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Grant Hosford | CEO & Co-Founder | codeSpark

codeSpark: Turning Programming into Play!

In today’s technology driven era, education companies are developing increasingly user friendly tools for creating a positive impact in classroom. These digital initiatives deliver a significant impact on kids by offering them highly accessible learning platforms. As more educational programs turn digital, teachers are finding that blending technology into the learning experience provides a unique and innovative classroom experience. One of the companies leading this new movement is codeSpark, the creator of educational software and games for children ages 4-12.
In an interview with Insights Success, Grant Hosford, CEO and Co-Founder of codeSpark, sheds light on the company’s cutting-edge solutions which are enriching the education sector. Considering these innovative and inspiring aspects, Insights Success recognizes codeSpark as one of the 10 Most Innovative EdTech Solution Providers 2019.
Below are highlights from the interview conducted between Grant and Insights Success:
Give a brief overview of your company.
codeSpark is the venture backed edtech company behind codeSpark Academy, the world’s #1 coding platform for kids ages 4-10. Using a proprietary “no words” interface, codeSpark has introduced more than 30 million kids ages 4 to 10 to coding in just four years. codeSpark was inspired by co-founder Grant Hosford’s young daughters, who wanted to know how computers work. Kids use codeSpark Academy to design and code over 27,000 video games and interactive stories every day!
Tell us about your company’s products and services.
codeSpark Academy is the #1 kids coding platform in the world and the top grossing coding platform of any kind on iOS. Kids ages 4-10 use codeSpark academy to learn fundamental computer science concepts. They put those concepts to work designing and programming their own video games and interactive stories. codeSpark is used at home and in schools. Over 55,000 K-5 teachers use codeSpark Academy in their classroom to teach computer science. The platform is free for public schools and libraries while home users can purchase full access via a subscription. Our product team adds new content and features to codeSpark Academy every 3-4 weeks. Our app has been downloaded over 12 million times and has been used by 30 million kids around the world. We are very proud that 53% of codeSpark’s users are girls, the highest percentage on any coding platform we know of.
How services offered by your company are designed to give access to right technology at right time?
Teachers, parents and kids can access codeSpark Academy at any time on iOS, Android, Amazon Devices and the Web. The product has been tested with thousands of kids in the 4-10 age group and has 4.6 stars out of 5 on iOS.
What are the innovative approaches are adapted by the company to improve the quality of solutions?
Our proprietary “no words” interface makes our app highly accessible for many different types of learners. In addition our focus on creativity has allowed a generation to understand the power of computer science for problem solving. Kids learn from and, are inspired by, other kid creators.
Where does company name see itself in the long run and/or what are its future goals?
codeSpark wants to introduce every child in the world to the power of digital creation. We intend to be the digital version of LEGO for this generation.
About the Leader
Grant Hosford is the Co-founder and had the original idea for codeSpark. He is an experienced entrepreneur who has spent the last 20 years building successful digital businesses in Seattle and Los Angeles. Grant has deep expertise in new product launches, has lived on 4 continents and comes from a family of educators. He’s a husband, father of three kids, coaches girls soccer and rides bikes often. He thought computer science should be taught throughout a child’s K-12 career, just like English and Math. He and Co-founder Joe Shochet have also focused on letting kids be creative with code. They believe deeply that computer science is a tool for problem solving and creative expression and wanted to allow young kids to experience the thrill of creating something from your imagination. Grant speaks regularly about closing access gaps in STEM education for girls.
Testimonials from codeSpark Clients
“I love CodeSpark! I’ve used it for two years now, and it has definitely helped my students think about problems chronologically, and has helped them visualize much more than before. They understand trial and error and can plan ahead. Thank you, CodeSpark!.” – Becky M., K-5 STEM Teacher, Illinois
“My students absolutely love Codespark. This year after using Codespark I could see a huge improvement in my students’ understanding of basic programming skills, problem solving skills and their use of computer science vocabulary.”- Amanda Cox, First Grade Teacher, KY
“I’m 8 years old and I’ve been using this app for 8 months. This is the best game ever!! I like to make games!! I think you will too!!” – Dana H, kid
“My 6 year old absolutely LOVES The Foos and as a programmer, I am impressed with how well it’s showing her the rudiments of procedural problem solving in the most fun possible way!.” – Justin, parent