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Clover Infotech – A comprehensive IT services company

The IT industry has undergone a paradigm shift today. The emergence of new technology trends and interest in areas such as social, mobility, analytics and cloud (SMAC) is leading to several path-breaking innovations. Clover Infotech has carved a unique niche for itself by ensuring seamless experience for its customers and solving business problems for them through its technology expertise.
Clover Infotech is a part of the Clover group of companies. The group has established various entities in the areas of realty, transaction systems, and renewable energy in addition to information technology.
Clover Infotech has always worked in a consultative manner– an approach that enables the company to add significant value to its customers. The company believes in helping its customers to adapt to the ever changing marketplace by creating solutions that are scalable and sustainable.
Clover Infotech was established in 1994 with a head-start in providing high quality technology solutions and services to leading organizations in India. Its founder and MD, Javed Tapia is credited for bringing the open source revolution into India through a joint venture with Red Hat Inc.
The Services Bouquet
Clover Infotech offers comprehensive IT services ranging from Application services to Infrastructure management services. The company also offers niche services such as Analytics for clients to derive useful insights from data and GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance) solutions for companies to manage their risks and comply with dynamic regulations that they ought to adhere to.
We talked to Kunal Nagarkatti, Director – Sales at Clover Infotech to understand a bit more about the company. Kunal has held various leadership positions across India and the US during his illustrious career of over 20 years in the IT industry. He has donned various important roles at Clover Infotech and currently creates the sales strategy and leads the sales effort. He has also been pioneering Clover Infotech’s foray into areas such as GRC and is playing a key role in the Analytics practice and in driving the international business efforts.
Creating exciting opportunities
Kunal believe in creating exciting opportunities for the business and innovative solutions for the customers. While talking to us, Kunal mentioned, “With the advent of fast-paced technology led solutions, Clover Infotech has been growing very fast over the last few years. The added focus on Analytics and GRC will only propel this growth further while ensuring that it is sustainable.”
Clover Infotech’s extensive experience and knowledge augments its strength in delivering faster, better and most importantly consistent quality of service to its customers. Having focused on the Indian market, Clover Infotech has always relied on its technology strength to provide superior quality solutions to customers in a cost effective manner. Today, the company is sought by the leading banks, financial services firms and insurance companies to offer business solutions that enable them to operate efficiently.
Staying ahead of the technology curve
Kunal highlights that “We are living in an exciting world wherein creativity, marketing and information technology are converging like never before. At Clover Infotech, we have an in-house team called the Technology Solutions Group (TSG) which engages in constant research on the latest technologies and creates solutions accordingly. The group enables our customer to enhance their returns on IT investments by adopting the best practices in the global IT space.
We are focusing on the following areas to create innovative technology solutions and services:
Data security: As BYOD (Bring your own device) gains prominence and the number of data access points increase manifold, technologies that are ahead of competition in terms of offering highest levels of data and IT security will be in demand.
Social Analytics: As interactions on social media are increasing exponentially, marketing dollars are being diverted towards online and social media as against traditional offline mediums; hence social analytics is becoming critical. The consumers of products & services, their opinions and behaviour patterns would offer a valuable treasure trove of insights and social analytics will provide very critical inputs for business decisions.
Tangible results for each customer
“India is poised to grow faster than most countries in the world and information technology will play a key role” says Kunal. He added that the next five years will prove to be interesting for all of us. Clover Infotech plans to establish unique models for offering Analytics services which provides their customers tangible results on their investments in Big Data and Analytics. While the world is moving the SMAC way, the company’s labs and TSG will constantly create solutions that enable customers to monitor their services at all times and also quantify the result of efforts by Clover Infotech’s team.
Success Mantra
When asked about the success mantra, Kunal said, “Our mantra is simple – we offer superior quality and cost-effective solutions to our customers. How do we do it? We focus on our processes, technology expertise and domain knowledge”.
Being an ISO certified comprehensive IT services provider, Clover Infotech maintains the highest standard of quality in each of its service offerings. We constantly leverage our technology expertise to generate significant ROI for our customers and contribute positively to their top-line.