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Complete guide to property types

“It was a very funny house…?”. Have you ever stopped to think about when, where, how, and why the types of real estate we know today were created? Houses, apartments, penthouses, and lofts have very lovely stories about their creation and origin. With that in mind, we’ve made a complete guide to property types for you to stay on top of everything about residence categories.
We at Sky Marketing have brought you a complete guide to the types of properties below, and be amazed by the stories. +3 steps to know how to invest in real estate

Types of residential properties:

Flat, loft, and apartment

When big cities started to grow, old sheds that used to belong to factories were adapted to house people. From then on, the names flat and loft started to appear. These forms of housing emerged in the United States during the 1960s and 70s. At lahore smart city, the developers offer a wide range of flats, lofts, apartments, and unique designs.
Complete guide to property types
Photo showing what a flat looks like inside
Over time, the terms lost their true meaning. They came to be adopted by the real estate market, especially in Pakistan, as a synonym for apartments with more than one floor ( duplex ) or single people or small families.
All nomenclatures refer to an autonomous residential unit. In some parts of the world, the word “apartment” refers to a unit built specifically for a building, while the term flat means a unit converted into an old building, usually a large house. Elsewhere in the world, terms are interchangeable.
The term “apartment” is favored in North America (although in some cities, the apartment is used for a unit that is part of a house containing two or three units, typically one on a floor). In the UK, the term apartment is more common in professional and architectural real estate circles. Otherwise, the term flat is used commonly, but not exclusively, for a single-level apartment (hence a ‘flat’ apartment).


Complete guide to property types
Studio model.
The studios are basically large apartments like in apartments for rent in charlotte nc but with few divisions.  The origin of the studios is not known for sure, but they were made especially for people to organize the rooms in the way they prefer. At first, the studios were created for single people, but nowadays, there are cases of people who live with their peers.


Complete guide to property types
The image above shows what a kitnet looks like inside.
The kitchenette is a kind of apartment with small proportions, consisting, in most cases, of just three rooms: a bedroom, a kitchen-service area, and a bathroom. Not to be confused with a JK (a type of apartment that contains only two rooms, a bedroom-living-kitchen-service area, and a bathroom). It can be considered a type of studio.


Complete guide to property types
The houses appeared many centuries ago. They are understood as fundamental elements of the constitution of human life, from the moment when the human being abandoned the nomadic lifestyle and started to take shelter in specific places. Over time, homes evolved to where they are today. The residences have always been created to house families. Capital Smart City provides its investors and residents with a wide range of home variations.

Condo house

The condominium house is a property that is located within a closed lot, with other dwellings from neighboring condominiums. Generally, people looking for this type of home are looking for privacy. Not everyone likes to expose or keep visitors, so the condominium house is an excellent example of a property for those who want privacy.
Complete guide to property types
Another very important point that makes people buy these properties is security. With these types of properties, you will be sure that no unforeseen harm will happen, as there will be cameras, electric fences, and a security team always on hand throughout the area.
The sense of “community” is pretty strong too. Neighbors are usually closer. All because of assemblies created for all residents to discuss issues to improve their experience in the area.
Children’s spaces are another reason to join a condominium home. The little ones will also have a space just for them to play and skip all day! Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Row House

Complete guide to property types
See what the row houses are like.
A semi-detached house is the building of two or more houses connected, which symmetrically share the lot according to the number of houses. It is a type of proportional residence that shares the structure, masonry, and roof, with the same internal arrangement inverted to each other. Generally, these houses form a condominium. These properties can be much cheaper in construction and sale since they are made in series, which gives the builder a much lower value than other properties.


Complete guide to property types
Bungalow model.
Originally, the bungalow was a one-story building that was very popular in North America. These houses were traditionally small, one-story, and had a porch. Nowadays, modern bungalows are a type of house that is usually one-story or 1.5-story and can be larger than the original dwellings.


Complete guide to property types
A sobrado is a building formed by two or more floors and a large built-up area. At the time of colonial Pakistan, the manors were the residences of landowners in the cities and marked the beginning of timid urbanization in the country. In the previous period, competition existed between the casa-grande (family house of the owner of the large rural properties in colonial Brazil) and the senzala (large lodgings that were intended to house slaves). At the same time, the sobrados were opposed by the mucambos, who they were homes for the poorest strata of society.

Rural Place

Complete guide to property types
Find out what a site is like.
The site usually refers to a rural property of a simple area, often used for leisure or farming. Generally speaking, a farm is smaller than a farm. However, the differences between farm, farm, and farm are sometimes not clear. The equivalent in Portugal is a farm, and in Mozambique, the term machamba is used; in these countries, the word site has only the meaning of place.
It is common for people who own a farm also to own a house in the city. Thus, the site is used as a leisure place frequented on weekends to seek tranquility and contact with nature, which is not possible in the city.


Complete guide to property types
Image showing what a penthouse looks like.
Penthouse is an exclusive type of apartment that, as it is located on the top floors of a building, tends to be more expensive and luxurious, with higher condominium fees and taxes.
The roofs were developed from the beginning of the 20th century, which is related to the distribution of electricity and the use of the elevator, which provided faster access to the highest floors of buildings.

Beach house

Complete guide to property types
Beach houses.
The beach house is a property where most people go to have a leisurely day. Generally, beach houses have the same infrastructure as conventional houses. It is not clear when beach houses were born, but you will find houses where people spend their summer days all over the world.


Complete guide to property types
A mansion or mansion is one of the most luxurious and large-scale property types that exist. It is an isolated construction, with a large area of ​​gardens. It is also known for having a very high acquisition value, one of the most iconic symbols of wealth.
Mansion in Ireland.
In the Roman Empire, a mansion was an official stopping place, situated on the side of a Roman road and intended to accommodate people with high positions traveling through the different provinces. Around these places, villages for provincial employees were built, which later gave rise to cities.

Types of commercial real estate


Complete guide to property types
See what a commercial store looks like.
The store is a commercial room, usually small in size, made for small businesses. A store can be found in buildings, galleries, and shopping centers.


Complete guide to property types
It is a physical space where raw materials, semi-finished or finished products, are deposited, waiting to be transferred to the next cycle of the distribution chain.

Commercial room

Complete guide to property types
The commercial room is a kind of apartment with a simple structure, mostly with rooms and bathrooms. The commercial room is in commercial buildings used as offices.
Discover what a commercial room looks like from the inside.
Enjoyed this complete guide to property types? Each of them has particularities and characteristics that are sure to fit your needs. I hope this list has helped you better understand the difference between some of them and which option is best for you.

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