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CNB Technologies: Unique Container Yard Management Solutions

CNB Technologies is the market leaders in container yard management solutions, who are dedicated to deliver high-quality, smart and secure products to their customers worldwide. CNB posses a strategic position in the value chain, with their innovative power, extensive technology, understanding of the domain and processes.
Rajesh Kumar and Nitin Sirohi, Duo behind CNB
Rajesh Kumar and Nitin Sirohi, both are co-founders of CNB Technologies, were best friends and batchmates from IIT Kanpur. Rajesh holds a B.Tech in Civil Engineering, while Nitin holds M.Sc. Integrated in Physics, both from IIT Kanpur. Both are having similar kind of interests like sports and fun activities, and big risk taking capabilities and never afraid to try new things are the qualities which bounded them together. They started their entrepreneurial journey from 2006 in the field real time information domain. After trying different things during the initial years of their journey, they are spearheading with their product for port and shipping industry since last 5 years.
Services offered
CNB provides automation solution based on real time information technologies to port and container shipping industry. The product is called “Hawk”, focussed towards automating container yards to raise its efficiency and safety. Their solution can covert a container yard into a completely pedestrian free yard. A container yard is generally a huge land ranging from 10 acres to 200 acres or even more sometime, where containers are stacked. There are thousands and thousands of containers are stored one over each other in these yards. These containers keep shuffling and moving here and there in its lifecycle based on the activities happening on them. Hawk automatically records the complete shuffling of containers in real time. Based on this data, their solution enables scientific yard planning and management of the complete container yard.
They developed this solution from scratch and have more than 90% of current market share. On the basis of their belief, only best should be deliver, they differ from their competitors. They also invested a lot on R&D and developed different advanced versions of the solution which the competition does not have at all.
Roadblock overcome
With the successful installation at the very first yard in Mumbai, which took 1.5 years to completely stabilize the solution, CNB proved to be the best and unique, which proved to be “must to have” solution. Now they are having close to 30 yards on their solution with around 2.5 million containers using their services.
With their vision and mission of improving the efficiency, safety and visibility in container logistics, CNB is heading fast in the market.
Future Vista
CNB is looking to automate the complete start and end of the logistic chain by making port, container yard and warehouse more efficient. What excites them about the future is that, today India’s 20-25% container uses their solution and one day when 70-80% container passes through their solution, probably they will reduce at least 1-2% of Indian GDP wastage on logistics.
Suggestion for new startups
Never go with the herd. Try solving the problem first and then build a business around it and not that you decide where the VC money is going and then focus for a business idea there.