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Colorado Technology Consultants: Leveraging Businesses Technology to Reach a Sustained Competitive Advantage

Eminently specialized in helping medium to large businesses leverage technology to reach a sustained competitive advantage, Colorado Technology Consultants (CTC) is a global provider of IT Consulting and Training services. Concentrated on emerging technologies, while working with the clients on advanced solutions, CTC focuses primarily on Microsoft .NET solutions.

Having its main office in Colorado Springs, but serving its clients located just about anywhere, CTC has a vision to be a partner with their clients to understand their business needs, ‘not just help them read a technical reference manual’.

CTC was founded in 2002, by David and Julie Yack, both of the founders are recognized for their involvement with the professional community and named as Microsoft MVPs. Dave is a Microsoft Regional Director as well. Dave has been a technology consultant for more than 20 years. Julie got involved in CTC via a business background and became an accidental technologist.

Technology & Business Consulting and Training
CTC offers technology and business consulting and training; with a strong background of working in Dynamics CRM integrations and custom line of business software.

While talking about the services provided by CTC Julie says, “Sometimes we are starting the project from the ground up. But often we come in and help where others find roadblocks, or knowledge limitations and then we help get a project back on track and toward a successful completion. We take that practical in-the-trenches work and author training curriculum for teams that wish to further their knowledge in a similar way. We believe that our experience in the field gives us much more credibility as trainers. We offer practical and focused training, not simply an academic theory and book learning. Most of our client engagements include training the IT team and the end users of the software.”

People at CTC are frequent trainers, speakers and often write about Microsoft technologies. Julie gives all the credit to the CTC’s staff saying, “We are fortunate to have staff that is also recognized by Microsoft as Most Valuable Professionals (MVP) and a Microsoft Regional Director.”

For CTC the client is the prime focus. Julie says, “We feel it is necessary to look beyond the simple nuts and bolts of the technology used to truly understand the application requirements. We pride ourselves in our ability to actively contribute to our clients’ bottom line by helping to develop innovative applications that truly provide a sustained competitive advantage for our clients. We believe our relationship with our clients must be seen as a partnership, an extension of their internal capabilities.”

CTC emphasizes the idea of giving back to the community. That is a reason the staff at CTC is always encouraged to participate in local, national and worldwide opportunities “to help better the world around us”. As an example, CTC has been active in the local and regional education community, offering curriculum guidance to help prepare students for the employment opportunities they will face.

CTC specializes in providing customized consulting services to medium to Fortune 500 companies. With the swift movement of technology, they are focused on an early adoption of new technology, in the future.