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ComplianceQuest: Managing Quality and Compliance in the Cloud

ComplianceQuest is a highly flexible modern cloud-based Enterprise Quality Management System (EQMS) built and run natively on Salesforce®. The organization streamlines quality, compliance, content, and collaboration management workflows across its clients’ company and globally-based supply chain networks, using the world’s most proven enterprise cloud platform – Salesforce. ComplianceQuest accelerates manufacturers and distributors to accomplish their most challenging quality, compliance, and supplier management goals.
A Farsighted Leader
Prashanth Rajendran is the CEO of ComplianceQuest. Clients appreciate his flair for knowing and understanding the customer’s pain, his knack of eloquently communicating a solution, and the depth of his “real world” executive and industry experience. As the CEO of the company, Prashanth directly oversees ComplianceQuest’s sales, marketing, partnerships, finance, IT, legal, and overall company strategy and direction. He brings-in more than twenty-five years of experience in manufacturing, engineering, and quality.
His background includes being the President and CEO of Lattice Social, a cutting-edge software company for incorporating social media into business-to-business collaboration and more than twenty years as co-founder and COO of Pilgrim Software, a Quality Management System software company. He grew the organization from inception and eventually sold  the company upon making it a success. Prior to this, he held a variety of positions in Manufacturing Engineering. Prashanth currently serves on several Boards fostering entrepreneurship in the Tampa Bay area. He is an active philanthropist in his community, who deals with the needs of orphaned and disadvantaged children in building shelters, toilets, and schools in poorly developed countries.
Path Breaking Solutions
ComplianceQuest provides a unified suite of applications on a single platform addressing quality management, manufacturing quality, supplier management, customer/field service quality and health & safety. Delivering best-in-class out-of-the-box solutions, ComplianceQuest fast-tracks an organization’s efficiency, safety and overall performance by combining enterprise quality and compliance with modern collaboration, communication, and social media across the product value chain. Suitable for emerging growth companies and scalable and flexible to meet the needs of medium and global enterprises, ComplianceQuest is easy to implement, validate, and use.
Today, the organization has 12 core solutions (Audit, CAPA, Change, Complaints, Documents, Equipment, Incidents, Inspections, Nonconformances, Supplier, Training, Reports & Dashboards), which are out-of-the-box, integrated and ready to go. Unlike recently introduced cloud solutions, ComplianceQuest, not only has a comprehensive breadth and depth of integrated solutions but it is also designed to scale by redefining what a next generation EQMS platform and solution should be. Thanks to its unique approach, companies can now adopt a highly scalable ComplianceQuest platform to accommodate their immediate needs and future growth through the application suite and the platform. In addition to these, ComplianceQuest has abilities through Salesforce for communication and collaboration thru Chatter, social media like and follow, Community Cloud to include exchange of data/documents from a company’s external partners, support for mobility, artificial intelligence through Einstein Analytics and already comes with pre-validated solutions for Life Sciences customers. ComplianceQuest is able to integrate its solution suite with Salesforce Clouds, Salesforce AppExchange applications and traditional enterprise software solutions including ERP, LIMS, asset management, purchasing, PLM, MES, and HR systems expanding its performance strength of quality and compliance aspects across the entire operational value chain.
A Unique Organization
ComplianceQuest has developed an Enterprise Quality Management System that is built on modern cloud architecture and addresses present-day and emerging quality and compliance business challenges. The organization made a decision to use Salesforce Cloud to leverage everything the Salesforce Business platform provides today and in the future, as well as tapping into the Salesforce ecosystem, such as third-party AppExhange solutions easily integrated since they are also built on Salesforce. Salesforce itself is also becoming a more standard platform within many companies and hence IT is looking at other Salesforce apps available to extend the value of their investment and reduce overall IT footprint. This modern cloud experience means a reduction in management of modular licenses and versions and simplifies IT issues surrounding software management. Using the cloud, customers will always have the most updated version of the software platform. Additionally, since the business application platform is continued to be innovated and managed by Salesforce, this allows ComplianceQuest to drive more innovation into its own solutions. Because of the ease of development, ComplianceQuest can quickly create fully working prototypes, new features or customer specific capabilities to address new market or customer requirements and turn them into final production solutions.
Tackling Patchy Roads
The initial challenge faced by ComplianceQuest was the adaption of modern cloud technology especially those built on a cloud business platform like Salesforce. However, the Salesforce approach for a 100% modern cloud infrastructure and all its business platform benefits made it easy for ComplianceQuest to focus solely on its own solution innovation to create a platform with the breadth and depth of functionality manufacturing companies need today. Adding to all these, recent years has seen rapid advancement in connectivity, mobility, analytics, scalability, and big data – what the industry fondly calls as the Industrial revolution or Industry 4.0. This digital transformation in manufacturing helped quality leaders with solutions like quality management at an enterprise-level to improve both revenue and bottom line efficiency. Companies like ComplianceQuest that made the initial decision to adopt modern cloud architecture platform, such as Salesforce, can take advantage of the latest and future technology advancements such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Connectivity, and Collaboration throughout the entire product value chain.
Lastly, as a growing company in a modern cloud world, gaining visibility and creating customer value is necessary to aid the company’s growth. By leveraging the Salesforce ecosystem, ComplianceQuest has built relationships with other critical application vendors, such as ERP, channel and system integrator partners to create a global network delivering comprehensive capabilities and a differentiated value in the market.

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