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Comdata: Making Life Easier!

CustomerCares hold utmost importance in most of the industries. None of the companies can survive without the help of a customer care. These eventually help organizations to understand the pulse better. So, enters Comdata Czech, the leader  of Czech market in customer care and business process outsourcing. In Czech Republic, Comdata has as much as 9 sites and more than 1200 employees.
Currently the company offers a full range of services, from outsourcing of customer interactions and processes to customer experience consulting all achieved with a smart blend of people, process and technology.
Path Breaking Solutions
Comdata puts a strong effort into developing new cutting edge solutions for customer care market. It is the undisputed leader of innovation in Czech market. Comdata’s chatbot is able to respond customers 24/7, its speech analytics can analyze 100% of call and give its customers valuable feedback.
The company is also developing really interesting customer care solutions which looks something from future. One of them is for example, Digital Kiosk which is going to redefine the customer care in next few years. Digital kiosks are a new customer interaction tool that now can be in stores or wherever one likes and use web interfaces and a video-phone solution. Thanks to videocall now operator can resolve any request remotely and quickly.
The Veteran Leader
Andrea Tonoli is the CEO of Comdata’s Czech branch. He has built the company from scratch and thanks to him and his team’s dedication now Comdata is number one in the entire middle Europe. Andrea studied at Politecnico in Milan and obtained Master’s degree at the Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey. He started as a project manager in Telcordia Technologies and made his way to the top as country manager. Later in March 2003 he joined Comdata, and since then he is shaping the customer care market until now.
In 2016 Andrea was asked to lead the Comdata Czech expansion born from the combination of Comdata existing facilities and Atento Czech, that was acquired in December 2014. Until January 2016 he has been Chairman of Board of Director and Executive Director of the company.
It is always inspiring to hear his story as he left the train with only one paper from Czech Invest and started the Comdata Czech company with no help of others. Now he is CEO of 1,200 employees and 9 sites all over the Czechia.
In another words, Andrea has made Comdata Czech, what it is today. Lead of Czech customer care market.
When it is all about People
Comdata believes, customer care market is and always has been only about people, and that is why the organization is getting the best results.
The key to Comdata’s work is to be best simply at everything. The company is doing some amazing work at the customer care solutions. Additionally, the company has also started to working really hard on its databases so agents are going to get contacts with the best possibility to lead generation. Comdata is also putting big efforts into educating all its employees, mostly because understanding customer demands means everything to the company.
According to the organization, it is also good in making new businesses and maintaining strong relationships. Thus, almost every insurance company, bank, mobile service provider is in Comdata’s portfolio.
When GDPR Posed as a Challenge
For Comdata, the biggest challenge in recent years was a GDPR regulation in Europe. The organization had to completely redefine processes of customer data treatment and eventually created several job functions devoted just to GDPR and data protection. Comdata took the whole regulation very seriously but now the organization can strongly say that in the field of customer data protection it is one the best in Middle Europe.
Staying Ahead of the Curve
The motto of Comdata and its top management is incredible element, that drives the organization ahead.
The second important part is of course connection to Comdata Group which has more than 110 sites in 30 countries all over the world. The fact is that Comdata’s strong group behind it makes the company what it is. Nowadays the employees of the company have the much-needed access to technology and knowledge of all over the world. So, Comdata can offer more languages than one knows, and it does all of that with Italian passion and Czech dedication to target.
Planning for a Better Future
Currently, the whole Comdata Group is in TOP 10 customer care outsourcing companies in the world. So, the goal is obvious. The organization will put all its effort which brought the organization from practically zero in 20 years to top 10 eve further.
In Czech Republic Comdata has a position of the market leader. And the organization knows it can be changed easily and that is why Comdata is doing everything that eventually strengthens its position. Comdata acquires new and big clients and right now it is starting multilingual projects and of course it is doing whatever it takes to make the employees happy and efficient.