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Raffaele Castelli | Founder | CLY

CLY: Italian Creativity Meets German Reliability

In today’s time, event management is more vital than ever before as several companies desire their presence to be recognized in the global market, and thus, they have to put on a show that leaves a lasting impact on the world. Many event management companies try to create this magic but only a few succeed. CLY is an international event agency based in Berlin and New York City that has persistently followed their passion for lifestyle and luxury brands and delivers exclusive event experiences.
CLY Founder Raffaele Castelli has combined the spirit of professionalism with free-roaming creativity. With over 20 years of experience as a creative director, he has envisioned every project as a uniquely bespoke world for clients and consumers to experience.
CLY has collaborated with global and regional brands, including OMEGA, Lufthansa, Coca-Cola, Glashütte Original, Samsung, and Adobe.
A Kick-start 
Raffaele Castelli founded CLY to create unique and personal projects for luxury and lifestyle brands. When CLY stepped into the market ten years ago, their first “office” was in an old clinic, which is where the idea sparked for the name Creative Laboratory (CLY) as it perfectly fit the brand and the name itself defines the significance of innovation and creativity for each and every project.
Customer Driven Services 
CLY has always been passionate about lifestyle and luxury brands, which helps them create individual concepts within the range of event production, influencer campaigns, celebrity relations, and experiential marketing. The core team of senior-level communication professionals remains driven by a penchant for perfection and they make sure that even the smallest details contribute to the one-of-a-kind feel of every production. Their international network of specialists allows them to flexibly cater to their clients’ broad range of ambitions and specific requirements.
Standing Out in the Crowd 
As a boutique agency, CLY offers its clients decisive advantages compared to larger agencies. CLY takes a 360- degree approach to all projects by managing conception, planning, and implementation while coordinating hand-inhand with the client to create first-class experiences that leave lasting impressions.
Confronting Hurdles 
CLY strives to advise their clients with the best solutions that are appropriate for their brand and budget rather than saying yes to all client ideas. From CLY’s numerous experiences, they understand which trends work and which ones don’t for different brands, industries, and audiences. This knowledge and expertise allows them to provide their clients with better ideas and solutions that are innovative and that make sense for client objectives and budgets. It is challenging to communicate these things to clients in a precise way, but it is essential to achieve the best possible outcome for their clients.
Utilizing Technologies & Future Aspirations 
One aspect that sets CLY apart is its focus on sustainability. The boutique agency attaches great importance to the zero waste factor and looks to incorporate unique technologies and products to make their projects more sustainable. In the forthcoming future, CLY is continuing to build and expand a team focused on the company’s philosophy of innovation and creativity. They plan to continue doing events that they are proud of, and it doesn’t matter how big or small the project is.
“We chose CLY because everyone on the team works with perfection, professionalism, and passion to ensure that the smallest detail is right, even for large productions.” -Peter Taubitz, Manager, Lufthansa
“I have been working with CLY for 3 years now on outstanding projects to create true premium experiences for our consumers. CLY is all about the love of detail, creativity, and unmatched excellence.” -Natassja Dos Anjos, Brand Manager, Coca-Cola
“CLY’s work is just amazing… Creative, fun, and highly professional, it’s always a pleasure to work with them.” -Christina Angelov, Head of Retail Design, Glashütte Original