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Complete Communications: Creating the business case for SD-WAN and making management easy

The Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) market is expected to grow from USD 3.68 Billion in 2017 to USD 54.41 Billion by 2022, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 71.4%.  Companies around the world are looking towards SD-WAN. One of the biggest advantages of a successful SD-WAN deployment is to be able to save money on your monthly WAN costs.  The ability to identify the underlying carrier that can offer desired speeds at a particular location with the proper diversification is one of the biggest challenges for an organization in regard to SD-WAN. Complete Communications’ proprietary technology helps determine the availability of carriers at each location of an enterprise and builds the ROI for easy financial approval.
Complete Communications is a prominent name in the field of networking technology that is known for delivering advanced SD-WAN solution to its clients. The firm has expertise in SD-WAN solutions that help an organization move into hybrid WAN or dual internet without compromising network performance and security. By leveraging SD-WAN in conjunction with Complete Communications, customers have witnessed an unprecedented savings of 40%-60% on their WAN, and achieved faster bandwidth, cost savings, and agility in running their applications. “The convergence of applications being hosted in the cloud and end users accessing them via mobile phones is accelerating advancements in SD-WAN technologies,” says Blake Darling, President and CEO of Complete Communications.
Complete Communications is fully engaged with clients from conception to rollout, and thereafter. They provide a tailor-made solution to meet the customer needs and requirements. Blake adds “All customer solutions are unique, and not one bandwidth or procurement model is the same for a particular company. Complete can customize solutions based on their requirements and deliver accurate information to help the customer make the best overall decision for their organization”. Complete Communications, like SD-WAN is transport agnostic. This helps customers take full advantage of the overall capabilities of SD-WAN. They build a custom ROI for each customer, leveraging their proprietary dashboard offerings. “It shows our customers how much money they can save by implementing SD-WAN. It also provides the carrier architecture and road-map that can provide the best overall value for the customer as per their network needs,” states Blake. Complete’s services are free to the customer and paid for by the service providers to project manage the entire implementation. Complete Communications has been a pioneer in the SD-WAN space, working with Cisco Systems, closely building the carrier architecture and ROI to justify Cisco SD-WAN solutions. Apart from these facets, aggressive pricing, fastest install, best speed, and redundancy, are the core reasons behind the immense popularity and wider acceptability of its products and services worldwide.
Eminent Services behind Complete’s Spiraling Popularity Include:

  • SD-WANaaS Solutions
  • Telecom expense management
  • Building carrier architecture
  • Building the ROI and business case for SD-WAN
  • Data center procurement
  • Voice solutions, SIP trunking, POTS lines
  • Contract & inventory management
  • Project manage carrier installations
  • Proactive monitoring & trouble ticket manage
  • Single billing options

Passionate and Persistent Leader of Complete Communications
Blake Darling is an Entrepreneur at heart, known for providing tailor-made solutions at competitive, affordable costs. After gaining meaningful insights of the IT networking business previously working at XO Communications, he took a courageous decision and laid the foundation for Complete Communications. His tenacity and enthusiasm of catering the best solution to his clients helped Complete Communications build excellent long-term relationships, driving the organization towards the path of success.
Future Evolution of Complete Communications
Increasing technological evolution and demand in mobility; Surge in demand of cloud services, data center consolidation, and server virtualization along with increased network complexity and varied traffic patterns are surging the demand for SDN-WAN solutions across the world. With innovation, skilled manpower and client satisfaction at the core, Complete Communications is all set to make a dent in the SD-WAN vertical and ready to grow its business by leaps and bounds.

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