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Computhink and the Five Driving Forces in Document Management this Year

To effectively control and process information, you need to innovate and take advantage of the latest technology and best practices. Five pivotal forces are driving customer demand in 2018: Mobility, Security, Usability, Integration, and Speed. With its existing offerings and upcoming release of Contentverse 2018, Computhink continues to evolve and expand its Enterprise Solutions to meet and exceed industry and customer demands.
Mobility – Access Anywhere, Anytime 
Business is being done at satellite offices, on the road, from home, or even in the middle of nowhere. Contentverse gives users the ability to access their documents anywhere, at any time, with web access and the Contentverse mobile app for iOS and Android. Documents can be checked out of the system for offline access when internet is unavailable, such as in a service-free zone or on a short flight. “What Contentverse has allowed us to do is have immediate access,” says customer Uniontown, Ohio Area Agency on Aging. “Now, it’s as easy as hitting a search function on whatever device I’m using.” With the Contentverse mobile app, documents such as expense reports or signed contracts can be added to the system while on the go. Contentverse offers flexible options to implement in on-premise, cloud, or hybrid environments. What’s more, a Contentverse system can be purchased for named users, concurrent users, or a mixture, offering a depth of customization rarely available in an ECM solution.
Comprehensive Security to Protect Data 
Secure document storage and compliance regulations are concerns for every organization. Sensitive materials need to be stored and accessed in ways which do not compromise the safety of the files, the privacy of the information or the applicable compliance regulations. The Contentverse platform has security built-in throughout, using encryption for both documents in transit and at rest. SSL encryption is incorporated throughout the web client, and new password secured email links are available with expiring deadlines for secure sharing of information in accordance with General Data Protection Regulations. These layers of security not only firmly protect data but also provide flexibility to employees as well as administrators. Admins have complete control over what users can and cannot do since access to documents is dependent on security settings. Too few content management providers incorporate such an array of multi-level security options. For Computhink, a company built on security, there is no other way.
Effortless Usability 
Comprehensive yet simple input options provide seamless input and tagging. Viewing options include immediate access from within the Contentverse Viewer. For the small number of formats not supported, the system offers viewing within native applications. From desktops, laptops, tablets, and smart phones, a user can search and view their entire document directory at any time regardless of file format. The beating heart of Contentverse is the intelligent workflow. “Simply drag a report to a folder, and it’s automatically routed to appropriate individuals for edits, approvals, and digital signing,” says Joe Wharram, CEO/President. You can scan, electronically save, or generate documents via third party applications, in any format, and save them into Contentverse where they are easily accessed for collaboration. Retrieve files quickly via flexible search functions.
Mission Critical Integration 
Information in today’s office is shared across almost every program you use. The ability to distribute and update this data automatically and efficiently is crucial to productivity. Online document input often incorporates large numbers, whether submitted via online forms or compiled from social media posts or email attachments. Sifting through all of this information can seem next to impossible. Our APIs and complementary modules make it quick and easy. Contentverse’s Easy Index and CV Forms capture options automate the data input to the system with the ability to auto-populate other mission critical applications as well. Once you’ve entered your documents, keywords and metadata can easily be identified for data mining or analysis. This information can be compiled and sent to the right business process automatically, saving your organization time and money.
Real Speed 
The relentless pressure for near instant response time means your business must integrate critical programs as well as online communication. To do this, you must be able to access any document quickly and easily. Comprehensive Search options cover this for you effortlessly. Contentverse minimizes file size and uses “Smart Loading” to effectively stream files when using web-based clients. If you want instant access, this is it. The Easy Index module and the interactive workflow speed up internal and external business processes significantly, enabling the automatic processing and storing of 15,000-plus pages per day. The system drastically reduces manual tasks, facilitating highspeed meaningful office interactions.
Innovation Comes First 
With twenty-four years of experience, Computhink consistently evolves and delivers market solutions to solve real life challenges. Computhink’s diverse team comprises creative, experienced minds dedicated to developing outstanding digital business solutions. Joe Wharram concludes, “Content management’s transition to incorporate new intelligent operational and self-processing concepts will completely change the way we work. Computhink will continue to evaluate new technologies like Blockchain to enhance and expand our business solutions and grow our digital solution offerings around customer needs and the latest technology developments.”

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