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CognitiveClouds: Started Small, Living Big

In an interview with Insights Success, the CEO and Co-founder of CognitiveCloudsPrasanna Gopinath, shares his insights about being himself and pushing the envelope. Accustoming to a job loving culture and setting clients achievement as its goal, his company CognitiveClouds have tasted fruitful success over the years. CognitiveClouds offers API solutions at a global scale. Prasanna has also mentioned about a Cognitive vision and approach towards the business.
Below are highlights from the interview conducted between Prasanna Gopinath and Insights Success:
Give a brief overview of the CognitiveClouds, its uniqueness, and its vision. 
At CognitiveClouds, we partner with clients across industries, ranging from Oil to agriculture, to help them connect the dots between various emerging technologies to deliver compelling connected experiences. The success of our clients and the products we build for them is the only metric we use to judge ourselves. Also, my whole team happens to love big ideas. So we strive to work with founders and business leaders who have ambitions of defining new industries and creating new markets. We have a lot of exciting projects lined up shortly that could push the envelope.
What are the cutting-edge products/solutions offered by CognitiveClouds? 
We like to work with modern technologies like Ruby on Rails (RoR), Android, iOS, Golang (Go), Scala and Node.js, as we’ve come to trust our expertise over the last seven years in building robust mobile and responsive web products using these tools. Lately, we’ve been recruiting experts in the fields of Blockchain, Data Science and Data Analytics to develop our expertise in these areas. Our clients were thrilled with the last couple of projects we’ve worked on in the field. I’m very proud of the team we’ve put together.
Give a detailed description of the featured personnel’s influence over the company and the API solutions industry. 
Six years ago, when I came to India, fresh off my experience with Cisco and Sourcebits, I had a dream of building a company that could build Enterprise grade products, while retaining the drive of a startup. This ‘Evergreen Software Product Studio’ my team and I have built, has far exceeded what I envisioned. I believe the success of my company lies in its culture, the culture I’ve been able to shape in each member of our team. And it proved easy because we managed to attract young talent across the country who shared the same love for coding and respect for discipline, I did. So my influence translates in keeping that culture and love for their job alive. Our vast portfolio and our Clutch rankings are a testimony to my team’s and my influence over the API solution’s industry.
Describe the experiences, achievements or lessons learned that have shaped the journey of your company. 
Early on in my journey, I learned the importance of starting small. Initially, I was as restless as most startup founders are to work on projects that were diverse, to taste success soon and act like I was working out of an enterprise as I was used to doing until then. But, all of us are forced to start small, few learn to enjoy it. I learned to enjoy working on a project involving a very basic webpage with the same joy I take in spearheading a blockchain project. The rankings, the Fortune 500 clients we’ve worked with along the way and the happy clients are merely incidental. The lessons we learn that truly make a difference to the company aren’t always monumental.
What are the challenges faced while providing API solutions and how is CognitiveClouds serving to tackle them? 
The arrival of the Internet of Things or IoT has made APIs indispensable for facilitating communication between objects. And the lower entry barriers for their use have made it popular across small and medium-sized businesses. Business models based on the data exchange that APIs allow are becoming extremely common today. Even with all the evidence supporting the great importance of APIs in the digital economy, there are still a few challenges we’ve yet to overcome. The APIs available in the market all have different standards regarding reliability, stability, and quality. A few may turn into gateways for hackers. Not all are equally safe. The transition to a much more customer-centric economy is forcing them to integrate the latest innovations in contextual or artificial intelligence to manage cognitive and prescriptive workflows since most APIs are based on aggregating simple commands. Some APIs as a service like SendGrid, Twilio and Stripe are incorporated into almost every product we build.
What according to you could be the potential future of API solutions and how does CognitiveClouds envision sustaining its competency? 
As we look at the future of technology, we see an API that is progressively more agile in the coming years. While agility is already a major factor of APIs, we haven’t come close to reaching its potential yet. Micro services architecture will also be a major trend. It allows developers more freedom to use API integration for API-related innovation, much like with agility. Open APIs makes it far easier for us to better existing applications. You can move toward an automated, proactive world by leveraging the assorted open APIs available. Newly-developed methods of IT management, such as ChatOps and DevOps, all rely on APIs to facilitate communication between assorted software integrations. Open APIs makes it easier to manage these setups even though the complexity of such networks is enormous. However, this growing network of dependency will mean that your site and its uptime and performance become vulnerable to issues faced by other vendors. That’s where we come in. Keeping up with the changes and knowing how to maximize the benefits can be tricky to understand. Streamlining your API integration is one of the easiest, quickest and most effective ways to ensure you stay on top of all the latest trends and maximize its value.
Testimonials from CognitiveClouds Clients 
“They’re eager to make sure that what they’re building is exactly what we need.”
All apps demonstrate excellent UI/UX and have received good feedback. The team assigned a development lead who communicated well through weekly check-ins. CognitiveClouds is open to feedback and suggestions, making any changes quickly. EVP, Utilitworx