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Conbee: Engineered many Ground-breaking Smart TAGs to Streamline Logistic Processes

In any logistic operation, objects remain the most vital part in managing a smoother business process. But to manage the inventory and tracking of millions of items in gigantic warehouses such as of Amazon is cumbersome task. No matter how efficient a human works in a warehouse; one cannot achieve the level of efficiency which an IoT device can deliver. This is the reason IoT enabled tags are in huge demand. Such tags can reduce search time optimization; let you search where your container, load carriers, containers, vehicles, assets are currently located; let you know if the asset is in use or available; assist in continuous inventory management amongst other benefit.
Germany-based Conbee is a trailblazing firm that has crafted a niche in the market with its cutting-edge SMART tags which many popularly refer to as ‘bees’. Its TAGs enable asset tracking, production transparency, optimize (intra) logistics processes, inventory management and make load carriers intelligent. Moreover, Conbee TAGs help to increase asset transparency, positioning and could feed that information into ERP/SAP systems to better steer production processes.
Founded in 2016, this company has witnessed a meteoric rise since its inception and has served many giants like Volkswagen and more. With Conbee solutions, all objects involved in the production and logistics can be clearly identified and localized – they can “speak” and become “Smart Objects.”
Innovation, customer-centric and flexible business approach are USP of Conbee which even makes it unique among the contemporaries.
The Head Honcho of Conbee
Employees’ potential and their sheer technical and management aptitude decide the magnitude of success for any company. It is thus very important to select, nurture and guide the top talents that can drive an organization towards the zenith of success. However, it is not that easy like it sounds. To hire people who possess exceptional qualities and molding them into needful roles requires a leader who can judge the true potential of each candidate and enlighten them whenever there is a need. One such trailblazing leader is Michael Nickolai, Founder and Executive Manager of Conbee. He has an extensive corporate experience in sales and other prominent roles and has worked with many industrial giants like Ericsson among others throughout his inspiring corporate journey. Michael has fascination for wireless communications and loves to do gardening, and skiing in his leisure time.
The founder believes that Conbee’s products empower customers to easily integrate its TAGs in existing intra-logistics and production applications, and is the prime reason behind company’s stupendous success.
While speaking about Conbee’s enthralling journey, the Founder revealed: “We had started in 2016 with just one piece of hardware and 1 employee and today, we have 6 people on our board and will double the team in the next 2 years.”
Crafting Cutting-edge Products for the Benefit of Industry
The company’s flagship product is- L500 Hybrid-TAG which combines LoRaWAN, GNSS and Bluetooth Low Energy Radios and allows in and outdoor positioning. With this TAG, assets can be tracked and recognized within buildings and within a huge outer area only with a very small infrastructure. “Embedded LPWAN communication technologies and an efficient algorithm further boost the battery & TAG life to a new level,” stated Conbee. “Our Customers love the easy way of integration. Less search times allow our Customers a more efficient usage of material and human-resources.”
BLE is the other trademarked product of Conbee that has earned the distinction of being the only indoor tracking solution that allows customers to locate their assets with its BLE TAGs. The most interesting about these tags is that it can locate assets either in areas or zones up to an accurate position down to less than one meter – depending on the process requirements and infrastructure.
On adding the details about Conbee’s product- the management added, “The new Conbee TAGs are designed – hardware and firmware – according the requirements of our Customers. These TAGs are very robust to withstand critical outdoor conditions.”
These products are crafted by keeping International standard in mind and are gaining popularity across industries. Recently the company has earned immense praise and noteworthy recognition from some of the most credible brands in the industry. Some of those recognitions are:

  • German medium-sized enterprise Innovation Award IT
  • Hybrid-TAG (BLE/LoRa) L500 best product 2017 at the LogiMat
  • B200 and B400 Smart TAGS best IoT hardware 2018 of a relevant German magazine Funkschau

Maintaining a Robust Workforce with Advanced Offerings
Conbee has a very dynamic and transformative work culture where they take care of its each employee like their dear ones and nurture them for challenging roles. The company integrates in-house seminars and training programs into its business process to keep its workforce in sync with the latest technological advancements. It also empowers its employees with opportunities to visit conferences of relevant organizations like LoRa Alliance and Bluetooth module suppliers.
On declaring company’s upcoming endeavour, Michael concluded, “We want to develop a cloud-based application that handles all Conbee TAGs into single software to ease the logistic process further where customers’ can easily test our TAG-solutions in Proof of Concept without involving us as much as they must do now.”
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