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Commence Corporation: Leading Provider of Customer Relationship Management Software

Launched in 1988, Commence Corporation is a software manufacturer specializing in CRM and Business Process Automation. For more than two decades, Commence has been providing software solutions to the growing needs of businesses. The company offers a robust cloud based CRM solution for managing customer relationships, sales, leads, marketing, help desk ticketing and project management. Commence also offers a highly customizable windows based desktop solution for those companies that prefer to control and manage their CRM system on premise.
Being a leading provider of CRM solutions, Commence has created business software solutions that are affordable, easy to use and deliver extensive value to its customers. These solutions are targeted at companies that require more than basic functionality, but not the cost and complexity of products designed specifically for enterprise level organizations. The company has delivered innovative software solutions that have helped thousands of small & midsize business to significantly improve how they market, sell and provide service to their customers. Commence products are used in more than 25 industries and more than a dozen countries around the world.
An Inspiring Leader 
Larry Caretsky is the CEO at Commence Corporation. Caretsky has served in executive level roles in several top 100 software companies and is considered an expert in the CRM sector. He has written numerous articles and white papers on the subject and an e-book called ‘Leveraging Information to Achieve Selling Results.’ He has also been a participant on several radio podcast where he discussed the use of CRM software as a component for implementing a successful sales enablement program. In 2017, Caretsky was nominated as an inspiring leader in sales management by the sales lead management association. Under his leadership, Commence has become one of the most popular CRM solutions for small to mid-size businesses.
The Marketing Strategy 
Headquartered at Eatontown, New Jersey; Commence describes itself as “The Trusted Name in CRM’. For more than two decades, the company has earned a reputation for delivering high quality products and services, has completed several thousand implementations and continues to receive outstanding customer testimonials about its products and services. Coupled with the software are two service oriented products for sales and marketing enablement. These value added services are designed to assist those businesses that need experienced resources to help automate and streamline their sales and marketing initiatives.
Commence Corporations diversification stems from the expansion of its product and service offerings. Each year the company introduces new products and functional enhancements to the core application and is engaged with other initiatives in artificial intelligence, (AI) big data, and digital marketing. Commence also continues to broaden the value added services it provides in order to ensure that customers realize the maximum value from its products and get a rapid return on their investment.
Exploring Business Requirements 
Commence CRM is targeted at companies of 10 to 100 users that require more functionality then that offered by the myriad of low cost solution providers, but who do not want the cost and complexity of expensive higher end products. Commence feels that there is a significant gap in the CRM sector and that their product is ideal for those businesses that need robust functionality and flexibility at an affordable cost.
Commence CRM’s functionality rivals that of enterprise level products costing much more and includes, account management, group calendaring, sales opportunity management, lead management, marketing, customer service and ticketing, a customer portal, project management and more. In addition, the value added support services that company offers is a differentiator in the mid-market segment.
Future Expansion 
In the upcoming years, Commence will maintain its leadership position with regards to introducing new products and services in the SMB sector. The company is certain that the implementation and utilization of new technology will require professional expertise, so it is continuing to recruit and hire experts. The company’s goal is to continue to wrap professional services with new technology offerings. As such, it is ensuring its growth coming by expansion and utilization of its products and services.
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