO, which was the world leader in virtual directory database solutions. As the market leader for identity virtualization, Radiant Logic delivers simple, logical, and standards-based access to all identity within an organization.
Firm’s Contribution towards Future of VMware Platform
The vision of VMware future endeavors stated by its CEO Pat Gelsinger and CTO Paul Strong are similar to Condusiv’s views of computing’s evolution.
Pat Gelsinger and Paul Strong expressed their views as, “The move to cloud-based environments will be manifested by private and public clouds utilizing both on-premises and off-premises data centers managing physical as well as virtual environments.”
Condusiv Technologies ensures its products are well suited to these cases, and as software solutions themselves, fit nicely into a software-defined data center strategy.
Leading with Integrated Future Actions
Condusiv Technologies will continue to lead the world in I/O reduction software, which is important in any kind of Windows computing environment. With this software solution, Cloud-based, Hyper-converged, Containerized, VDI and other configurations can all benefit from its products.
Condusiv Technologies intends to add significant new functionality to boost performance even further over the next year.
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