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Computop: Revolutionizing Payment Processes Globally

Computop is a leading international Payment Service Provider founded in 1997. The company simplifies global payments for merchants and white label customers through its offices in New York, London, Shanghai and several touchpoints in Germany.
Some of the world’s largest brands, including Samsung, The Otto Group, C&A, Fossil, Metro Cash & Carry, and Swarovski rely on Computop solutions. Leading banks and financial service providers also use its state-of-the-art proprietary payment platform, Computop Paygate.
This payment system offers unified solutions for mobile, online, and in-store payment transactions. It is connected to over 250 global payment methods and acquirer connections. Through its customer network, Computop processes commercial transactions for more than 15,000 retailers. These transactions have a combined annual value of USD 31 billion.
Computop Paygate incorporates customizable fraud prevention, tokenization and other value added services like strong reporting tools and unified settlement files. The result is a seamless gateway that provides strong transaction security and promotes conversion rates.
Knowledge-based Leadership
The CEO of Computop Inc., Andre Malinowski is committed to helping merchants tackle location- and industry-specific payment challenges.
His approach to developing global payment strategies goes considerably beyond transaction basics; it includes innovative financial management and e-business processes. This wide scope has a single goal – to give his clients the optimized approach to channel and territory expansion.
The foundation of Andre’s expertise is an intimate understanding of the complexities of global full-service e-commerce ecosystems. This knowledge has been crucial to Computop’s development of long-term transaction management and payment strategies.
Andre’s expertise extends to payment services related to international credit cards, local debit cards, and alternative payment methods available around the globe.
A Dynamic Platform
Computop Paygate is the platform of choice for merchants in industries like retail, travel, gaming, digital, hospitality, and others because of its versatility and its security features.
Computop offers prebuilt payment and fraud management modules that can be incorporated into the platform for leading ERP and shop system solutions like salesforce, hybris, intershop, Magento, and IBM Websphere.
This enables merchants to create complete single-source payment systems tailored to their individual needs.
Apart from payment processing, Computop Paygate also offers:

  • Integrated fraud prevention.
  • Access to more than 250 payment methods and credit card acquirers around the world.
  • Standardized settlement files for all payment types to facilitate automated accounting for merchants.
  • PCI-DSS solutions to reduce the merchant’s PCI footprint.
  • A token system that acts as a substitute for credit card data and enables one-click retail transactions.
  • Integrated modules or cartridges for leading ERP and shop systems.
  • Marketplace solutions.
  • A range of interfaces.
  • Optional modules such as debtor management, risk management, hosted payment page and much more.

With a single integration to the Computop Paygate platform, merchants get instant, unrestricted access to the domestic US market as well as to the global e-commerce powerhouses of Europe, Asia, and Australia. This gives them the flexibility to choose a contracting partner that best suits their needs.
Computop is acquirer-agnostic but is still able to deliver a single settlement file for all regions, regardless of payment method, country or channel. Merchants get a competitive advantage as well as a stronger position from which to negotiate fees and charges.
Unprecedented Range of Services
Computop provides a diverse array of solutions to give merchants superior control of, and oversight over their transactions.
Analytics and Reporter:
This powerful web-based tool gives a detailed overview and report of all payment transactions. Payment processing can be monitored and analyzed down to the smallest detail.
Using Computop Analytics, merchants can view sales analyses by time period, payment type and currency. They also get a dynamic analysis of payment processing in real time. The Analytics tool can also allow manual refunds and cancellations by the customer support. Additional data for settlement or reconciliation is available in the form of settlement files. Transaction data can be downloaded in several file formats.
Global and Local Solutions:
Customers’ customs, preferences, and purchasing behaviors differ by country. Computop assists in its partners’ international expansion by providing valuable insights as well as local payment solutions.
White Label Solutions:
Computop Paygate makes it easier for banks and PSPs to offer merchants global payment processing across all channels while retaining their branding and their status as reliable partners to merchants.
Fraud prevention:
Computop’s experts work with clients to analyze potential risks, innovate fraud prevention measures, and provide a range of modules to combat key risks. These include country and IP checks, identifying suspicious networks, velocity checks (SecurePay), scrutinizing blacklists, address and credit check, and 3-D secure protocol.
Payment cartridges for online shops:
Computop’s pre-built payment management and fraud modules (or cartridges) easily integrate with leading ERP, SaaS, and shop systems. They cover an array of credit cards, national debit cards, and alternative payment methods like payment on invoice, e-wallets and online bank transfers. This significantly reduces integration time and cost to market.
Safeguarding the Payments World
Computop’s PCI-DSS certification ensures that merchant customers can establish secure, full-fledged solutions for processing payments faster and more economically. The company ensures the highest level of security for both consumers and merchants with fraud prevention tools like P2PE, Chip & Pin, tokenization, 3D Secure, and biometrics.
It offers the right solutions for all stages of cross-border strategy, ranging from simple multi-currency processing to sophisticated hybrid or local POS and MOTO, while increasing conversion rates and reducing costs.
Computop is not just the payment gateway of choice for the world’s largest omnichannel merchants but also a trusted processing partner for other global PSPs and banks.
“Our unique approach of not touching money but focusing on the IT aspects of payment processing makes us a trusted partner. As a pure technology company, we are faster and more agile than other market participants,” explains Andre, “This is backed by over 20 years of fintech solutions made in Germany.”
Computop is still 100% founder-owned and can independently decide its strategy and direction without falling prey to short-term market trends.
“We are very proud to stand firm in a consolidating market,” Andre adds.
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