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Commercial Roof Maintenance Checklist: What to Monitor and How Often

Maintaining the roof over your business is like taking care of an insurance policy-it ensures the safety of everything underneath. There are several key steps to commercial roof maintenance and ensuring its longevity. But where do you begin, and how often should you be checking your commercial roof?

To answer these questions, we’ve put together a simple, actionable checklist. By following these guidelines, you can help prevent small issues from turning into costly repairs and keep your business dry and safe. Continue reading!


Each month, dedicating time to inspect and maintain your commercial roof can significantly reduce the risk of damage and costly repairs down the line. This monthly roofing checklist focuses on proactive measures to identify potential problems early and ensure your roof remains in prime condition. Here’s what you need to keep on top of each month:

  • Clean gutters and drains
  • Check for signs of damage
  • Inspect flashing and seals
  • Clear debris from the roof surface
  • Look for signs of water pooling or standing on the roof


In addition to monthly roof monitoring, it’s crucial to schedule quarterly inspections and maintenance for your commercial roof. This allows you to catch any potential issues that may have gone unnoticed in the previous months and address them before they escalate. Here’s what you should prioritize on a quarterly basis:

  • Check for damage or leaks
  • Inspect roof structure
  • Trim trees near the roof
  • Ensure proper ventilation


Semi-annually, it’s crucial to conduct a more thorough inspection and maintenance of your commercial roof to capture any conditions that might have changed with the seasons. These inspections are pivotal in preparing your roof for the harsher conditions of winter and summer. During your semi-annual check-up, be sure to include these critical tasks:

  • Conduct a professional inspection
  • Clean all drains and gutters
  • Perform a comprehensive leak test
  • Check for any signs of water damage
  • Inspect thermal performance


Annual maintenance is vital for checking your commercial roof’s condition, aimed at spotting any damage or wear that occurred over the year. This annual inspection is especially crucial in the springtime after a harsh winter. Here’s what you should focus on during your yearly check-up:

  • Complete roof inspection
  • Check for signs of leaks
  • Inspect roof flashings and sealants
  • Inspect chimneys and vents

After Severe Weather Events

Severe weather, including heavy rains, high winds, hail, or snowstorms, can damage your commercial roof, leading to immediate and long-term issues. It’s vital to inspect your roof after such events to quickly identify and fix any damage. For severe damages, check this page for commercial roofing repair immediately.

This part of our roof care tips covers essential steps to take after severe weather. They help protect your commercial roof and extend its lifespan.

  • Check for debris or damage
  • Inspect roof membrane and flashings
  • Check for signs of leaks
  • Remove snow build-up

Secure Your Investment with Proactive Commercial Roof Maintenance

By following this simple commercial roof maintenance checklist, your roof will stay in tip-top shape, guarding your business against weather and saving you on potential large investments. Remember to always prioritize safety and, if you’re not comfortable with heights or unsure if you can safely handle any of these checks, hire a professional.

Your diligent attention will be well worth the long life of your roof and the protection of your business. So don’t wait, start implementing these maintenance measures today.

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