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Components of Digital Marketing

‘Internet is the new big thing.’  -Bill Gates
In the current scenario, when we come across the word advertising the first thing that emerges in our mind is digital marketing. If may we explain, it can be simply termed as marketing done on digital platforms search engines, web-sites, e-mails and mobile applications. It is package of various attributes together in the bunch of divisions in order to acquire more number of customers. Internet is the vast place, and marketing over it stretches the approach to whole world. It is not just restricted to advertising but to several aspects like customer engagement, and sustaining the current ones too. More than 50 per cent shoppers prefer online retailing stores ad statics states the same.
If digital marketing is taken as the tree, then this tree has got lot of branches. And almost all the aspects of online marketing activities are cumulatively explained in one. Let us put some light on the known components of digital marketing.           
Content Marketing
It just another form of online marketing but strictly linked with web marketing campaigns. Content marketing is the mixture of creativity and promotion techniques all together. This content appears on the World Wide Web, and are designed in such a way to eye-catch the attention customers. The concern in this component is with the keyword density, in order to create more SEO-friendly content implementation of keywords must be impeccable. It’s a key tool in generating more traffic besides, the quality of the content also matters. The content should be less promotional, and more educational, informative, and easy to comprehend. As SEO is largely focused here’s sort of a description below.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
SEO is the optimization which utilizes all the available resources in order to optimize the overall performance of a website. The functioning of SEO is not as complicated as it seems, it’s far much easier if and only if it is implemented properly. The search engines scans out the content and decide its prioritization depending on the quality as well as the keyword placement in the context. With the help of the SEO, a company can increase the approach, and also attract high number of customers in less time. It matters to be at the top of the prior list, thus competition is increasing to take websites on top.
Pay-per-Click (PPC)
PPC goes with all type of content, the company bids on the certain focus keywords and optimizes its websites in the search engine index. In simple terms, companies pay search engines in order to get placed at the top of the list. Not to get excited, there are certain deciding factors on which this PPC works. The amount of money that the company is bidding, keyword status relevancy with its websites and products and how optimised is the landing page.
E- Mail Marketing
E-Mail which stands for electronic mail is used as a form of marketing strategy  in order to reach potential customers via electronic mail. The process entails sending the emails, and enhancing the relationship between clients and customers, building a strong brand loyalty. Further use of such strategy is to acquire new customers or convince a current one for new purchases. E-Mail can also be used for simple advertising through the mail.
The key benefit of the e-mail marketing lies in the cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and a better rate success of any advertising. The content in the mail is always useful to the user, and well-coordinated alongside with the authentic look.
Marketing Automation
Market Automation is a tool designed to keep all the digital marketing activities together. These are further synchronised, improving overall efficiency and effectiveness of the business. Other factors like performance and ROI are also measured for the faster growth. It provides the data by which any firm can improve its operations. By analysing such data, the company can know about the on-going work and whether that particular work is feasible or not.

Digital marketing has revolutionised the traditional way of marketing, and advertising. This revolution offers a variety of marketing tools that are cost-effective when compared to the traditional marketing techniques. The technology based marketing provides better interactions with clients, better customer relations, and a rapid growth in the overall development of the businesses.
– Bhushan Ghate

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