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Cloverleaf: Delivering World Class HCM Solutions

Every enterprise is dependent on its resources. It is the basic function of every company to utilize them effectively to retrieve optimum results. Human capital is one of the most valuable resources for enterprises. Many of them have started investing a good portion of resources in managing the human capital. Human capital management includes multiple tasks including recruitment, training and development, employee retention, and employee orientation program. HCM offers benefits to the enterprises i.e. extracting A-game of employees, assigning right job to the right person, and helping employees in developing their professional skills.
Cloverleaf is one of the leading companies in HCM business. The company equips employers and empowers employees to give the greatest contribution to their organization and have the most fulfilling opportunity in their role. It collects information that is generally considered as HR data and is limited to the HR leader only, and makes it accessible to the teams in a contextually relevant way. For example, enabling learning through email tips on how to communicate in the team and how to approach with clients in an effective manner.
Cloverleaf believes, good business is about putting humans in the positions that allow them to be their best. People should be empowered to make all aspects of who they are, part of their work and contribution to the organization. People are more than their resume, past employers, failures and successes. It finds ways to contribute all of those fantastic, invisible facets of a person to the task at hand. It is critical for people to be intentional about truly knowing who they work with. The combination and contrast of team skills elevate themselves and others. This creates exceptional value to everyone involved.
Influential Leadership 
Darrin Murriner, CEO, Cloverleaf, is the author Corporate Bravery – a book about creating culture change around eliminating fearbased decision making. Darrin has more than 10 years of experience with some of the biggest corporations in USA. He has been assigned to various sectors such as outside consultant, operations, finances and risk management. These experiences have been the foundation of thesis for his book. Prior to his current role, he has been the co-founder of BabysitEase. He worked for Stockpilz, an online commodity marketplace for buyers and sellers, where he was assigned as CEO. He has worked on various profiles in numerous enterprises including Epipheo, American Modern Insurance Group, The Midland Co, Fifth Third Bank and Arthur Anderson.
Darrin has also attended various industry conferences as a speaker, such as the Association for Talent Development, Disrupt HR, and the HR Collaborative. Additionally, he is a regular guest on popular podcasts speaking about research on teaming and culture.
Assessment is the Key 
Being in the business of high end technology that relies on venture funding, Cloverleaf is specifically focused on the impact of anything it tries. It measures the engagement with every aspect of the product to identify the potential of value addition for customers. The company also invests in small amounts to discover its ability to reach the companies that if worked with, can have the biggest impact. In order to contribute towards the betterment of the industry, Cloverleaf plans on improving employee development and increasing the productivity of teams. This will result in an engaging workforce and happier employees.
Distinctive and Leading 
It is difficult for any enterprise to sustain in the field of technology due to the dynamic environment of the sector. Even though HCM does not directly come under this sector, but it is dependent on the same. One of the key functions that distinguish Cloverleaf from competition is that it is focused on teaming and building relationships and strong communication which is neglected by current collaboration, employee engagement and project management tools. The plan is to do the same through coaching and consulting as less expensive and less time consuming leading to industry best assessments for better ROI.
Building Topnotch Workforce 
Cloverleaf’s objective is to be recognized as an international leader for building thriving teams that deliver ground breaking business results. It aims to have millions of team members and hundreds of thousands of teams that look to Cloverleaf to help with all their needs. This will ultimately result in people having better understanding of themselves with better knowledge of their roles in the team which will lead to more satisfaction in their work.
Badge of Satisfaction 
“[Cloverleaf] has helped our team bridge a lot of communication gaps that we didn’t even know existed! The integration capabilities are great and fit seamlessly into our organization. We used it for our admin team of 10, and had great time learning about one another.” 
“Something I’ve been waiting for my whole career!!” 
“Cloverleaf is a great resource that helped me see how to play to my strength in the context of Team” 
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