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Common Digital Marketing Challenges in 2022

Digital marketing has evolved into a powerful tool businesses use to communicate with new and existing customers. A recent Deloitte study revealed that 72% of digital marketers believe that the significance of digital marketing has increased, especially post-pandemic. However, with numerous restrictions, the general public has been forced to adapt to different circumstances that cause frequent changes in spending and shopping habits.

Changing customer behavior has forced marketers to pivot their digital marketing strategies continuously. Keeping up with changing customer expectations while maintaining a competitive edge can prove challenging.

Fortunately, businesses can overcome these challenges by working with experienced digital marketers from Goodway Group. Below are the top digital marketing challenges businesses face in 2022.

1. Customer-Centered Market

Changing customer behavior has made it difficult for businesses to implement a customer-centric digital marketing strategy. However, adopting such a strategy is important for business success. Below are insights that prove the importance of a customer-centric marketing approach;

  • 66% of prospects and customers use their experience with one brand to define what they should expect from other brands
  • 48% of online shoppers generally trust companies
  • 52% of customers expect personalized offers

Failing to create a customer-centric marketing strategy means missing out on these potential customers. Businesses should ensure their digital marketing strategies meet their prospects’ and customers’ expectations.

2. More Clicks, Fewer Conversions

Many clicks followed by anemic conversions is another problem digital marketers face. It can be frustrating for businesses to spend a lot of money and effort to gather clicks that don’t reflect in sales.

If you’ve experienced such, high chances are you are targeting the wrong audience. You could be spending most of your digital marketing budget and effort on the wrong audience using the wrong channels.

Your target market might visit your online store or website without the intention of purchasing. Ineffective landing pages are another conversion bottleneck.

Ineffective pages will put off even the most interested customers. Landing pages should be simple and helpful to potential customers. It shouldn’t contain unnecessary fluff.

Lastly, your conversions could be low due to mixed messaging. An effective digital marketing strategy should match the marketing message to the landing page design. If the landing page doesn’t match what the customer expected, high chances are they can’t convert. You should consult digital marketing experts to avoid these issues.

3. Staying Ahead of Industry Changes

Given the constantly changing privacy laws, advancing technology, and customer reactions to digital marketing tactics, staying ahead of the digital marketing landscape is also very challenging. The best way to keep tabs on these changes is to learn continuously. There is a lot of information on the internet predicting the changes in the digital marketing realm in the future.

Businesses should invest a lot in learning and encourage sharing knowledge in their in-house teams. However, they can avoid this hassle by working with professional digital marketers. Professional agencies ensure that their teams are up to date with the latest changes. Hiring such a talent pool is overly beneficial for brands.


Identifying the target market, generating quality leads, creating mobile-responsive content, and managing client relationships are other crucial challenges facing digital marketers. Overcoming these challenges requires a lot of time and effort. Small and medium-sized businesses are better off working with digital marketing agencies with proven capacity to overcome these challenges.