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Colorado Technology Consultants

Colorado Technology Consultants, Inc: Imparting IT Consulting and Training Services Globally

In an interview with Insights Success, Julie Yack, the COOFounder of Colorado Technology Consultants Inc, shares her company’s journey and insights about its specialized solutions and services. She has broadly discussed CTC’s core competencies and explains how the company is established in the global market. She also mentions CTC’s current status, its vision and various functionalities used in developing technology globally.

Below are the highlights of the interview conducted between Julie and Insights Success:

Give a brief overview of the company, its uniqueness and its vision. 

Colorado Technology Consultants is an ever-evolving company. Our roots are in custom software development and we currently have a very comfortable presence in the world of Microsoft Dynamics, and things related to Dynamics like Azure, IoT and more. In addition to training and curriculum, we do select project work. Sometimes that looks like a small implementation, sometimes that’s a rescue implementation and sometimes it’s an audit and review of an organization.

What are the cutting-edge products/solutions offered by Colorado Technology Consultants? 

We are the first experts in an emerging product or release. Our relationships allow us early access to many of these new technologies so we can be prepared ourselves. But it also offers the chance for us to quickly bring others up to speed.

Give a detailed description of your personnel’s influence over the company and the valuable Microsoft solution.

I and David Yack are the two founders of Colorado Technology Consultants We both are recognized as global experts in the Microsoft stack, specifically in Dynamics, Azure, and related technologies. We both have been awarded as Microsoft MVPs and additionally David is a Microsoft Regional Director. The size of CTC has ebbed and flowed over the years, but always intentionally stayed small. It is important for all of our clients to have direct access to a decision-maker.

Describe the experiences, achievements or lessons learnt that have shaped the journey of the company. 

I wish I could say we’re on some long established and planned journey. We are a group of fairly smart people with good intentions that work hard every day. We are thankful for the opportunities that hard work has offered and have made some great friends along the way. Our team members stay with us for a long time, in an industry (tech consulting) where loyalty is hard to find. For us, our biggest accomplishments are the people.

What are the challenges faced while providing Microsoft solutions and how is Colorado Technology Consultants serving to tackle them? 

For us one of our challenges is staying the right size to continue to properly care for our clients. It can sometimes be tempting to say yes to every opportunity. But, in order to stay true to our roots, sometimes that means saying no to a job where we would struggle to succeed. In those situations, we make every effort to make an introduction to a like-minded solution provider so that the needs are still met.

What according to you could be the potential future of Microsoft solutions and how does Colorado Technology Consultants envision sustaining its competency? 

For years there has been a severe shortage of talent in Dynamics, particularly a shortage of good developers. We tried to address some of that by offering training and have successfully trained several hundred professionals. With the Power Platform and the emergence of a strong citizen developer story, I think we have a cycle or two of figuring out how this will affect projects longer term. Some developers will feel a little left out. But, there is still a big need for developers in this space. As one developer on our team once told me, with this platform (XRM), I can focus on the fun stuff because the tedious parts are handled by the platform.

About the Company 

Colorado Technology Consultants, Inc. is a global provider of IT Consulting and Training services. The firm specializes in helping medium to large businesses leverage technology to reach a sustained competitive advantage. CTC’s capabilities span a vast array of technologies but it primarily focuses on Microsoft .NET solutions. In 2017, CTC celebrated its 15th year of serving customers to drive innovation with technology.
CTC’s unified technologists focus on emerging technologies and prominently works with its clients on advanced solutions. They are frequent trainers, speakers and often write about Microsoft technologies. CTC is fortunate to have its staff recognized by Microsoft as both Most Valuable Professionals and a Regional Director.

About the leader 

Julie Yack is one of the founding partners of Colorado Technology Consultants, Inc. Julie has been named a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for her efforts in the Dynamics professional community. She is a Microsoft CRM Certified Professional, Microsoft Small Business Specialist and a Certified Scrum Master.
Julie accomplished her MBA in 2010 and currently she has been a vital part of several large scale publications. She was a contributing Author for Voices for Change: Women’s Words to Politicians.
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