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Cloudreach: An Innovative and Intelligent Cloud Solution Provider

Cloud technology has made it possible for everyone to innovate rapidly, in diverse ways, and at a far lesser cost than ever before. When everything is revolving around internet and mobility, it’s not hard to predict that whoever makes the most of cloud technology will have a leading-edge in their respective business domain.
Cloudreach is a company that has expertise in providing exemplary cloud services to their clients. We have talked with Pontus Noren, Co-founder and Director of Cloudreach to find some valuable insights regarding: Cloudreach’s contribution towards AWS, his company’s successful journey since inception and more.
Tell us about your journey since inception of the company?
In 2009, Cloudreach was just two guys with a great idea and a lot of passion, talking in a pub in London. Having repeatedly witnessed how much time and money was being wasted on replacing or updating aging physical IT resources, James Monico and I wanted to enable organizations to innovate and become digital revolutionaries. Seeing that an intelligent approach to the way organizations deploy cloud was the future, we wanted to contribute to the acceleration of cloud adoption to allow businesses to turn their attention back to the “why” of what they do, rather than the “how”. Eight years on and we are helping some of the largest enterprises in the world to realize the benefits of cloud. We now have over 400 employees across 18 offices.
What are the major contributing factors behind your company’s success?
We “Keep It Cloudy” by staying true to our company values and understand that supporting each other goes a long way. Cloudreach are strong believers in the quality and personalization of the customer experience, and great people are the foundation of our business, and key to everything we do. Our company has a mixture of cloudy characters, and that diversity and individuality is definitely a contributing factor behind our success.
What’s an example of a company you worked with on AWS?
True to Cloudreach’s company mission to enable innovation, The Economist was able to scale, improve the quality and availability of its infrastructure environment, rapidly deliver five new functionalities for their digital estate, and reduce the total cost of their infrastructure and operations. Cloudreach assisted The Economist “to realize a new way of procuring and consuming IT.”
How do you see the following concerns; Cloud Security, Cloud Gaming and the impact of AWS on the gaming Industry?
Cloud security, as provided by the major providers is now a reason to use the cloud, not something to be feared. There is wide recognition that one cannot compete with Microsoft, Google or AWS when it comes to security, due to a mix of scale, talent attraction and technology leadership. A single organization might attain 1-2 externally vetted audit certifications – a major hyperscale cloud vendor might have as many as 30. Be honest, could you attract the finest MIT or Cambridge security professors to work for you? They can.
When it comes to gaming, we see no major difference in security requirements. Whilst the major platforms are common targets for hackers, so are almost all other major web platforms. There is of course a lot of sensitive user data and potentially payment infrastructure – but that also applies to many websites. The advent of GDPR will force smarter thinking around the handling of such data.
Google have long held the dominant position in the gaming space, in part due to a mixture of infrastructure performance and developers favoring the ease of working within a GAE environment. AWS is chasing hard into this space with offerings like GameLift and Cognito, and we expect to see notable penetration into this vertical in the next few years.
What does the future hold for AWS?
The pace of innovation is fast – this is one of the things we love about public cloud. The competitive desire and drive to move further up the stack and offer solutions which make companies’ life easier and more effective – allowing them to focus on business value, not ‘IT’, was very apparent at re:Invent 2017.
We’re really excited about what the future holds. AWS shows no signs of slowing down, and we expect significant further disruption as cloud becomes the dominant IT platform of choice. More generally, in terms of trends affecting the cloud computing industry over the next few years, we expect Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to be huge, along with serverless development and compute power moving to the edge (also known as Fog Computing in some circles).
How do you see yourself and the company in the future ahead?
We have exciting goals for 2018. We will continue to scale the company organically (growing by another 100%), and inorganically, acquiring new capabilities and setting foot into new geographies as we go. Our partnerships with the hyperscale cloud providers such as AWS, Microsoft and Google will strengthen further – these cloud platforms underpin everything we do and have done since we started the business in 2009.
Our ultimate goal is to be the #1 software-enabled services company globally, and we won’t get there without the efforts of all our fantastic cloudy people!