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Companies amid the Digital Transformation Storm

Computer scientist Florian Kurz and Prof. Dr. Marco Mevius lead the bamero AG in close cooperation. Although both personalities sweep everyone around them with their energy and live on agile and process-centric approaches, they also complement each other with their qualities. Together they are well versed about their field of knowledge and can channel this competence in a result-oriented way with the bamero AG. Due to their steady character, passion and open-minded way of thinking, this duo can look back on the biggest achievements of the bamero AG. However, they are determined to anchor innovative business models on the market using a process-centric perspective. Florian Kurz and Prof. Dr. Marco Mevius are enthusiastic about pursuing this objective with much strength within the bamero AG, but they are willing to learn new things on their way and talk to any contact person of a customer to determine where the pain within running business processes originates. The central idea behind this is to support every customer from a strategic view of the business to the point of the operative transformation by managing the underlying business processes.
“Established companies and institutions traditionally fight for the biggest piece of the cake on the market, though they could reinvent themselves to become the confectioner.” – Florian Kurz, CEO, and partner
Especially medium-sized companies are in the charming situation to realign their business model using new technologies to position themselves on the market strategically. Their growing economic strength combined with their yet flexible structures allows them to manage their business processes, including a new experience for their employees regarding processes and technology. The basic challenges of the digital transformation hereby are to answer which products and services are to be offered and how to address the “process experience”. Formerly products were sold, today it is services and it is going to be experience in the future, that is why we need to be agile! Digitization means individualization. Customers become co-customers and generate self-services.
“Within only short time the bamero AG became one of our most important strategic partners. Due to their methods used and their extremely quick perception, Mr. Kurz and his team are a tremendous gain for our business development. Initial successes were already evident after only a short time and most notably measurable. We are looking forward to continuing our cooperation with bamero.” – Björn Scharnhorst, CEO Exportverpackung Sehnde GmbH
The bamero portfolio exclusively covers services in a business process management context, although addressing it in different granularities. Foremost bamero supports companies in the dynamic alignment of their business models. To support this claim bamero offers to concertedly organize the business processes including systems, roles, and implicit requirements. On the one hand to complete the scope of services and on the other hand an attractive service itself the bamero also automates business processes.
Using an iterative and an incremental approach (M.E.M.O.®) the impact on short- and long-term successes can be measured throughout the projects. M.E.M.O.® is an innovative way to extend the traditional business process management by agile concepts to operationalize the wish for digital innovation. The efficiency and effectivity of business process management projects can be improved significantly by adapting the four steps process analysis (map), process design (enrich), implementation (monitor) and execution (optimize) to agile software development approaches and assigning defined roles. Contrary to traditional, model-centric approaches the purpose behind M.E.M.O.® is to explore the practiced process instead of process models – “more process, less model!”
The highly specialized team of the bamero AG lives and merges digitality and business process management in their DNA. This is the fundament to collaboratively and perfectly executed create tailor-made and highly innovative business models. The process engineers that currently work for bamero learned how to evaluate and develop the digitization of processes at the HTWG Constance. Therefore, these process engineers are capable of consulting customers using their very knowledge instead of worn out reference guidelines.
“By being in permanent spar with the scientific community we are capable of substantially meeting the new and rapidly changing demands of the market.” – Florian Kurz, CEO, and partner
Especially the new, digital business models require well-directed process innovation. With bamero’s tools and methods, the challenges of partly digitizing processes are addressed directly and in a unique way. With the digital transformation of business processes and models all participants expect higher customer tie, more efficient processes and higher sales due to the possibilities to efficiently and cost-efficiently offer customer-specific and personalized products and services.
“We stand at the edge of a digital gold rush. bamero enables companies to immediately find first digital nuggets and to define the relative claims in the long term.” – Prof. Dr. Marco Mevius, Chairman of the Board and Founder.
The crucial competitive advantages are generated by the process experience of the process participants. Therefore, an adequate and best possible integration of humans into the digital processes and new services is central for the transformation of established companies.